US, Israel, India responsible for killings in Balochistan

By Ashraf Mumtaz

LAHORE – Foreign countries and agencies strongly opposed to the Gwadar Port and determined to drive a wedge between Pakistan and Iran are involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan, military sources say.

They told TheNation that Gwadar Port had the capacity to bring about economic prosperity in the impoverished Balochistan and this was precisely what the enemies could not tolerate.

Similarly, the sources said, the countries that did not like cooperation between Pakistan and Iran were out to employ all sorts of machinations to create differences between the two Islamic states. They patronise terrorist organisation Jundullah for activities inside Iran.

The United States, CIA, XE Services (the new name of erstwhile Blackwater), India and Israel, the sources said, were some of those involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan and are fanning secessionist tendencies among angry Balochis.

The interior ministry, the sources said, has failed to deport such elements from Balochistan, because of which the terrorist activities are still going on.

Terrorist activities and daily killings in Balochistan have created unrest among the people, providing some leaders with an opportunity to speak against the Federation. Some of them have also started talking of an independent Balochistan.

The government and some political parties plan to hold separate conferences to discuss threadbare the grievances of the people of Balochistan and their possible solution. However, the enemies have also stepped up their efforts to fan sense of deprivation among the Balochis.

The people of Balochistan allege that a military operation is going on against them.

However, sources say that the army and FC had never ever launched any operation on their own and instead had always acted on the orders of the provincial government. This clearly means that the provincial government is responsible for what the two institutions are doing there.

The sources said the army and the FC retaliated only when they were attacked by terrorists and miscreants.

The army and the FC have started about half a dozen projects in Balochistan with a view to providing jobs to some 20,000 locals. So far, 15,000 people have already been appointed and another 5,000 would be absorbed by the end of the year.

Answering a question, the sources said they were not satisfied with the role of the media in the coverage of the Blochistan situation.

While the activities of separatists, terrorists and criminals are getting no coverage on the electronic media, what the FC and other law enforcers were doing in self-defence were being blown out of proportion. Nobody bothers to question who was involved in target-killing of Punjabis, who was stoking sectarianism and who was resisting development projects.

They said that many Baloch leaders were opposed to development process in their province, probably because it undermined their authority. They cited the example of a mining project operationalised by the FC after some 26 years.

Nawab Khair Bux Marri expressed his views about this project in an interview. Without mincing words, the elderly leader said: “My back was not broken even when my son died. But this project has broken my back.”

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