Well done Mr Rohrabacher

Alya Alvi

That the US Congressman,  Dana Rohrabacher, who is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation, has written a letter to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, condemning the recent violence in Balochistan and dubbing Pakistan a “failed state”, he has done the job well. Whatever the agenda he is pushing, he is executing with his own sincerity and belief. But one has failed to understand what he means by “it has become increasingly clear to members of the US Congress that Pakistan is a failed state and no amount of US aid money will ever change that”. Does this statement mean that Pakistan has failed to use the US aid money properly, as a result of which Pakistan should be declared a failed state, or that Pakistan has failed despite the US aid money? Does it mean that the US aid money is meant to help progress the other nations or to cause failures further? Do they help towards reliance and then self-destruction? What should be the cost of allying with the superpower in its supreme cause of fighting the war on terror? One way is to make that nation strong enough, giving it the world’s fullest backing and resources that it fights out the menace of terrorism. Had this been done, the result would have been much more different from now; the war against terror could have been ended much before. Why the same level of sincerity has not let another 9/11 happen across the US, and why anew 9/11 occurs every other day across Pakistan? Was the 2001 the start of war on terror or against Pakistan? Ahmed Rashid’s books “Taliban”, “Descent into chaos” and “Pakistan on the brink” speak it all. Pakistan was used to eliminate terrorism. The eliminator sacrificed over 65,000 people. But the “do more” men of the super world dubbed Pakistan itself as a hub of terrorism and veiled called for its elimination. Well done Mr Rohrabacher.
When you place a government under Zardari and Gilani with your backing and endorsement, yes under the general elections, elected government and democracy, when your IMF and World Bank dictates the terms to raise to tariffs and hike the prices to the level of your choosing, when Rohrabachers of your Congress consider Balochistan an international issue and do not speak on the massive corruption of its own installed government considering it “country’s internal affair”, how can it talk about the US money not well spent? Who would understand why isn’t the war on terror is a phony tactic to target Pakistan, its nuclear program and dismantling its armed forces? We are surely heading towards the brink and the agents of America have the lease enough to continue playing havoc with the nation. You would not let us even dub Dr Shakil Afridi a traitor because the countries and individuals serving the US interests or loyal protégés no matter to what extent they betray their own people and parameters. When shall the people at helm of affairs speak or act? Water has risen to highest levels.
A concerned Pakistani, Alya Alvi, BIIT, Rawalpindi

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