Why India is Reviving Baloch Militancy? PART – I


By Tariq Rizwan

The recent announcement of Prime Minister Nerendra Modi to support the Baloch cause of separate homeland in Pakistan’s province of Balochistan is quite alarming and against all the international norms. It is clear example of interference in the neighboring Pakistan. The self exiled Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti’s brutal acts in Pakistan followed by his desire to get Indian nationality reflects the growing chemistry of expansionist India with Baloch Sub Nationalists (BSNs) to use the later against the CPEC and deprive the people of Balochistan from the immense benefits of the project. Apart from the active support provided to BSNs through Afghan intelligence NDS, Indian effort through media is also an open secret. The ongoing propaganda against Pakistan on Balochistan, while twisting the facts through a website “Baloch Voice” and journals “Sangar Magazine and Sangar Publications” is also a strong indicator of Indian intentions against CPEC. The writers are using cover names like Maj Majeed, Taj Baloch, Sajid Baloch and Zahid Abdullah.

The fact is that the decade long resistance movement of BSNs is almost over now. Balochistan is awaiting development and prosperity which the ongoing mega project ‘CPEC’ is bound to ensure in near future. Development work on Sea Port, Airport and industrial Zone in Gwadar is in full swing. The government measures like banning non locals from getting the right of vote, local CNICs, industry and business without the support of local residents in Gwadar coupled by the appointment of Hasil Bizenjo as Federal Minister for Port and Shipping augured well in raising the confidence of common man in Balochistan. It is tantamount to overcome the concerns of locals not to be converted into minority. Peace has returned to the province as evident from the passage of first business convoy of fort trucks from Kashgar to Gwadar, peaceful transition of consecutive provincial governments in Balochistan.

Most of the militants have perished forever; either killed or surrendered to the Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs). About 1025 militants have surrendered so far to the LEAs since the take of PML (N) government in Balochistan, according to daily DAWN, 26 April, 2016. The demise of late rebel leader Nawab Khair Bux Marri in June 2014 added fuel to the destruction of these outfits and their baseless proxies. The latest but most lethal phase of militancy started after the accidental killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti in August, 2006 giving birth to BRA led by Brahmdagh Bugti. Nawab Bugti was killed in an operation in Chalgri area of Bhamboor hills of Balochistan along with his 37 tribal guards.

Despite the SNBs’ strive to label him as their comrade and anti – state Baloch leader, the late Nawab Bugti is considered a veteran leader and highly respected figure in the political circles. He had served as Chief Minister and Governor of Balochistan province in the past. He was strong patriot and a leading figure along with then Khan of Qalat Mir Ahmed Yar Khan to receive the founding father of Pakistan, Quaid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Quetta. He was always praised for his role in acceding to the dominion of Pakistan. The famous treaty of accession to Pakistan was inked in March, 1948.

Like other political figures, Nawab Bugti also fell victim to Gen (Retd) Pervaiz Musharaf policy of extending government writ in remote areas of Balochistan province in mid 2006. Differences developed over a gas royalty issue. The Nawab revolted and took arms. He along with his personal guards went into hiding in the mountains to give fight to the LEAs. In a search operation, he was killed along with his 37 personal guards who all were Bugti tribesmen. His death is considered a great loss to the nation.

The BSNs have tried their level best to portray the late Nawab as their hero but in vain. Except the latter’s grandson Brahmdagh Bugti who went into self exile, Afghanistan and then Geneva as refugee, the remaining family has preferred to stay back calm and remained cooperative with the LEAs. As per their tribal traditions, his eldest grandson Aali Khan Bugti was nominated new Nawab of Bugti tribe. Jamil Bugti, the only surviving son of Nawab is battling a legal case in the court to bring the so called killers of his father to the book.   

The militants’ strived hard, backed by the hostile forces from abroad to exploit him as their hero, but failed abruptly. Besides destroying the government infrastructure, the Baloch militants killed hundreds of innocent non – Baloch people in their so called liberation war during last ten years. The daring LEAs led by FC have flushed out all the militant groups. Baloch militants were either killed or living in exile. They are now part of history.

The BSNs are now part of history. Prominent outfits remained Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Baloch United Liberation Front (BULF) and Baloch Liberation Front (BLF). The left over remnants are operating on papers from abroad with the covert support of foreign powers. BLA and BRA were led by Hairbyar Marri and Brahmdagh Bugti from UK and Switzerland respectively. The later is likely to get the nationality of India as he has already announced to settle in India to the displeasure of most of the ethnic Baloch. India is ready to take and use him against CPEC in future.    Continued

The writer is a freelance journalist

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