Appeal To: The Armed Services of Pakistan

By: Dr. Zafar A. Bokhari coas-condemned-nato-attack

I am a Pakistani American, who does not have any affiliation with any political party in Pakistan. My love for Pakistan in unwavering, who gave me a lot that now I teach at Chicago State University as business professor, serve as Commissioner at ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court, had lectured in China and many places in the world, and has been Business Delegate for US Department of Agriculture in all continents.

Current event is Pakistan has disturbed me a lot and I have decided to bring my heart to you. Media and Judiciary are misleading the public in the name of “fraud democracy”. They are continuously involved in mentioning words like; Military takeover and Dictatorship. To me agenda looks like demoralizing and destroying Army as an institution and also damaging image of Pakistan, while corrupt politicians are the real heroes of Pakistan. I am not against democracy but these few families and now activist judiciary are leading the destruction of Pakistan with the help of media. For Allah sake please let Army & ISI’s media cell tell nation this truth:

 Musharraf’s era as President was the most democratic, where Strong City Governments existed, which are the souls of modern democracy. These politicians did not conduct Baldiati elections which are part of constitution and CJ did not act against politicians.

·         There were no human right violations in Musharraf’s era. Businesses and education thrived and progressed. Economically Pakistan did make progress. Generals in Pakistan ruled country with “Civil Law” by including “100% politicians & civil bureaucracy”.

·         Musharraf is the only Pakistani leader invited by US, EU, & Japanese universities; 100% on MERIT. Pakistanis as nation look for negatives. In Bush era, US economy suffered and people were against Iraq & Afghan wars. But American nation and Media does not do Bush bashing.

3. Musharraf era was more positive and less negative. Judges are biased and they do not have professional understanding of economics and international relations.
4. Musharraf bail rejection and terror charges are 100% wrong and biased and also like supporting greater enemy agenda of demoralizing ARMY.

·         Mush’s charges are not proven and he has been declared guilty. Justice Siddiqui’s bail rejection and adding terror charges and CJ’s attitude towards Qadri petition are perfect examples of dishonesty on part of judiciary. Judiciary is subjective not objective.

·         ARMY & ISI must take this seriously and  challenge these so called democrats who have looted the country.

·         CJ let Haqqani go loose, no action on corruption & incompetence of politicians, fake degree holders, and tax evaders are given free pass to run for elections. While a middle class educated world renowned leader has been barred. There is no equality on part of Courts. They wrongfully hanged Bhutto and now they will do the same in the name of fake democracy & constitution by using Article 6, which does not apply at all because Musharraf era was always 100% democratic with City Governments served people. His action was endorsed by the parliament of the day.

·         Legal definitions have been twisted for the benefit of few people who are following enemy agenda. Sold media is putting oil on fire. There is NO LEVEL PLAYING FIELD in these elections. BB case, Bugti case, and terror charges against ex COAS are embarrassing jokes internationally for Pakistan’s already tarnished image. Pakistan’s image was far better in Musharraf era.

·         Centers like Lal Masjids do not exist in any Capital city like Beijing, London, Delhi, or Washington. There is no compromise of having “Weapons” inside Masjid & Madarassa built on illegal land. On top of that Burqa Maulvi is acting like hero. Media is unfair with Musharraf and Pakistan Army. In the USA; 27 children and one man David Koresh were killed forcefully as they created same situation like Lal Masjid. Not once media or any politician spoke against it. We are playing in the hands of enemies.

·         Someone told me that CJ himself and Aitzaz Ahsan did not follow constitution and law by not taking Musharraf’s reference to Supreme Judicial Council, which was a constitutional requirement. Instead they took matters on road by destroying a stable economy. This case study could be checked by constitutional experts in Pakistan, Harvard Law School who gave CJ an award, and also at other forums.

I will request Armed Forces to counter allegations of Military takeovers, mention reality in the media by sending its representatives. Disinformation and lies are at a danger level destroying image of Pakistan. It had always been incompetence of politicians who invited Army. Progress and governance by Military Generals was far better than politicians. Democrats in Pakistan did not follow the core of modern democracy of City Governments. In America, 19,460 mayors run, manage, and serve American public. Same is true for non democratic authoritarian China, which has made better economic progress than many democracies. Pakistan can follow world model of Strong City Governments while center needs to be strong and firm with the combination of Elected President with 51% direct vote, Armed Forces, and Judiciary like China.

I will once again request Army-ISI media cell for telling the truth to nation and go for Strong City Governments by correcting the manufacturing defect of Pakistan democratic system which supports few corrupt and keeps educated middle class out. See attached comparative analysis research on Pakistan with rest of the world.  City Governments will create real leaders than few family based looters as evident in the past 65 years. But countering allegations is urgency.

Comparative Analysis of World Regions and their Link with Economy & Security

Country Population Provinces GDP PPP   2011 Police and Security
Pakistan 180   Million 4 $488 Billion$207 B Exch. Rate Centralized under PM, CM, & IGs
Turkey 76 Million 81 $1.026   trillion City Government Mayor
Iran 66 Million 30 $928.9   billion City Government Mayor
Japan 127   Million 47 $4.389   Trillion City Government Mayor
Indonesia 240   Million 32 $1.121   trillion   City Government Mayor
Vietnam 90 Million 58 $299.2   billion City Government Mayor
Algeria 34 Million 48 $264.1   billion City Government Mayor
India 1.2   Billion 35 $4.463   trillion City Government Mayor
Kenya 41 Million 26 $70.85   billion City Government Mayor
France 64 Million 26 $2.214   trillion City Government Mayor
Italy                                    58 Million 20 $1.822   trillion City Government Mayor
Hungry 10 Million 33 $195.3   billion City Government Mayor
Mexico 111   Million 31 $1.657   trillion City Government Mayor
Brazil 206   Million 26 $2.282   trillion City Government Mayor
Russia 140   Million 83 $2.38   trillion City Government Mayor
USA 313   Million 50 $15.04   trillion City Government Mayor
China 1.3   Billion 31 $11.29   trillion City Government Mayor

Based on Pakistan’s population, resources and potential; it is underutilized and mismanaged. GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) should have been $2 Trillion+. Pakistan is the country with the least provinces when compared with the world. It has not changed 1850s British system which does not even exist in UK. Above analysis reflects how disconnected Pakistanis are from reality. I am recommending three levels of elected offices for better governance to serve people and solve problems: Mayor – Governor – President. There are 19,429 municipal governments in the United States. Many small towns use the council-manager system (most counties are run this way) Almost all large cities in the USA, EU, China, and many parts of the world have strong mayor systems. China has province, county, city or municipality and town or village. Pakistan needs 35+ provinces. Commissioner budget is enough for Governor and abolish Chief Ministers and ministers which do not exist in any modern democracy. Lots of money will be saved.

Zafar A. Bokhari

Associate Professor Chicago State University

Commissioner – ARDC, The Illinois Supreme Court

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