Balochistan Needs Sincere & Priority Attentions

By Zaheerul Hassan

Government is facing the issues of memo, poor governance, defying of rules and court orders, corruption, power, PIA, Railway and deteriorated relations with USA. Whereas opposition parties are busy in exploiting the said issues for political point scoring. Unfortunately, none of the political party is paying any heed to a very sensitive issue of Balochistan militancy. Rulers and opposition though singed unanimously Balochistan economic packages in October 2008 and March 2009. But probably later the government failed to give momentum in implementation of the programme in true letter and spirit. As a result already operating anti state elements of Balochistan took the benefit of instable political milieu of the country and intensified their sabotage activities.

In this connection from 2003–2011 almost 1,417 insurgent attacks reported in Balochistan. In December 2011 Dr Syed Baqar Shah was gunned down by unidentified men in Sabzal Road area near Golimar Chowk when he was on his way to home from Bolan Medical College (BMC). Purpose of killing Dr. Baqar could be that foreign sponsored insurgents made a deliberate plan of creating unrest and instability in the province.

Again on November 21, 2011 in one of the deadliest-ever attacks on security forces Baloch insurgents of BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) ambushed a paramilitary convoy near Turbat city and killed 14 troops, including two officers. Recently, a pipeline transmitting gas to Karachi and interior Sindh was damaged in a blast by unknown attackers near Dera Bugti’s Sui area. Security sources said the explosive material was planted in the Gopat area, 24 kilometers from Sui. Apart from the revealed activities some foreign supported elements are found involved in abduction, blasting and killing of innocents Balochs.

In this regard, Brahamdagh, Balach and Hyrbyar while sitting in Switzerland and America playing foreign sponsored agenda of establishing Greater Balochistan (covering areas of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan). The rogue elements (like, BLA, Brahamdagh’s militant wing BRA) and disgruntled politicians/sardars are actually involved in anti-Pakistan activities. People of Balochistan should watch the traitors around them who are actually playing the games of their foreign masters. They must reject the ideology of rogue elements and remain loyal to their national stance. At the same time government must acknowledged the masses rights over the natural resources explored in Balochistan. In fact foreign predators are having dirty designs against the mineral rich province and want to grab these resources. Balochistan government has decided to excavate gold mines at Reko Diq through own resources. Project that the treasure discovered at (EL-5) Reko Diq belongs to the people of Balochistan and they have the right to award a mining licence for the project, therefore, TCC – a foreign company involved in exploration should withdraw in the larger interest of public sentiment.

Similarly, Gwadar Port is deep seaport which is strategically and economically vital project which is being developed with the help of China. Gwadar port has empowered Pakistan to control strategically important energy sea-lane on the Persian Gulf and also enabled Pakistan to have a strategic depth southwest from its naval base in Karachi that has long been vulnerable to blockade by the Indian Navy. Recently, Islamabad has also offered Moscow to export her goods through Pakistani seaports. In this context Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar is also visiting Russia soon. Moreover, “Q1A         the complete development of the port and surrounding areas will bring the revolution in lives of Baloch people particularly and as result Baloch will be free from clutches of sardari systems.

In short, we can say that development of Reko Diq resources, operation of Gwadar Port and any progress of general public are directly threatening common interests of US, some of neighbouring oil states, India and anti states lords of Balochistan. Therefore, all these parties got united against Pakistan interest of development of Gwadar Port since the same is not fit in their agenda of destabilization of Balochistan.

We must acknowledged that Balochistan remains the most neglected province and 88 per cent of its population lives in subhuman conditions but it is just because of its traditional lords system. The lords of the Balochistan in the name of welfare of general public use to get heavy royalty but they never ever spend it on the masses. The greatest sin of our past rulers and lords is that those have never tried to improve the economic and political conditions in Balochistan. Some of the lords are widely publicizing incidents of Human rights violation in Balochistan by highlighting the so-called miseries of Balochs, like disappearances, political victimization, displacement due to clean-up operations, etc.

US government on the advice of CIA has started an organized Psychological Warfare through “twitter-briefing” that the department holds every Friday, allowing people around the world to tweet their questions to her. In this context CIA in collaboration of her sister intelligence agencies RAW, Mossad & Afghan Agency by design have launched anti Pakistan propaganda through twitter on the issue of Balochistan on Januarys 13, 2012. U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Victoria Nuland answered questions submitted to the Department’s 10 official Twitter feeds during a Twitter Q&A at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. In this programme CIA agents using pseudo names of Baloch maligned Pakistani security forces for killing and abduction of people and in turn Ms Nuland on behalf of her government in the Q&A session and “twitter Briefing” said that the United States is deeply concerned about the ongoing violence in Balochistan, especially targeted killings, disappearances and other human rights abuses. The State Department official noted that the US took the allegations of human rights abuses very seriously and had discussed these issues with Pakistani officials. “And we also urged them to really lead and conduct a dialogue that takes this issue forward,” she concluded. It would not be wrong in saying that most of the “twitter questions” were deliberately crafted about the ‘Independent Balochistan”. It is mentionable here that CIA remains very notorious in using social websites for fomenting her agenda tapping the masses against their rulers in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Russia, and other Arab States. The current episode of State Departments of using Social Networking Sites (twitter and face book) reveals that CIA have now turned the guns in accelerating militancy in Balochistan. Foreign agencies, Western and American media is cultivating in the minds of the Baloch nationalists that China intends to occupy their natural resources and Pakistan security forces are involved in killing and abduction. Contrary to US and India propaganda, china has developed infrastructure and Gwadar Port for the promotion of Baloch poor people. Chamalang Education Programme, Sui Education City, Balochistan and Gwadar Institutes of Technical Education, Kassa Hills Marble Project and the enhancement of security forces are praiseworthy steps taken by Pakistan in relation to Balochistan.

However, Pakistan government should take steps in removing and rectifying the common people of Balochistan. In this regard, appreciable gesture has been shown when Prime Minister Gilani’s renewed commitment holding talks with the angry Balochs and promise to implement all matters decided in Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan in true letter and spirit. President Asif Zardari’s determination to strengthen federation expressed on death anniversary of Ms. Benazir Bhutto is also praiseworthy.

Concluding, I must say that American and Indian dream of capturing the region will not come true because Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, and central Asian States are well aware of their hegemonic design but there is a definite need of taking proactive measures against malicious Plans of New Delhi. Pakistan government should take firm steps in handling the issue intelligently. The media should show the actual faces of so called nationalist leaders and others who are playing in the hands of America and India. Pakistan’s top political brass should get together and fight the battle first instead of discussing petty issues. Civil and military top brass and all segments of society must realize that situation in Balochistan is getting tense day by day. The province has been targeted by our worst enemy India and other likeminded states. Negativity of Balochistan situation demands real reconciliatory steps / actions which is very much possible through sincere and priority attention.

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