Bollywood: Why Yditya Pancholi Quite over Jiah Khan death

Aditya-Pancholi-and-Jiah-Khan Loud Bollywood star Aditya Pancholi, has remained silent  about the Jiah Khan death case ever since it was revealed that he was spotted by the CCTV cameras in Jiah Khan’s apartments.

When asked about it, he conveniently said “I do not want to comment on anything right now as it might affect the case. Let the law take its own course. We know what the truth is and I know my son is innocent. But for the moment it is better to say the least.”

Previously, Aditya Pancholi had said he has a very cordial relationship with Jiah Khan and her mother Rabiya Amin but now, he is dodging all questions related to her death. He is being asked the questions because his son Sooraj Pancholi was the dead actress’ boyfriend and was also known for violent behavior against the actress.

Aditya himself, has a history of violence. He reportedly assaulted Kangana Ranaut. Recently, he beat his neighbor up and also assaulted a news reporter.

It’s not hard for an intrepid, investigative mind to put two and two together. Aditya was spotted in the apartments where Jiah Khan lives the day she died; her son didn’t show up at the funeral; he has a history of violence; it has been proven that Jiah Khan has been murdered; Aditya is being conveniently silent about the matter and dodging questions. It all seems to point in one direction. We wonder what that is…

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