Kashmir Accession to Pakistan Day 19 Jul 2012

The accession to Pakistan Resolution was adopted by Jammu and Kahmir Muslim conference on 19th July 1947 during an emergency convention at the residence of Kashmiri leader, Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan in Abi Guzar (Srinagar). The convention was presided by Kashmiri leader Chaudary Hamid Ullah Khan and the resolution was presented by Khawaja Ghulam-ud Din Wani and Abdul Rahim Wani, with 59 representative le ...

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Kashmir Yaume Shuhda 13 July 12

13 the July is the milestone in the history of Kashmir struggle for freedom. On 13th July 1931 thousands of people thronged the central Jail Srinagar to witness the in-camera trial of Abdul Qadeer. At Zuhar time, one of the youth stood up and starting reciting "Azan for Zuhar prayer. He was killed by Dogra soldiers, next youth started the Azan where it was left by the martyred youth. He was also killed and ...

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Chief Beneficiaries of War on Terror

USA should stop supporting Chief beneficiaries of Global War on Terror (India and Israel), if serious in resolving global security issues. She should respect the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. ...

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