Deepika Padukone Intrested in film like ‘Shuddhi’


Bollywood star actress  Deepika Padukone has explained  that she h she would love to play role in film like Shuddhi but defiantly will not run for  the film .

If rumours were to be believed, Deepika Padukone was going to replace Kareena Kapoor in the Karan Johar production.

“I don’t know if even they (makers of ‘Shuddhi’) know what is happening on that project. But no, I haven’t been approached for it yet,” Deepika told reporters here Friday at the unveiling of 59th Idea Filmfare Awards issue.

Ever since the Shuddhi project with actors Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead was announced, it got delayed for one or the other reason. Initially, it got postponed to Hrithik’s health issues. Later, the actor quit the movie and now Kareena is also rumoured to being replaced with another actress.

However, Deepika Padukone has said that if the makers of the film will approach her, she would love to do it.

“I would love to do that film but I don’t think Karan (Johar) would come to me with something that he didn’t think that I would do justice to,” said the Ram-Leela actress.

“But if he thinks that I would do justice to it then I would love to do that film,” she added.

Deepika is currently unaware of the film’s status, and said: “I think at the point when Hrithik was doing it, I would have definitely been interested to do it. Now that he is not doing it, I don’t know what is happening with the project.”

Would you be fine working with any other actor in “Shuddhi”?

“Sure, why not? But like I said it depends on what they (makers of ‘Shuddhi’) themselves plan to do with the project if it even happens in the first place,” Deepika said.

Produced by Karan’s Dharma Productions, “Shuddhi” is being directed by Karan Malhotra.


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