Foreign interference in polls opposed

eePosted by Javed Iqbal

Political analysts and national security management experts are concerned at the evolving trend to influence the general elections by foreign countries and organizations.

These analysts are taking into account several surveys and articles recently published in the foreign media that either highlighted support for one party or the other based on unfamiliar analysis and research and alleged voting trends of the general population among other inclinations.

Similarly, as the election date in the country approaches closer, a tremendous increase in diplomatic maneuvering, social activity and interaction is being seen. It also includes renewal of social contacts and socio-political interactive sessions, mainly focused on key political figures and insiders of different political parties, by diplomats.

The analysts said that to make elections totally impartial and fair, it was imperative that no kind of foreign interference takes place in the process.They said the Election Commission and the judiciary were working to make the election process unbiased and objective and no foreign interference in one shape or the other was required.

They added that all stakeholders, including the judiciary, armed forces, politicians, media and civil society, were keen to see democracy flourishing in the country.

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