Gen Kayani: Lets have National Consensus over Countering Terrorism

 Posted By Rida Zaheerkakul

Pakistan is passing  under the  turmoil of internal and external terrorism .  We lost thousands of   individuals in fighting militancy. Our soldiers set   excellent examples of valiant actions in elimination of terrorism. In this regard over 3000 soldiers sacrifice their lives.

On 14 August, 2013 , Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has called for creating a national consensus against terrorism and stressed for a swift implementation of strategy made to root out this menace. Addressing at Azadi Parade here Tuesday night, he stated  there could be two opinions regarding making a strategy to fight terrorism, but to bow before this curse was not a solution.  He said that Pakistan Armed Forces have rendered sacrifices to overcome terrorism and even today they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the nation. The COAS said that this war could only be won when the entire nation would unite on one strategy, so that there would no confusion in the mind of forces as well as the terrorists.

As a nation we were not failed neither we would fail for which we need blessings of Allah Almighty, he said adding those who were creating confusion regarding future of Pakistan were actually unable to understand the resolve and spirit of Pakistani nation.
It is imperative that we think and understand by putting aside all religious, linguistic and regional differences to make our path easy, he added.

The COAS made it clear that terrorists would never succeed in their nefarious designs because the nation had been facing this menace for the last 10 years without any fear, adding terrorists could not succeed against such a brave nation.

He gave the example of the entire nation which cast votes during general elections despite severe threats.
Gen Kayani said that efforts of one or some institutions would not be sufficient to effectively overcome terrorism, but each and every institution along with the entire society would have to strive against it.

It would not be possible to overcome these threats unless the entire nation is united and on one page against it, he added.
He reminded that the national interest would be the first priority adding, we should not forget that independence was a gift and there were some responsibilities to maintain it.
Gen Kayani said that individual benefits should not be allowed to negate national interests and we all should think about the welfare of the country and the nation.

The COAS said that all the countrymen were fully aware of the importance of Independence Day adding, the creation of Pakistan was not a coincidence but it was fruit of the spirit and continuous struggle of our forefathers.
He said that objective behind creation of Pakistan was not only to get a piece of land but to establish such a welfare state and a society based on golden Islamic principles, where not only Muslims but minorities could also enjoy individual and religious freedom and that enjoy a unique and great place among the world nations. The COAS asked the nation to come forward and vow to make Pakistan a welfare state and give our homeland a proper place among the comity of nations.

Anyhow, Pakistani political elite should come forward to raise the voice against all types terrorism whether it is foresight response, religion and sectarian. Political leaders should make the terrorists realize that the Nation has no mercy for them.  BLA, TTP and all sort of Jihadi organizations irrespective of sects should be dealt with iron hands in case of they don’t stop their activities against the state and the people.

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