Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW Strategy

Thanks to Abida Rahmani Saheba for sharing, though brief, but an excellent and meaningful message of Abdul Mun’em Fayez.

We, Muslims, have inherited the best Knowledge and Divine Teachings.

When The Almighty Allah declared ‘Adam’ as HIS deputy and leader of all other creatures, including angels and iblis, all accepted except for iblis, and that was the moment when ‘Two Nations Theory’ came into being i.e. believers/followers of The Almighty Allah, and disbelievers. Iblis was given time until the Day of Judgment to misguide the human beings.

Almighty Allah sent HIS holy books and prophets for guidance, welfare and success of HIS deputy ‘Adam’ in this life and the one hereafter.. And the completion of His Divine Teachings were declared by the last holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

We Muslims should accept that until the time we were obedient and following the Divine Teachings and Guidance, we ruled the whole world, and when we stopped following the Divine Guidance and Teachings and have forgotten our rich heritage of knowledge, our sufferings started and are increasing day by day, and today we are ruled by the disbelievers. And, we have also forgotten the examples of the holy prophets, all of whom obeyed their Creator sincerely and conveyed His message and educated the people with His Divine Teachings and Guidance.

“Education and True Knowledge” means “Divine Teachings and Guidance”, and today we Muslims not only have deprived ourselves of this sacred heritage, but we are the ones who are not educating the disbelievers with it, and illiteracy is spreading sharply. So, we should be ready to face consequences of these two ‘sins’, instead of blaming the disbelievers or the west.

Not a single person was believer when our great prophet Muhammad SAW declared his prophecy, but in a short span of 23 years he enlightened all with the Divine Teachings and Knowledge through sincerity, humbleness, patience and hard-work, and laid down the principles of success in both lives.

May The Almighty Allah grant us the vision to revert back and follow the Divine Teachings and work in the right direction to educate not only ourselves but the disbelievers too, and bring peace prosperity to whole humanity.

With lots of Duaz and best regards

A.S. Shai

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