Honouring The Judiciary

By Professor Ali Sukhanver

There will be time; there will be time; time to repent, time to regret, time to feel sorry and time to lament; but that will be too late. The people playing in hands of the conspirators would one day feel sorry for no one else but for their own-self, one day when they would realize that they had been brutally exploited against their own people, against their own religion and against their own land. That is the actual story of tomorrow for those who are now joining hands with the western conspirators and helping them out in destabilizing Pakistan, ignoring the reality that Pakistan is the only country which has an identity as a fort of Islam. Today it is the most favourite activity for some of the so-called media analysts to ridicule and make fun of the Pakistan army and the intelligence agencies of Pakistan. These are the people who feel pride in unfair bashing of the army just for the sake of their trivial and petty interests. In their struggle to please their foreign masters, such analysts are simply undermining the very foundations and basis of Pakistan. One day they would realize that by inflicting damage to these institutions the nation has labeled them as ‘traitors’ and that day , when it would be too late for them, the nation would pay them back for their treachery. The Memo-gate scandal is also one of such heinous attempts to destabilize Pakistan. This scandal not only tried to drag the top military leadership in the courts but also negatively impacted on the prestige and honour of the Armed Forces. But on the other hand the military authorities did not let the schemers of this conspiracy succeed in their wicked intentions. Though some of the analysts were of the view that after the retirement of Ex-ISI chief General (R) Pasha the military authorities would give up pursuing this scandal but a few days back General Pasha’s appearance before the court of law disappointed all such analysts and their analysis. General Pasha’s appearance in the court has also confirmed General Kayani’s assurance that Army will always honour the supremacy of law without interfering in government affairs. Mr.Hussain Haqqani must also follow the same patterns of genuineness and truth as set by general Pasha. If he is right he should not be frightened of appearing before the honourable court of law and surrendering his Blackberry data. Mr. Haqqani is also a true and sincere Pakistani who might have done great services to this country but his act of evading and avoiding the court is no doubt distorting his image. Impression or image is always very important; it builds as well as demolishes ones repute and reputation.

It is something very unfortunate that sometimes we forget that the land we belong to is the actual source and means of our identification and recognition. A man belonging to no man’s land stands nowhere. For the prestige and honour of this source of recognition one has to be very much honest and sincere to ones land. Playing in the hands of the forces hostile to ones motherland is called treason and this act is never appreciated even in the most uncivilized and uncultured societies. History is replete with the examples of those who were brutally punished and paid back by their nation for their treachery and treason. Black’s Law Dictionary defines treason as attempting to overthrow the government of the state either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies”. The situation becomes graver when a person involved in any act of treason himself is a part of government or is bearing some important office in the official set-up. It also happens sometimes that a true patriot is intentionally fixed up and framed in a conspiracy of treason. In both the situations, the accused one has to make his position clear because treason is the ever-worst accusation and the impacts of this blame never remain restrained and restricted to the person concerned; they move onto the next generations. The son of a traitor is also dealt with as a traitor; it is the way of the world.

As far as the memo gate scandal is concerned, all characters involved in it must try their utmost to clarify their position because this scandal is very much sensitive in nature. The honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, under the honest command of Chief Justice Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry is doing all its best for the supremacy of the rule of law in the country. A very honestly active role played by the Supreme Court of Pakistan is revolutionizing the whole scenario. Things have started taking a positive turn; gone are the days when the people with power, status and authority thought it below their dignity to appear before the court of law. Now situation is altogether different; from the chief of the ISI to the honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, everyone has to appear before the court in case it summons. Evading and avoiding court proceedings is not the solution to the problems. If Mr. Haqqani is innocent; and surely he would be; he must appear before the court with all required evidences and proofs. His co-operation would help a lot in improving the image of Pakistan throughout the world. Be it an individual or a country; impressions and images are always very important; they build as well as demolish repute and reputation. No society could ever flourish unless there is rule and supremacy of law. Appearance of Gen.Pasha and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Gilani before the court is a proof that both, the military and the democratic authorities, are very much sincere and honest in safeguarding the image of Pakistan. Keeping in view the larger interest of the country and the nation, others who might be of a lesser social status than that of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Ex-ISI chief, must try to follow the same sublime traditions.

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