Indian Barbarism against Sikhs

Gochan Singh
UNITED SIKHS endorses and supports the Anti-Bullying Caucus created by Congressman Mike Honda.  In 2012, at least 13 million  children will be teased, taunted, and physically  assualted by their peers, making bullying the most burning issue and a common form of violence. Thousands of children will miss school due to fear of  physical and pyschological attacks on their basis of their skin color, ethnicity, physical or mental abilties, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion. This impacts children mentally, physically and across various communities throughout the United States. Every day Sikh children, who stand out because of their identity, are particularly affected. The caucus is one great step forward towards the Anti-Bullying Movement.

The formation of the Anti-Bullying caucus provides a premier forum for parents, advocates, students,  teachers, administrators, public servants, and bullies themselves to come together to forge solutions that aim to stop bullying now and forever. This caucus provides a support for the larger anti-bullying and anti-discrimination conversation we are having as a nation.

The bullying statistics 2010 reveal that bullying is a crime that is not going away anytime soon and also reports an increase in cyberbullying activities. According to bullying statistics 2010, there are about 2.7 million students being bullied each year by about 2.1 students taking on the role of the bully. New bullying statistics for 2010 revealed about one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying. (

UNITED SIKHS has undertaken three projects to identify the impact of bullying on Sikh
children: 1) Bullying Prevention Survey; 2) Youth Needs Assessment Focus Group; 3) Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Survey 2012. The goal of these projects is  to illuminate the pervasiveness of bullying in the Sikh community and the importance of addressing bullying as a civil rights issue.

We highly commend this initiative taken by Rep.Honda and are committed to working in partnership till the day bullying is completely eradicated from our school system. UNITED SIKHS continues to strive to ensure that your voices are advocated and are heard across all sectors.

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