India’s Penchant for False Flag Operations

By Asif Haroon Raja

India is a war monger and an expansionist country which considers itself as the successor of the British Raj. Ruled by 2.8% Brahmans, India desires to become an unchallenged super power of South Asia and the policeman of the Indo-Pacific region. It also dreams of mythical Mahabharata. It has disputes with all its seven neighboring states.

India’s external enemies are China and Pakistan but 70% of its forces are poised against Pakistan, which is six times smaller in size, population and resources.

India views Pakistan as a thorn in its flesh and the only impediment in its way to achieve its aspiration to become a global power. The US is helping India in accomplishing its ambitions.

The tools used by India’s RAW to browbeat and destabilise its neighbours are subversion, sabotage, clandestine operations, proxy wars, false flag operations, stoking insurgencies, propaganda and psychological war through the media. RAW excels in exploiting the internal socioeconomic vulnerabilities of other countries.

Indian media has mastered the art of cooking up fake stories and spreading falsehood in an artful manner. The lies mixed with half truths are presented to the world in such a convincing manner that the falsehood looks like truth. One way is to build a narrative and then keep drumming it consistently to make it look authentic with the help of allies.

India took full advantage of India’s size, population, economic market, Bollywood, diplomatic clout and geostrategic importance.

By projecting itself as the champion of secularism, democracy, non-alignment and a protector of human rights, India drew benefits from the Soviet and American camps and also covered up its sins against humanity and aggressive posturing against its weak neighbours.

‘India Chronicles’ led by Srivastava Group and based at Brussels was Pakistan and China specific, and it was opened in 2005. It had 117 countries, 10 human rights groups and 750 fake websites in its loop and it remained hidden till 2020.

Though it was disclosed by Brussels, it is still operational under a different head and it is linked with social media outlets of a political party in Pakistan.

The sole job of this huge outfit, in which the EU members of the parliament were involved, was to demonise Pakistan and China and to glorify India. Indian expats living in the USA and in Europe promoted the cause of India with dexterity, while anti-Pakistan and anti-army elements in Pakistan and Pakistani expats in their exuberance to support a political party gave fillip to Indian propaganda .

Current unrest in KP and Baluchistan, and political and social upheavals have a deep connection with ‘India Chronicles’, which played a key role in cloning the minds of the educated urbanites of Pakistan and in spreading gloom.

The magic of media and hybrid war together with the full sponsorship of the US helped the Indian leaders to hide their villainous acts of spreading mischief to paint Pakistan as a villain, and to cover up their lies, deception, human rights violations and state terrorism against the Indian minorities, the Kashmiris and Pakistan.

RAW is behind each and every act of terror in Pakistan. Islamabad furnished a dossier to the UN, USA, OIC in 2019, giving details of involvement of RAW, which is still lying in pending trays.

Today, India under extremist BJP is rated among the top violators of human rights. Its over two million security forces are engaged in worst cruelties and atrocities against all the Indian minorities (Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits and Christians), and in crushing insurgencies and 18 separatist movements in various parts of India. The Muslim Kashmiris are the worst sufferers who are being ethnically cleansed and the women massively raped.

Of all the issues with Pakistan, the Kashmir dispute is the thorniest over which India has gone to war with Pakistan thrice and got engaged in conflicts several times. The Kargil conflict was fought under a nuclear overhang.

After breaking Pakistan into two parts with the help of the former USSR in 1971, India teamed up with the USA in 1990 and from 2001 onwards, it has been making frenetic efforts to further break Pakistan into four parts.

Instead of resolving the chronic Kashmir dispute, it now wants to gobble up AJK and Gilgit Baltistan, (one thirds of J&K) and is also playing Baluchistan, Pashtunistan’ and Sindh cards.

At the start of the war on terror after 9/11, in which Pakistan was chosen as the frontline state to combat global terrorism, India in league with Afghanistan and backed by the US, Israel and western partners, started building a narrative, that Pakistan is the breeding ground of terrorism, it is in collusion with militant groups including the Al-Qaeda, and is the most dangerous country in the world.

The bogey of terrorism was used to declare Pakistan a terror abetting state and the ISI a rogue outfit.

In Dec 2000, CIA had issued a report that by 2015, Pakistan will be fractious, isolated and dependent on the international financial assistance.

In 2006, the US Lt Col Ralph Peter had written an article ‘Blood Borders’, in which he drew a map of the Middle East with changed boundaries and showed Baluchistan as a separate state. It was also opined by the western analysts that by 2020 Pakistan will not exist on the map of the world.

From 2001 to 2008, all the terror attacks in India, which included attacks on the Indian Parliament, mosques in Hyderabad and Malegaon, Samjhota Express train and Mumbai attacks, were placed at the doorsteps of Pakistan, Lashkar Taiba and ISI.

In 2009, it was proved by an Indian investigative team led by Maharashtra chief inspector Karkare, that Hindu terrorists were involved in all those cases.

Mumbai attacks in Nov 2008 were a false flag operation jointly planned by RAW, Mossad and CIA. An Indian captive Ajmal Kasab, described as a Pakistani, was used on 26/11 and later on quietly hanged to death. Despite being proved by Indian officials and four books written on Mumbai attacks that it was an in-house affair, Pakistan is still being blamed.

Thereon, all the terror attacks in IOK were engineered by RAW and the ISI was blamed. It included attacks in Udhampur, Gurdasdpur, Pathankot, Uri, Palwama etc.

Since all these attacks were stage-managed and false flag operations, India couldn’t provide any evidence to substantiate its allegations.

India fomented terrorism and has been the biggest abettor of terrorism, while Pakistan has been controlling terrorism and in the process lost 80, 000 people including 20,000 security forces. The security forces are still sacrificing lives because of a new wave of terrorism abetted by RAW.

After staging a false flag operation in Pulwama in early Feb 2019 and pinning the blame on Pakistan based Jaish Muhammad without providing any proof, India’s brazen air attack in Balakot on Feb 26, 2019 which forced PAF to give a hard tit-for-tat response, was politically motivated by Modi to win May 2019 elections.

1.2 million Indian forces and 30,000 RSS hooligans in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK) are resorting to extreme brutalities against the hapless Kashmiris, locked down in the biggest open prison, since Aug 5, 2019.

IOK is electronically blacked out and is devoid of internet and TV linkages. Kashmiris are denied of basic human rights and the Indian forces have been given licence to kill and rape.

The Indian forces are no less barbaric and murderous than the Israeli forces engaged in record breaking bloodletting of the Palestinians in Gaza since Oct 07, 2023. They have made the narrow Strip a hellhole and has become unliveable because of acute scarcity of water, food and medicines and constant bombardment.

Both India and Israel are partners in crime and have been jointly planning and executing plans to annihilate the Muslim Kashmiris and the Palestinians. Both are backed by the USA and UK.

The Indian judiciary is in the pocket of the ruling BJP as could be judged from the black decision of
the Indian Supreme Court on BJP’s 5 Aug 2019 deplorable act.

Like the Hamas, the Kashmiri freedom fighters devoid of external support have not given up and are still fighting back valiantly to save the lives and honor of their parents, elders, siblings, women and children. The clashes are occurring in which the militants are inflicting casualties on the occupiers.

In reaction to record breaking atrocities and oppression by the Indian brutes, there has been a noticeable surge in clashes. On Sept 23, five Indian soldiers were killed in Rajauri sector by the Kashmiri Mujahideen. On 21 Dec, 5 Indian soldiers were killed and 3 injured in a clash in Surankot.

In retaliation, the Indian forces launched a ruthless operation in Poonch and Rajouri sectors and besides killing many innocent Kashmiris, 80 were arrested and put in torture dens. Four have died in custody.

Cordon and search operations, night raids on villages, gang rapes and extra judicial killings are a norm. They have killed well over one 1,25000 innocent Kashmiris, raped 25000 women, made tens of thousands of women widowed and children orphaned, destroyed their homes, orchards and means of living. There are a large number of half widows who do not know whether their husbands are dead or alive. Their lands and properties are now being purchased by Hindus. Muslim Kashmiri girls are being forced to marry Hindus and to change their religion.

Tens of thousands of Kashmiris detained in dungeons and subjected to inhuman torture are painted as Pakistan paid terrorists. They are dying due to torture, or are disposed off in fake encounters. To frighten the Kashmiris, shrieks of the teenagers are deliberately broadcast on loudspeakers. The valley is littered with mass graves and unmarked graves.

It is suspected that India would use these detained Kashmiris for another false flag operation similar to Pulwama to heat up the LoC and create a war-like situation.

The terrorism card have been played by all the Indian leaders to cover up their crimes against humanity and to win elections.

Modi has extensively made use of false flag operations to project India a victim of terrorism and Pakistan an abettor.

He is again likely to resort to similar cheap tactics. He will once again whip up the emotions of his 80% Hindu voters as he had done in 2019 to sweep the next elections in May 2024, and to complete his unfinished agenda of reducing the Muslims in Kashmir Valley into a minority. He has reportedly given a green signal to RAW for another false flag operation.

RAW for the first time has been caught with its pants down. In its exuberance to extend its overreach and long arm beyond South Asia and Central Asia, it made an effort to gun down prominent Sikh leaders living in Europe and in the USA advocating the cause of independent Khalistan.

One of them Hardeep Singh, a resident of Canada was mysteriously killed in last June. The Canadian govt blamed RAW, based on evidence, which India vehemently denied, but it caused friction in their bilateral relations.

Matters worsened when RAW was accused of attempting another assassination of a Sikh leader living in the US and the UK joined in with a similar complaint. India has been sternly warned by the US, Canada and the UK not to meddle in their internal affairs which has embarrassed Modi and has put RAW on the backfoot.


While Modi cannot afford to stand up against the three world powers and defend the wrong act, it can trouble Pakistan and even initiate a limited attack in AJK to cover up his embarrassment as well as gain political mileage.

War in AJK or in GB will not remain limited but it will spill over and could lead to a nuclear conflict. China will not remain a silent spectator since it has big stakes in Kashmir and GB due to CPEC.

What must be noted is that, while the US lost all its wars and suffered the most humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, India has failed to quash The freedom movement in IOK, and Israel has so far failed to eliminate Hamas and overwhelm Gaza.

What is strikingly common to the USA, Israel and India, is that all the three partners in crime have been fully exposed before the international community. Never before were they criticised and cursed so harshly.

Biden, Netanyahu and Modi have become the most hated persons; they can no more hide their criminal activities, or give sermons on human rights, UN resolutions, conventions, international rules and laws. They are the biggest defaulters, they are anti-peace and are responsible for making the world turbulent, unsafe and insecure.

The writer is a retd Brig, a war veteran, ex Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan, he commanded the largest brigade in hot sector of Kashmir, he is defence, security and political analyst, an international columnist, author of five books including two on Kashmir, he takes active part in TV talk shows.

© 2012 - All Rights are reserved by zameer36.

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