India’s unrealistic stand on Kashmir

India’s unrealistic stand on KashmirPosted by Javed Iqbal
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – INDIAN Foreign Minister’s statement stubbornly rejecting third party intervention for the resolution of Kashmir issue soon after the publication of the news quoting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as saying that he had, in 1999, sought US role in resolving the lingering issue, indicates that New Delhi is not ready to listen to the voice of reason. The statement has not caused any surprise because as they say, it is in line with Indian policy on the issue.

There was a silver lining that since the world now appears to be all set for the resolution of ticklish issues threatening international peace, India would agree for the solution of the long-pending dispute for durable and sustainable peace in the region. The Prime Minister of Pakistan had talked about the involvement of the US as confidence in UN is fast eroding as is reflected in rejection of Security Council membership by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi refusal to sit on the UNSC seat clearly indicates that the world body has become useless, unable to resolve conflicts and is acting as a pawn in the hands of the West. While world over terrorism is being condemned and India too talks of controlling the menace but at the same time it is indulging in the worst form of State terrorism in held Kashmir to suppress the freedom struggle of the people. The need of the hour is that the US and international community must take serious notice of the unrealistic Indian stance on Kashmir and find out options to resolve the issue in line with aspirations of the people along with other international issues. The statement by the Indian Foreign Minister has dashed the hopes of solution of the issue but we still believe that the leadership in New Delhi will ultimately realize that without solution of Kashmir issue peace cannot be established in the region for which people are yearning.

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