Israeli Massacre in Gaza & the US Support

By Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal
The ideological cousins & Israel’s immunity

The world looks dangerously unsafe for the defenceless Muslims. The Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Xinjiang and many other parts of the world indeed suffer very badly. The millions of victims of the state-run atrocities can’t see any light of hope even at the distant end of the dark tunnel. How the world can attain any meaningful peace with such a huge number of people living in extreme despair? Palestine was occupied 70 years ago; 5 million of its people still live as refuges in foreign lands with no hop

e of return. The UN Security Council resolution guarantying their safe return only stays in paper; none of the permanent members talks about its implementation. Those who could stay in occupied Palestine, they indeed live in an open air prison and subject to death at the hands of the Israelis at any time. Till now, the world leaders have proven their total incompetence to deliver any justice to them. Ironically, these leaders try only to contain the symptoms and show little concern to treat the underlying disease.

The failure is moral.

The toxic immorality of colonialism, colonial occupation, imperialism, ethnic cleansing and genocidal mass slaughter still rule the mind of the occupying forces. So, the hordes of killers are seen in occupied countries with massive weapons of mass destruction to kill the innocents and turn the cities to rubbles. The US alone has killed more than a million people in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. The destruction of Gaza, Grozny, Mosul, Raqqa, Kobani, Aleppo and hundreds of other Muslim cities and villages tell a lot not only about the toxic intention of the killers but also about their destructive power. Most of the media outfits -embedded with the partners in the crime, play a key role in hiding the crimes and eulogising the criminals. As a result, even the worst killers show their face in public without any remorse, let alone facing prosecution in the International Criminal Court.
Instead of being a sovereign state for Palestinians, the besieged Palestine has become a private prison cum killing field for Israel. Those who could carry out Sabra and Satilla type genocide in the past are in full control of its day to day affairs. The whole occupied land is crisscrossed by high concrete walls; a Palestinian can’t move from one village to another without crossing multiple check posts. A farmer can’t reach his field without spending hours in the queue for a security check. Every village, every house, every alley and every human is under the surveillance camera. Like a prisoner, every move of a Palestinian is on their constant monitoring screen. Whoever Israeli wants to kill, missile from an overhead drone instantly hits his house or head. Such extrajudicial murder has become the prime military art in Israel. They call such killing as their security need. The killers do not face any accountability anywhere. As if, killing the Palestinians, grabbing their lands and destructing their houses are the private cum sovereign business of Israel; no one has any right to interfere or raise any voice against it. From day one of its creation, such policy has become every day’s practice. Israel is built illegally on the Palestine –only through blood-shed and forced eviction. The natives of Palestine never voted for it. More than 5 million of the Palestinians are forced out of their homes to create space for Israel; and the Israeli policy is to put barrier against their return –which is against the international law and the UN resolution. The USA and other big players of the global politics always pay blind eye to such Israeli crimes. As a result, Israel could become a fully apartheid state and could turn its guns to kill freely the unarmed Palestinians.

The brutal genocidal fascists like Hitler, Mussolini and Franco are the pure western products. The evil ideologies like colonialism, imperialism, fascism, apartheidism, ethnic cleansing & the World Wars are also born in the west. Now Israel stands as another pure western product implanted on the Muslim soil –which is ideologically, culturally and morally incompatible with the local people. The western leaders appreciate Israel as the only country in the Middle East that practises the western democracy cum western values. There is no doubt about it: its occupation of Palestine and the worst genocidal crimes against the native Palestinians are indeed the stark reminiscence of western colonial occupation, oppression and genocidal ethnic cleansing in other parts of the globe. So the Israeli leaders easily get a place in the western political clubs as their perfect ideological cousins. Such close ideological alignment with the west brings other visible benefits: it bestows full immunity on the Israeli war criminals against any judicial prosecution in the International Criminal Court even for their worst crimes. Because of such immunity, even in the UN Security Council, the proposal of condemning Israel for killing the innocent Palestinians couldn’t be passed, let alone prosecute her. Because of the ideological cousins of the Israeli war criminals in its midst, the UN Security Council stands fully non-functional. Whereas such a horrendous magnitude of crimes could have been easily condemned in a jury of African or Asian villagers.

Survival issue of the Palestinians

The ideological affinity with the Israeli war criminals has led the US policy makers further down to a new low of immorality. Obstructing the delivery of judicial justice is itself a punishable crime in any civilised society. But such a moral ethic was not allowed to work against Israel. The USA & its ally Australia worked hard against the delivery of justice against Israeli war criminals. So, in the UN, they voted against an independent inquiry of Israel’s recent killing of 60 unarmed protesters on a single day. Only a partner in the crime can stand such shamelessly in support of the war criminals. Thus, the USA and its ally showed their true face. At least 113 peaceful protestors were killed in Gaza since 30th March by the Israelis; but none of the killers had to face any prosecution. Thus, the Israeli killers are allowed to go unfettered in their genocidal campaign; and the route to justice stays blocked. Thus the big powers like the US get complicit in spreading genocidal crime on earth. Amidst such rejuvenated genocidal milieu, the people of Palestine now stand face to face against a new reality: it is the issue of their physical survival on their own land –let alone establishing an independent state.

The toxic immorality

Israel has its own opportunistic narrative vis-à-vis what’s right and what’s a crime. According to Oslo Treaty, Palestinians were given only 22 percent of their ancestral land to build their own independent state of Palestine. Awfully, that very tiny land is being constantly grabbed bit by bit by Israel. The houses of the native Palestinians are demolished one by one to build residential colonies for the new Jews coming from other parts of the planet. Such a policy of constant land grabbing and Jewish colonisation in Palestine is perceived morally right by the Israelis. It is a punishable crime to oppose it! And it is crime for native Palestinian to return to the village where he or she was born! Because of such a policy, the land of the proposed independent state of Palestine is getting massively embedded with the incompatible enemy settlements.
Is there any single state in the world that allows foreign nationals to build their residential colonies in its midst? Moreover, how a country dare push hundreds of thousands of its own citizens inside another country? Such bizarre thing can only happen with some extremely sinister design. It is indeed a cover-up to grab the whole Palestine. Israel wants to use those settlers as the Trojan horses in their planned total land grab. Defending such illegal Jewish colonies inside Palestine is labelled as the indispensable security right of Israel. On such a manufactured plea, Israel stations its Army in every nook and corner of the West Bank to give security to the illegal colonies. The US also endorse such fake and opportunist argument. It can only be compared with the analogy that Israel is pushing its horses inside others’ land and sending its Army to grab the land in the name of providing security to the horses. What an ugly immorality that Israel shows little concern to take back the intruding horses! Israel is continuously creating such new illegality to add up to the old illegality of its creation. If it continues, one day, nothing will remain to call an independent Palestine state. How such thing can happen in a civilised world?

Israel: Safe haven for the war criminals

If illegal occupation, mass killing, mass eviction, land grabbing and stationing armed forces inside others’ land are not recognised as crime, then the word ‘crime’ needs to be redefined. Otherwise, even the worst criminal act will get acceptance as a good deed. In Israel, such deconstruction of meaning of value-loaded words like human rights, civil rights, morality, justice and legality has already achieved a visible success. So these words have lost their original meaning in Israel. Hence occupation of Arab land, mass killing and mass eviction of the Palestinians are no more considered any crime in Israel. Therefore, in the Israeli court, a Palestinian girl got 7 months jail for slapping an Israeli soldier and an Israeli soldier got only 8 months jail for killing an innocent Palestinian boy. So, slapping of Israeli and killing of a Palestinian make little difference in Israeli lexicon!

There are other evidences, too.

The PLO has stopped armed resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation long ago. Such armed resistance against the foreign usurpers was called terrorism. Now, they have taken peaceful means of protest to end Israeli occupation. But such peaceful means is not acceptable to Israel and its US ally, either. Hence rallies of the Palestinian men, women and children are labelled as a punishable act of terrorism. As if, every Palestinian is a terrorist and every means of their protest is terrorism! Hence, an Israeli soldier shoots at an unarmed protestor as his legitimate target. Therefore, what option is left for the people of occupied Palestine? Just to evacuate silently their homes for the Israeli usurpers and take shelter in some refugee camps in a foreign land? It seems, Israeli is happy only with such a policy of total abandonment of Palestine by the Palestinians! And it looks, it is the only acceptable peace plan for Israel!
In fact, such moral perversion cum intense state of psychopathic delusions constitute the basis of all horrendous crimes that are being committed by the Israeli Army against the innocent Palestinians. Because of such pathologic delusion, even a peaceful protest rally of unarmed Palestinian boys and girls appear to them as a marching army of the Islamic warriors. So, they start shivering with the security threat against the existence of Israel. In such delusive fit, even the children and an 8 month-old infant could appear to them as suicide bomber. So, they could be taken as legitimate targets for shooting by the Israeli Army. Such pathological delusion always deprives people of rational thinking. This is why, the Israelis failed to ask themselves a very simple question: what harm these unarmed protestors and children could do to these Israelis? None of the killed Palestinians wore any suicidal vest or carried any bomb.

Because of such delusion, they could call such a one-sided massacre as a clash between two warring parties! Israel describes such killing of the Palestinians as its legal right to defend its security. As if, 8 children and an 8 month old infant that are brutally killed by the Israelis could invade their country! Israel can sell such arguments to its domestic psychopaths and similar psychopaths in the USA. But can they convince any sane human? Because of similar fit of delusion, in 1988, an Iranian Airbus-A300 passenger plane was perceived by the US Navy as a bomber jet; and killed its 290 passengers by firing missile to it. Even an old-aged radar can see a difference between a fight jet and a huge passenger plane. But a psychopath with his or her total dysfunctional brain can see the difference. Because of the same problem, an Israeli soldier can’t find any difference between an 8 month-old baby and an armed fighter.

Celebration in the Israeli camp

The Israeli leaders have much to celebrate. Their Army could send 60 Palestinians to the graveyard on a single day and injure about 3 thousands without the slightest injury on any one of the Israelis. Israel may not have the gas chamber; but the same sadistic Nazi mentality works there. They must be very pleased that none of the Israeli soldiers had to face any conviction in a criminal court for documented manslaughter. Because of the US protection, these most murderous war criminals enjoy a safe haven on earth! If 60 Israelis were killed by any Palestinian inside Israel on a single day, what would have the reaction worldwide?

Recently, the whole world noticed a huge hue and cry of the western countries against Russia on an alleged poisoning of a former Russian double spy agent and his daughter in a British city of Salisbury. The USA, the UK, France, Germany and many other western countries didn’t wait for a judicial enquiry to impose economic sanction against Russia. In case of Israeli massive manslaughter, the same western leaders displayed only a tongue-tied silence. What else could be the more manifest sign of their moral death? It was indeed a display more of an opportunistic politics than defending people from Russian chemical attack. If humanity or morality was the issue, they would have shown more drastic reaction against Israel for its horrendous crime against innocent Palestinians. Moreover, Israeli bullet has proved to be more lethal than Russian poison. The Russian spy and his daughter are still alive in the UK; but 113 Palestinians had to die with the Israeli bullets.

Israel could never commit such terrible crime alone. Israel is a tiny transplant country in the midst of the hostile Muslim Middle East. The USA money, weapons and political support are encouraging Israeli leaders to go any length to kill the Palestinians. Israel can rightfully claim that they are the true believer cum practitioner of the US values. Since the USA can occupy a country, kill its people, bomb its cities to rumbles, Israel is exercising the same policy and values in the occupied land of Palestine. What the US did in Mosul, Raqqa and Ramadi, Israel did the same in Gaza in 2014 during its 50-day war campaign. Israel is punishing the people of Gaza in all possible ways. About 1.5 million people of Gaza are under full Israeli seize: the supply of water, electricity, even food and medicine from the only entry route from Israel is blocked for more than a decade. And President Donald Trump intensified the miseries of Israeli blockade by stopping the US aid to the Palestine.

The sadistic USA & fuel to the old fire

The US President Donald Trump also added new fuel to the old fire. He did it by shifting the US embassy from Tel Abib to Jerusalem. It was a deliberate act of huge provocation to the Israelis. And it was done on the historic day of Naqba –meaning catastrophe, for the Palestinians. It was on 15th May, 1948, when about 700, 000 Palestinians were forcefully evicted from their homes by Israeli Army; and none of them is allowed to return. The wound is still fresh in the memory of every Palestinian. But, sadistic Donald Trump deliberately selected the day to rub some salt on the raw wound to exacerbate the pain. But the sadistic Israeli Army went some extra length on the same day. They didn’t add any salt, rather fired thousands of bullets to kill at least 60 and injure about 3 thousands. After causing all such unnecessary terrible pains, President Donald Trump still goes on lecturing that he wants peace in the Middle East! In fact, by aligning with the Israeli killers, President Trump disqualified himself to be an honest peace-broker.

While delivering a speech in the opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem on 15th May, Jared Kushner -son-in-law of President Donald Trump and his advisor on the Middle East issues told that the strong USA has recognised the truth. But what is that recognised truth –Mr Kushner didn’t elaborate on that. But those who know the history of creation of Israel, they know the truth. But Israel and its ally are hiding the truth. What could be truth in the history of Palestine other than the illegal creation of Israel on the occupied land of the Arab Muslims and eviction, destruction of Arab villages and denial of return of the evicted native people? Jared Kushner also told that for peace, the Palestinian leaders are the part of the problem! As if, he and his father-in-law are desperate for peace in the Middle East. To him, Israeli occupation, killing of innocent Palestinians, grabbing new land and dismantling their houses are not any problem! Since the Palestinians are not accepting the USA as the honest peace-broker, they are being labelled as the enemy of peace!

Nikki Haley -the USA ambassador told a strange thing in the UN Security Council. She told that no country would have shown the same restraint that Israel had. It means that Israel still stands much below the US’s standard of brutality. The US standard is nothing less than dropping nuclear bombs -as done in Japan, bringing down cities to rubbles -as done in Mosul, Raqqa and Ramadi, and the ethnic cleansing -as done against the Red Indians in America. Since Israel couldn’t do the full-scale cleaning of Palestinians, the USA looks happy with the scale of massacre in Gaza.

The crime & the complicit media
The perpetrators of the state-run war crimes always enjoy the full support of the collaborative media. They always put the blame on the victims and hide the crimes of the real criminals. Killing the truth and hiding the criminals is indeed the common practice of the complicit media. So, in Israeli media, the Palestinians are blamed for their own death. As if, Israel didn’t kill them, they rushed to the bullets themselves. They even accuse, those who are killed are the known terrorists belonging to Hamas. This way, they justified the massacre. As if, 8 children and one 8 month baby were also terrorist.

War is fought not only in the war fields, but also in the media. George Orwell rightly pointed out that the political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectful. So they deliberately change the vocabulary to fit their war agenda. Thus, the media plays a complicit role in any form of war crime. So, in the Israeli media murder of 113 unarmed Palestinians during peaceful protest since 30th March, could be portrayed as heroic job for the Israeli Army. They also made effort to hide the barbarity of the Israeli Army. Criminals always hide their own crimes; and it is the solemn duty of every sane human to expose those hidden crimes and stand for the truth. Nothing can be more important and sacred job for media than this. Giving witness for the truth is indeed a great piety in Islam. And hiding crime and taking the side of the criminals is a great crime that take people to the hellfire. Crimes can be eliminated from the world only by standing against the criminals. But those who stand for occupation and ethnic cleansing of others can’t support such role of the media. Therefore, the media that exposes the crime of their own criminals is dead in Israel.

The state of the US media is not different from that of Israel. Along with the government executives, the media is doing the same job to sanctify Israel’s role and to hide its crimes. The New York Times twitted on Gaza killing of 15th May, “Dozens of Palestinians have died in protests as the US prepares to open its Jerusalem embassy,” As if no killing took place; only the people died on their own. The Wall Street Journal gave the headline: “Clashes over new US Embassy in Jerusalem leave dozens dead.” In clashes, there need to be two conflicting parties and there should be victims on both the sides. Since there was no death or injury in the Israeli side, how it could be a clash? It was a one-sided murder, but The Wall Street Journal deliberately made it a bipartisan clash. On Gaza massacre, the Washington Post’s headline of its lead story was not different either. It wrote: “Gaza buries its dead as death toll from protest at fence with Israel rises to at least 60.” Here, the burial of the dead is a news, but not the massacre of people!

Killing of a people never happens without killers. Therefore, those who want to hide the killers, they don’t use the word “killing” in describing an awful event like massacre. That happened exactly and visibly in the US media while reporting on Israeli killing of at least 60 people in Gaza. So, all three leading US newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal have cleverly omitted the word “killing”, rather used the deceitful narrative like “died” -as if they were killed without any killer. This is indeed the US values -distinctively visible not only in the White House policy, but also in the US media.

Only options
Now the people of the world have only two options: either to take the side of the axis of the dehumanised criminals like Donald Trump and Netanyahu or support the victimised Palestinians. It is indeed the Litmus test to reveal the true humanity of a human. The Israelis are now showing how morally dead they are. Such people of the dead souls are fully incompatible with the civilised values. Israel was created only on a piece of colonised land; and such a criminal project was accomplished by a people highly impregnated with the colonial values of the British -as was pronounced in the Balfour declaration. Hence Israel has no moral or legal foundation to survive; it is indeed the inbuilt fatal weakness of Israel. So, it survives only on the imperialists’ life support. This is why, they need to run a massive lobbying campaign in the USA every day and night to keep this arch evil power on their side. The huge Jewish-led organisation like AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and hundreds of thousands of independent Jewish lobbyists are working on this Israeli project.

The European colonialism worked as the most massive and effective tool of dehumanisation in human history. Because of deep dehumanisation, even the ugliest crimes like the ethnic cleansing of the Red Indians from America, the Aborigines from Australia, the Maoris from New Zealand & the forceful replacement of the Palestinians by the immigrant Jews could be carried out by the so-called enlightened people of Europe. Since its illegal creation and the aggressive existence perfectly match with the imperialists’ values and ideologies, all the imperialists and colonialists happen to be the natural and ardent supporter of Israel. Because of such a strong ideological affinity, they even support covertly or overtly the most horrendous crimes of the Israelis.

The ultimate fate
However, people’s power –supported by the Power of Almighty Allah SWT can do miracles. Because of such power, Pharaoh –the most powerful tyrant of the time, had to die helplessly in water. Colonialism had to die, too. The imperialist power like US was defeated in Vietnam and the Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan. The US is facing another defeat in its 18 year-old war in Afghanistan, too. The huge stock-piles of nuclear bombs and thousands of missiles couldn’t save these two top world powers from humiliating defeat. Israel is not stronger than the US and the Soviet Union.
Moreover, truth has been the most invincible warrior in human history. This lone warrior wins hearts and minds in its silent and non-stoppable warfare. Israel can kill the Palestinians, but can’t kill the truth that defines Israel as an illegal usurper state on the occupied land. Its genocidal scheme is making it more vulnerable. Such an illegitimate cum criminal identity makes it morally and legally incompatible in the midst of the civilised world. Therefore, Israel can delay its defeat, but can’t avoid it.

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