Mass Conversion to Hinduism In India

Mass Conversion to Hinduism In India 2By Faheem Belharvi

Bajrang Dal, an offshoot of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) converted at least 57 Muslim families (200 people) into Hindus at a “Purkhon ki Ghar vapsi” coming home of the ancestors ceremony held at Agra, Uttar Pardesh. It is not a first event of its kind. Previously, in early 2014, Christians were forcefully converted to Hinduism which created unrest among Christian Clergy. BJP is trying to portray the event as of wishful conversion, however, since coming of BJP government in the center, RSS and its offshoots have accelerated their efforts for minority conversion into Hinduism. Recently a BJP state minister for Food and Security, Nirangan Jyoti stated that Muslims and Christians are sons of Ram, those who don’t believe, should quit India. There was a lot of protest from Muslims and civil society circles to remove the minister but PM Narendra Modi denied her removal.

There was a proper ceremony who arranged with coded name by the Hindu Pundits. In the ceremony and asked the Muslim to follow the words as spelled by the pundits. This was a high time that Hindus forcefully converted Muslims into the Hinduism. However, Hindus are claiming their religious is peaceful and there is no concept of force in Hinduism to convert the followers of other religious into Hinduism. This ceremony was the question mark on the assertiveness of Hindu Pundits. As they have violated the basic norms of their religion and tried to harm the ideologies other communities. Indian government, especially Indian religious ministry could not take any measures to slab the Hindus by taking this big step against the Islam and Muslims.

Indian media portrayed this event negatively and made the Muslims responsible of this. Indian media has the view that the converted families were actually belong to Hindus about thirty years back. Indian media had projected that the families were not forcefully converted as they are free to follow any ideology according to their faith and will.

Definitely, there were certain social factors for conversion of Muslims into Hinduism like poverty and illiteracy. The remote areas of India where Muslims and Hindus are living to gather. Being as the biggest minority in India, most of the Muslim population is living below the poverty line and they could not even meet with basic necessities. The fault is being exploited by the Hindu Pundits and they take the favour from circumstances to convert the Muslims into Hinduism.

Surprisingly, Indian Muslim community did not display off their reservations and apprehensions on this ceremony and continued their silence. More than 180 million Muslims are living in India. They are dominating in the field of politics, economy, science and other social and professional sectors despite of that they kept silent on the ceremony. Even Muslim community did not launch any strong protest against this heinous act.The custodian organization that are designed to protect the rights of Muslims throughout the world are appeared to be toothless. Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) could not lament the issue in order to mount pressure on Indian government.

Muslim print and electronic media also inactive and was not yielded strong response on event of mass conversion. However, in the presence of some very strong news agencies of Muslims like Al Jazeera and Al Arabia TV channels. But it could not respond the rebuttal on the issue. Muslim media should carry out efforts on the pattern of BBC and CNN.

The suggestions are here be given to neutralize such type of incidents in the future. The first and former responsibility of the Indian government to bar Hindu Pundits from doing such atrocious acts as it is the violation of the basic human rights. Being considered itself as a custodian of so called biggest democracy of the world its government must think over it.

Personal analysis, this is a planned conversion and the trend will continue for the next five years. It is part of RSS agenda of converting India into one religion people. It is the idea of Hindutva or Hindu nationalism, being promoted by BJP and PM Modi around the world among Indian origin people.   Stems from this ideology and the forced conversions are against international norms and fall under human rights violations. All major religions of the world are striving across the globe to protect their followers and ensure them peaceful independent religious life. However, the compulsions being committed in India are required to be highlighted massively. It is suggested that such conversions will have serous backlash not only in India but across the globe. Moreover, it has the potential to de-stablize the region. If India continues with this trend of forced conversions along with its successes at international level, the region will be threatened with the same menace.

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