Nato supply – Victory of principles

Opening of Nato supplies is neither a victory nor defeat of Pakistan or USA. We can definitely call it the victory of principle stand of Pakistan which it took after the Salala incident. It’s very unfortunate that the Americans law makers, media and even the high officials misread Pakistan and leveled baseless allegations. Instead of appreciating, Wall Street Journal published that it’s not diplomatic victory of Pakistan, USA didn’t apologize, Pakistan agreed on old transit fee and no importance given to Pakistan’s demands, shows their mind set. It also negated the US Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta’s earlier statement that Pakistan had raised the entire issue to   “price gouge”. On the other hand US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton appreciated Pakistan’s decision and said, Pakistan didn’t press for the fee issue.

The killing of 24 soldiers by its own ally was beyond comprehension not only by Pakistanis but the whole world. The matter could have been solved with in no time by accepting the mistake and saying a very beautiful five letter word “sorry” but unfortunately that didn’t happened. I think Pakistan took the right decision of blocking the supplies because, had it not done the same then there might have been many more Salala type incidents. The aggression must be stopped with iron hand so that no one should dare to cast evil eye on Pakistan. Moreover, the unified stand by the democratic government, people of Pakistan and army forced the other side to reconsider its actions and understand the ground realities. At last Pakistan’s principle stand was understood and finally the issue resolved. There is no doubt that Pakistan is helping the ISAF forces, which are operating against terrorists on a very high cost of men and material. The supply route opening is not for any single country but for the complete Nato forces and Afghanistan. We can’t live in isolation in this global world; therefore the decision is well received by all. Not only the Nato countries but almost the whole world including Muslim countries and china has appreciated the accord. Since the end game has started, therefore we need to move very carefully on the international forums. We need to play a very active role for ensuring peaceful transition of power to the Afghan brethren and work for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. We must guard the national interests very jealously and always stand united for the national honour and dignity.

Bilal Shahid, Rawalpindi

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