Obama Supports Israeli Genocide & Destruction in Gaza

By Susanne Posel

Communist-in-Chief and Zionist-controlled, President Barack Obama says that he is “fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself from missiles landing on people’s homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians, and we will continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

This announcement came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began to expand Israel’s “military operations” to punish Hamas. Tanks became the first ground invasion in Gaza with the goal of firing positioned rockets at Gaza.   Last week, Israel assassinated Ahmed Jabari, a Hamas military commander in response to more than 10 years “of terrorist activity”, according to Israeli intelligence. Israel has targeted Palestinian leaders in self-admitted “targeted killings”; using NATO methods against terrorists in an attempt to legitimize killing Jabari.

Zionist violence against Gaza resulted in the murder of 21 people, including women and children, during a missile raid on Sunday. The headquarters of Ismail Haniyeh, Gaza Prime Minister, was attacked with a massive amount of explosions. Israel’s unabashed destruction of this civilian site shows their directive toward genocide of the Palestinian people.

These dead are added to the already 69 counted Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes, tank fire and naval targets.   During a Palestinian compliance with cease-fire efforts, Israel became even more violent, taking advantage of their chance to attack Palestine more aggressively. This attempt to get to a complete negotiation of ending the attacks was spear-headed by Mohammad Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood member and US-patsy installed to be president of Egypt.

Israel refuses to back down from their attack on Palestine; claiming that militant factions in Gaza would use a ceasefire as an excuse to become more violent. In this instance, the Zionists are asserting a false reality while fulfilling a self-serving prophecy by being the aggressors.   The government of India is “deeply concerned” about the killing in Gaza at the hands of Israel and would like to see leaders come together to talk about the “peace and security of that region.”   Obama believes that since Palestine is to blame for firing the first rocket into Israel, they should stand down. Ben Rhodes, deputy National Security adviser to the President remarked: “These rockets have been fired into Israeli civilian areas and territory for some time now. So Israelis have endured for too much of a threat from these rockets for far too long, and that is what led the Israelis to take action that they did in Gaza.”   Globalists at the Brookings Institute view the “escalation of the conflict” wherein Israel has been attacking Palestine in an obviously unfair military advantage as a credible defense of their land. From a tactical perspective, the Brookings Institute recommends that Israel take advantage of their position and be prepared “for a wider operation to follow.”

Convincing Americans to support the genocide of the Palestinian people by Israel when Zionist-controlled media displays children killed in Israel during air raids while intentionally directing the emotional response of US citizens to sympathize with this murderous agenda. In reality, Palestine cannot properly defend itself against the military and technological advancement of Israel’s arsenal.   Israel possesses intelligent and newly developed weaponry thanks to their friendship with the Zionist-controlled patsies seated in the executive branch of the US government. Their missile campaign against Gaza will surely cause more civilian casualties without regard for innocent lives they take.

Israel is also able to use drones for aerial surveillance to set precise military targets and assume greater coordination between intelligence operations and on-the-spot decision making.   Using covert operations, the CIA-sponsored Anonymous took down websites in Israel in response to the destruction of Palestine. Called #OpIsrael, more than 700 websites including Israeli media, the Ministry of Defense and other governmental digital infrastructure were rendered useless by the cyber-attack facilitated by the US government-trained hackers.   Yuval Steinitz, Israeli Finance Minister explained that the cyber-attacks were a war being “waged . . . on a second front . . . against Israel.” This disruption was not causing a serious disruption or other damage because the Israeli government had thwarted most of the attacks. One target was the Central Bank of Jerusalem.

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan


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