Peshawar Suicide Blast & Karachi Firing killing nine

peshawar mosqu

By Zaheerul Hassan

Just few minutes earlier of Jumna prayers during “Khtuba” (speech before prayer), three individuals attacked a Shia Muslim’s Mosque in the northwest province of Pakistan.  During this attack three terrorists killed the guard standing at the door and two out of then entered and started firing on the people. Meanwhile a suicide bomber has exploded him inside the mosque, killing at least seven and several injured.

Senior police officer Abdul Hamid Khan said the bombing in the city of Peshawar also wounded several people.

In another MPA Sajjad Qureshi of MQM and his son Waqas have been targeted once they were coming back after saying Jumma Prayers. These attacks seem to the continuity of Ziarat, Quetta and Mardan blasts. Apparently, attacking Shia Mosque gives the impression that aim of launchers could be to evoke sectarian issue in Pakistan.

The security agencies have taken charge of the area of the explosions and scene of the incident. President, Prime Minister and political leaderships condemned the Peshawar blasts and killing of the MPA and his son.

Interior Minister Chaudary Nisar Ali should assist provinces and  take pragmatic steps to crush foreign sponsored militancy instead of giving ultimatum to Sindh government and criticizing the security and intelligence agencies under his government domain. He should bravely condemn MI6, CIA, Mossad and India for  supporting militancy in Pakistan.

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