Solidarity with Kashmiris

By Tariq Rizwan February 5, each year is observed as a Kashmir Day when a part of Kashmir was liberated from India called Independent Kashmir (in Urdu it is called Azad Jummu & Kashmir - AJK in 1948. In Pakistan, AJK is recognized as a separate state with a Parliament, Prime Minister, President and other governing institutions. The day February 5, was first observed in 1990 on the call of sitting Prime ...

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Corridors of Peace & Development in Asia – New Horizons

By Tariq Rizwan China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is likely to usher a new era of development and prosperity in Asia by connecting South Asia, Eurasia and the Middle East through Gwadar Deep Sea Port. It consists of road and rail network, industrial zones, energy projects and Gwadar Port. It is currently under construction.  It immediate aim is to connect Kashgar in China with Gwadar in Pakistan and r ...

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Arab Spring Impacts on South Asia

By Zaheerul Hassan What is Arab Spring The ‘Arab Spring’ appeared in the Arab World in December 2010 and covered all most entire Arab World in 2011. However, Egypt has emerged as the most iconic manifestation of it and gave jolt to the leading and powerful nation in the ‘Arab World’. It also shaken the monarchism, hit the nerve centre and forced the rulers either to start with democracy or spend more on the ...

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Indian: “A woman travelling should wear full dress & avoid isolated areas”, said UK

By Balbir Singh Sooch Rape (the crime of using force somebody to have sexual intercourse with somebody) is directly proportional-relative, comparative to complicated-complex, difficult, intricate, knotty, full of twists and turns (composed of many interrelated parts or features-difficult to understand, deal with, or explain-as life is complicated enough as it is) social (collective has also different meanin ...

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