Indian: “A woman travelling should wear full dress & avoid isolated areas”, said UK

By Balbir Singh Sooch
Rape (the crime of using force somebody to have sexual intercourse with somebody) is directly proportional-relative, comparative to complicated-complex, difficult, intricate, knotty, full of twists and turns (composed of many interrelated parts or features-difficult to understand, deal with, or explain-as life is complicated enough as it is) social (collective has also different meanings) human behavior-performance, actions, deeds, activities, manners, conduct (Includes of both man and woman collectively and individually).

As Rape defining it in the above context is not specific-exact, precise-unambiguous, similarly law to punish for the crime of rape can’t be specific and fixed-permanently preset, rigid, inflexible, hard and fast.

The story of rape differs case to case, character to character, situation to situation, time to time, environment to environment and so on…and as similarly the words do change their meaning when the context to use the word(s) change (s) in daily life.

In view of the incomplete explanation above, if the cabinet and or the legislatives-involved in the writing and passing of laws, the intellectuals and others including victims or likely to be victims remain confused on anti-rape bill, is not surprising or disheartening at this stage of society especially the present stage of undefined society, collectively and or individually, not ready and willing to define its own fearlessly and freely as women consider themselves liability in homes or in general are being considered liability or they are always made to understand themselves so in India. ‘Cabinet clears anti-rape bill, keeps age of consent 18’:

Travel advice states that women should use caution if travelling alone in India. Reported cases of sexual assault against women and young girls are increasing; recent sexual attacks against female visitors in tourist areas and cities show that foreign women are also at risk,”
Ladies travelling toIndia is facing multiple problems from stairing to rape . Thus , UK advised their citizens  not travel side areas of India without proper protection arrangements.

As to how all victims of rape or others can be bold to speak truth? Personally to my mind, the age should have been lowered for two years.

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