Taliban Supporters still believe in Negotiations?

taliban_reuters_terrorism in pakistanBy Zaheerul Hassan

Throughout the country, in the last 15 days more than 120 people have been killed in various terrorists’ actions. As usually, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) took the responsibility of killing innocent people, including persons of security forces. On 13 February 2014, TTP terrorists planted a bomb in the van and blown it off when police bus, carrying commandoes reached near to explosive laden van in Karachi. 13 police commandos were killed and at least 57 got injured.

According the reports the explosion took place near the exit of the Razzaqabad Police Training Centre in Shah Latif Town area just as a police bus was leaving the premises. The bus was carrying police commandoes on their way to provide security at Bilawal House. A day earlier, nine people including women got shot in their house in Peshawar by the terrorists. On 7 February 2014, two officials of an intelligence agency got severely wounded when they along with local Police and Elite force skirmished with armed men in Khanewal during which one terrorist died in an explosion, while his two injured accomplices were apprehended.

Major of intelligence agency is still in state of “Coma” and fighting against death in the hospital. Her mom has told her two innocent children that their papa has been injured in an accident and will soon come back to home.    It also reminded me the Shahdat of Major Muhammand Ehsan who has been granted commission in one of the famous battalion of Frontier Force Regiment “The Volunteers”. Ehsan was an outstanding officer of Pakistan Army. He has been received and trained in Escalation 2000 by me. I could never have thought that just after eight years a day will come when I will identify his completely burnt dead body as witness and dispatched it to his native town. Later, his wife rang up to my wife and asked if I actually identified the body myself. Major Eshsaan was also a papa of two sons. His wife cannot tell them that what happened to Eshaan. In two consecutive blasts of January 2014, Aitizaz a student of 9th class and SP CID Chaudary embraced Shahadat. In Hangu, early in the morning Aitizaz has become the victim of suicide bomber while stopping him from entering into his school. After his Shahdat, Mujtaba brother of Aitzaz while talking to the journalists said, “I had never thought that my brother would die such a great death. He sacrificed his life to save humanity,”

Later on, the bombing, was claimed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Aitizaz was the second of his siblings and had two sisters. He was a friend to many, respected and loved in his village, where the news of his death spread rapidly.

His father Mujahid Ali works in the UAE. He says he has not come back home to mourn his son’s death, but to celebrate his life. “My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children.”

Similarly, SP Chaudhry Aslam who targeted many terrorists in economic capital of Pakistan has also been killed by the terrorists of TTP. Salute to his wife who feels proud on her husband’s sacrifice and still determined to send his sons into police to fight for the country.

 Anyhow, over 50000 innocent people including security personals have been killed since start of war on terror. More than 48000 people were killed as result of terrorist’s activities of foreign sponsored TTP. Thus, my country has faced the maximum brunt of war on terror.  Here, I would like to ask from  negotiators’ supporters to tell me  that till what time wives, sisters, brothers and fathers of  security forces and innocent martyred  civilian  would keep on pretending that  their sons and daughters  have been died in accidents.

The nominated committees for talk from both side failed to convince TTP to respect the law of the land and stop bloodshed. TTP is fixed on her agenda of enforcing Sharia of their choice, release of terrorists and moving back of armed forces from FATA.  In real terms, TTP has the desire to convert FATA including Waziristan into independent state. Thus, success of negotiations with TTP is amount to daydreaming.    At least, now   Advocators’ of talks should stop leaping in the dark and  learn from Sri Lanka where public  including their politicians supported  and stood shoulders to shoulders with their armed forces and rooted out Indian supported terrorism in 30 years Moreover, politicians from ruling and oppositions parties instead playing point scoring game against each other, should get united on one point agenda of “elimination of terrorism”. Our leaders should know that terrorists have specific agenda of destabilizing the country with peculiar extremists’ mindset. They only understand the bullet language and need to be responded in the same tone.

 In short, government nominated committees for talks failed to stop brutality of terrorists. Now, public will not like to live anymore on the mercy of terrorists and their supports. Therefore, it is the time for the government to use its vital organ of armed forces with public support for crushing these terrorists instead giving time to TTP for reorganizing and spreading up militancy all over the country.

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