The New Confidence of Israel and the Incapacitated Global Muslims

By Firos Mahboob Kamal

Israel committed the wholesale genocide and destruction in Gaza to test the reaction, unity and defence ability of the Muslims all over the world. The Muslims showed their full impotence, complete powerlessness and total non-committance to encounter Israel. The global Muslims only could make some empty noises on the streets and in the social media. Now the Muslim rulers beg mercy from the USA -the partner of Israel in its genocide in Gaza for a ceasfire.

The global Muslim leaders even failed to send food aids to dying men, women and children of Gaza. The neighbouring Egypt -only Muslim country on Gaza’s border could send necessary aids to Gaza through the Rafah border. But the government of Egypt decided not to do that. Its ruler Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is doing everything to ensure Israel’s security and suppressing the protesting Islamist people. For that, the Egyptian government is paid by the USA.

The Saudi King is busy sending his young women to compete in beauty competitions overseas and arranging music concerts in big cities for his young people. Pakistan -the only nuclear Muslim country didn’t do anything either for the people of Gaza. Its Army serves only the USA interest and has been paid for that long since. Pakistan’s Prime Minister gets appointed by the Army and serves only the Army. The People of Pakistan make noises in the streets; but those noises don’t make any real relief to the people of Gaza.

Israel now enjoys the golden opportunity. Now it appears, if the Israeli Army dismantle the whole Aqsa Mosque and build a Jewish temple there, 1.5 billion global Muslims will still do nothing. Even if Israel destroys the holy mosque of Ka’aba, the global Muslims will not be able to prevent that either. They will still continue to do their own business as usual -as they are doing now. At best, they will make some street protests and give some charity to the victims of the Israeli operations. In fact, the global Muslims have no desire to do anything more. Jihad has already been deleted from their vocabulary. When the Muslims of Spain faced total cleansing after their 7 hundred years of rule, the Muslim Ummah also kept their total inaction in those fateful days -as they do now.

The Israeli leaders have also tested the moral power of the western leaders. The leaders of the USA, the EU and the UK showed that they have already lost all senses of morality, humanity and responsibility to condemn even the most horrendous barbarity on the earth -as is happening in Gaza.

After the Gaza massacres, Israeli leaders gained new confidence. Now they understand that Israel is invincible. So they are desperate to invade Rafah in southern Gaza. Israel even defies the US advice for not doing so. Now the Israeli leaders enjoy the full confidence that it they drop even nuclear bombs on Iran, Lebanon, Yemen or any other Muslim countries, the western countries like the USA, the EU and the UK will still support it as the legitimate right of Israel for its own defence

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