Warmness-Friendliness-Sociability-Missing In Relations

By Dr. Varinderjit Kaur., Assistant Professor., Ph.D

Observed By Balbir Sing Sooch 

Dr. Varinderjit Kaur., Assistant Professor., Ph.D has  touched a real prevailing issue of the society all over the world. She nicely tried to remind us the norms and customs of society used to prevail in the society . Its true that current era though  moved upward on fast track but still deprive of true values  . Thus once again irrespective of boundaries and differences, we are duty bound to refine and revive the old values need to work hard at all level. Dr Kaur work till 2017  is known and a mere try of achieving objective s.  Commented by Zaheeul Hassan

By DR. Varinder Kaur

There was a time when there was not much difference in their and strangers. They were educated, but good. Human values, refine them. He then did not modify the seasons and the man was aware of his right to be close to others. Also did not have to think of parting urgently knocked on the door. folk Believed to earn money instead of relationships which were blessings in families in those times. But the outline of our relations in the modern era has changed. Today, no relationships hadanasara because we not have time for relationships hadauna. There is not much value in our life, plain and simple.

A place of love and respect of relations are peaceful relations, complaints and hatred. Our thinking has become small and weak are the great relationships with this thinking. The man was found to earn money instead of making relationship and the man’s ego in the race for money is becoming his character takes over.

Definition of homes for people living in big houses is being changed. Because the degrees we are going to forget their moral values. It is thought that many people today are such that we can urgently when we can communicate without hesitate or who are without homes.

Despite all the pleasures of comfort today, why do not you feel happy and satisfied? Why today are weak roots of relationships? Why not honor the human warmth of relations?

1. There are basically two types of relationship. First, the relationships are those we meet in the form of a gift from God. These relationships, we can not change the tea, as the relationship with his parents, brothers and sisters and children. Combined these relationships have become our family. family Feel the concept. So we kooi God against themselves or their family ties – should not complain. If we do this we are the proof of the opposite nature. The more we go against nature, as we are away from God.

2. The second kind of relationship they are, that creation is in our hands to any extent. As a friend to create and rely on our own life mate.

3. Good friend and good partner who struggle in our life juice. Feelings of these gives us an internal satisfaction. Both types of relationships are built with love, affection, patience and support. The more they will be fluent in relations as the age of the relationship will be long and honorable. So is the need to love and respect becomes the relationship and be played with full honesty.

4. In life we meet people of good and bad in every way. But we are fighting with all the old life moist – we have peaceful relations, they go after the money, and sometimes some of the misunderstandings and break immeasurable valuable relationships because of his ego. But ultimately we are for all of this? What has been left so little purpose to our lives?

5. To make life beautiful and to perform an orderly relations we must take care of some small things. Before, all we have to rely on God.
(i) We must admit that our worries him that God has sent us into this world.

(ii) Second, we have burning within the spirit and the courage to forgive others.

(iii) Third, we will have to find the joy of those relationships and situations that we have.

6. Is the inevitable truth that suffering and are equal in the life of every human pleasures. We will have to try that we suffer not overwhelm our pleasures. Time demand that we be absorbing their high values for the parents in the community will be absorbing the high values, a society of children will not need to listen to the lectures of moral values.

7. Keep yourself away from the lies, dishonesty, hypocritical, complaints and hatred of truth, honesty, patience and hold the edge of reasonableness.

8. Let’s keep the company of good people and beautify the soul with good books.

9. Reduced ambitions for their children positive values upajaie products in them. Instead of adding money to children to make them so worthy and capable that they can meet their needs.

10. Good instead of making money, aware and strong relationships sirajie and teachers the importance of relationships to their children. Where relationships will be love and corruption, there will be change in pain pleasures.

11. Thanks to these tiny efforts we can contribute to the creation of a good and productive society.

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