‘BJP Is Using Kovind Only as a Symbol’

Observation by Balbir Singh Sooch

Posted by Zaheerul Hassan


Mayawati as Dalit Leader, Her Relation physically and politically normally supposed to be with DALITS by all means: BUT SHE IS NOT DALIT IN ANY MANNER, Judging her projection from many angles in the context of Indian Politics and as to how the real operation of the secret agencies prevailing in the matter in India.

Though, they, to whom she claims so were Dalits, but not economically Dalits, but we, including myself used to cut jokes with each such Dalits, and also used while cutting jokes, I used to ask them as to how you claim Mayawati as your Dalit Leader, when her style of living and the relations with other castes is not of like of Dalits.? Will you all admit that there is nothing like in her as DALIT except that she is the creation of the secret agencies factually prevailing in India?

Laughingly, they used to say frankly in the context about Mayawati that she is no way our Dalit Leader, but she is the creation of the Indian secret agencies as seems so to all.

Jokingly, I used to ask as many Dalits are economically much better, as to how you claim, she, Mayawati is your leader, who has as the Mayawati is endless memoires of her richness on record though claiming to be virgin- who has never had sexual intercourse.

The pursuable commodity, the Dalit commodity, never answered to the questions except sharing laugh on the subject always. HENCE Mayawati Dalit Leader Is Non-sense for Dalits being presumed as Dalit Leader wrongly and incorrectly as heard saying so and alleged by Dalits in India.

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