Bollywood Stars Performance in Dubai Concert

People praised top Bollywood stars’ performance in Dubai. Sha Rukha has also put an Indian ambassador of minoritiesbollywood. Post the success of Chennai Express, Shah Rukh Khan is on a roll. From brand endorsements to press meets to concerts: the man is having a blast.

Shah Rukh Khan who was recently in Dubai for his concert, along with Madhuri Dixit, Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez had a tough time when his fans went ballistic and the police had to intervene and put a cap on the exuberance.

The venue for SRK Live In Concert was jam packed as the organizers sold more tickets than the capacity of the venue and this contributed to the scuffle that ensued.

The front row tickets, which were priced at a whopping two thousand dirham, had sold off and the venue was a full house. Things took an ugly turn when the people sitting in the front rows got up and started dancing, blocking the view of the rest of the audience. This led to further pandemonium as the fans, who had paid a fortune to shake a leg with the stars, were in no mood to sit tight. An altercation broke out between them and the law enforcement officials.

Just before the concert Shah Rukh Khan said, “I have never thought of Box Office figures, but then I speak from a position where I have the biggest hit in the history of Indian cinema. I just want to do a film which makes a lot of people happy to watch.”

Shah Rukh Khan has been coming to Dubai quite frequently. Firstly, Shah Rukh has a villa on the Palm Island and he loves to come and relax in Dubai and secondly his latest home production Happy New Year is being shot here. Two shooting schedules have already been completed and four more are expected to be shot in different parts of the city during the next few months.

“I actually fly to Dubai or London when I want to relax. I don’t get disturbed at all when I’m in Dubai. I like being in the quiet space of my home whenever possible,” Shah Rukh told the media.

In between film shoots, concerts and work commitments, Shah Rukh Khan prides himself on being a family man and still being able to read bed time stories to his kids whenever he is home.

Cheers to the King Khan!

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