How to end State Terrorism against Maoists

 By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhianamoist india

First step: The Indian State must have ‘will power’ to be welfare State in reality. The Indian State must know how to apply sanctions (unavoidable force) reasonably, so that, the hostile groups should realize that in case of conflict, “the individual(s) terrorism that has always an end and the State Terrorism that shall never ends.” After the departure of one home minister another will take over the command of the chain of the well nursed and organized forces, recruited for the purpose, whereas it is rarely possible for the hostile groups. The sad end of LTTE, the movement of Maoists of Nepal and the other similar movements are recent examples to learn a lesson.  

Second step: The allocation of sufficient funds to cover up the past deficiency also, required for the development of the neglected areas and those funds must be used for development with the active participation of individuals and or the groups realized to shun the path of violence, helping them by the State machinery.

Third step: The individuals and or the groups realized to shun the path of violence should never be tortured or used as cats, informers and the state sponsored terrorists against the remaining hostile groups to avoid humiliated atmosphere for them in society, and, at the same time to avoid any counter productive actions by the men of hostile groups, those are not at all willing and ready to accept the terms and conditions of the state i.e. to participate in the development schemes and work. The idea should be allow living them with self-respect and dignity, not of revengeful attitude with them in any manner.

Fourth step: Out of the allocated sufficient funds, 85 to 90 % must be used directly for the welfare of people of the neglected and effected areas and those funds should also look so utilized, not merely be shown on papers. In cases of providing compensation to the aggrieved and or being deprived of their land etc must be, not only be compensated in cash, but physically be seen that they are adequately, effectively and meaningfully treated and settled, after all, they are our own unprivileged Indians so far.

With the determination and the realization, the steps in mind as stated above: The Indian government requested to proceed as under:

Fifth step: The politicians concerned of the area, the state secret agencies, and the human rights activists and similar others are necessary to be identified, having the links directly or indirectly with the hostile groups especially with the leaders of groups. It remained a matter of common knowledge in the past that in such movements, the revolutionaries do not live in the sky.

 Sixth step: The persons so identified with links be used sincerely and honestly to approach the men of hostile groups, at least to their leaders acting as ideologists, only after fully prepared defensively.  Though, it is easy to be said than done. In view of  the dirty politics, fear, inefficiency, sluggishness, insincerity and dishonesty of the central as well the state agencies including the politicians, the human rights activists and similar others in respective states of India, the task is to be planned wisely and carefully to have positive results.

 Seventh step: The men of hostile groups and their leaders acting as ideologists, when arrested and kept in protective custody with an idea to reform them, they need not be tortured at all, as the alternative legal methods and the process are available with the organized State to bring the truth on surface, though, those methods and the process are time consuming.

Eighth step: Whosoever, let it be the politicians, the men of state secret agencies, the human rights activists and the similar others, derived any benefits including the monetary or political  from the Maoists and or in such movements without facing any sufferings be identified, black listed and be checked for their such activities forever.

Ninth step: India must allow openly some independent international agency, preferably UN observers to monitor the actions-operations; the approach and the development measures adopted in the neglected areas and the relief provided to the people by her (India) and also allow seeing in turn the response of the hostile groups-Maoists.

Tenth step: Lastly, who disagree with the Sikh Vichar Manch, must keep in mind: As to how rulers were adversely affected by the nonsense and the mindless killings? That’s the question also agitating to the prudent men’s mind, when they say, “No matter who fires the gun, it is the poor and the ordinary citizen who almost always bears the brunt.”

The Sikh Vichar Manch remained of the view that violence is always not a solution of problems permanently, but the pen is mightier than the sword.

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