India Determined to Break Pakistan into Pieces; The RAW Agent Reveals the Truth

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I was basically the man for Mr Anil Kumar Gupta who is the joint secretary RAW and his contacts in Pakistan especially in the Baloch Student Organization, said Kulbhushan Yadav in his voluntarily confession. Yadav is the Indian spy held by the Pakistani authorities on 3rd March 2016 while infiltrating into Pakistan via Saravan border area of Balochistan with Iran.
“My purpose was to hold meetings with Baloch insurgents and carry out activities with their collaboration. These activities have been of criminal nature. This have been of anti-national, terrorist leading into the killing of or maiming the Pakistani citizen also. I realise during this process that RAW is involved in some activities related to the Baloch liberation movement within Pakistan and the region around it.” “There are finances which are led into Baloch movement through various contacts or various ways and means into the Baloch liberation and the various activities of these Baloch liberation and the RAW handlers go towards activities which are criminal, which are anti-national which can lead to maiming or killing of people within Pakistan and mostly these activities were centred around what I have knowledge is of ports of Gawadar, Pasni, Jeevani and various other installations which are around the coast damaging to the various other installations which are in Balochistan. So the activity seemed to be revolving around trying to create a criminal sort of a mindset within the Baloch liberation and lead to instability within Pakistan.” he confessed.
Interestingly, and as expected in such cases, the Indian government criticised the video confessions of Yadav shown by Pakistan, claiming the man has been tutored and that he might have been abducted from Iran.
Previously, an Indian statement, issued immediately after Pakistan announced Yadav’s arrest from Balochistan, had confirmed that arrested person was an Indian national and former Indian Navy official. But, contrary to Pakistan’s claim, Indian Ministry of External Affairs insisted that Kulbushan Yadav was not an official of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).
The Ministry of External Affairs of India said in a statement that their government categorically rejects allegations that this individual was involved in subversive activities in Pakistan at their behest. Their enquiries reveal that he apparently was being harassed while operating a legitimate business from Iran, and while they probe this aspect further, his presence in Pakistan raises questions, including the possibility of his abduction from Iran. The statement further said “That the individual claims to make the statements of his own free will not only challenges credulity but clearly indicates tutoring.”
Contrary to the statement of Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Hussain Zaidi, a prominent Indian journalist has confirmed the details of Pakistani version of Kulbushan Yadav’s story proving him an Indian spy.
Hussain Zaidi, is an investigative journalist working with top Indian newspapers and author of six books including one based on Mumbai mafias. He claimed that Kulbushan Yadav was issued a bogus Indian passport with cover name Husain Mubarak Patel. The passport was said to have been issued from Thane Regional Passport Office (RPO) but his report quotes Thane police commissioner Param Bir Singh saying as “We have tried to establish the authenticity of passport but found no record about it and that no police report was ever filed about this passport.” The commissioner is pretty much sure that Kulbushan Yadav was not only using a fake name to portray himself as an Indian Muslim businessman but the passport carried by him was also not obtained through formal way.
“Kulbushan Yadav’s main goal was to disrupt implementation of the historic China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, with Gwadar port as an extensive target of activities,” Lt-General Asim Saleem Bajwa said while adding that “this is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism… There can be no clearer evidence of Indian interference in Pakistan.”
In a separate development, Balochistan Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri has claimed to have arrested at least 15 more agent of RAW from his province, in raids based on the leads provided by Kulbhashan Yadav.
Pakistan has always been pointing out Indian hand in areas bordering Afghanistan and Iran and also raised objections on the presence of Indian consulates near the Pak-Afghan border which are constantly being used by India to export turbulence in Pakistan through the porous Pak-Afghan border. But the Western media habitually insisted on the bizarre assumptions that Pakistan has secret ties with jihadis to launch attacks on India. Unfortunately, it has less often revealed that it is India actually who is persistently involved in a proxy war against Pakistan.
There are a number of occasions when US officials themselves claimed that India is constantly hindering peace to prevail in Pakistan. For instance, the former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel who, during an address on Afghanistan at Oklahoma’s Cameron University in 2011, had clearly said, “India for some time has always used Afghanistan as a second front, and India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border. And you can carry that into many dimensions…”
If someone is still clueless on to what Indian strategy could be regarding Pakistan, let’s talk about the viral video of Ajit Doval delivered before he was appointed as National Security Advisor (NSA) by Indian Prime Minister Modi. Doval while addressing to the crowd of SASTRA University in 2013 said, “How do we tackle Pakistan? .. You make it difficult for them (Pakistan) to manage their internal security… Pakistan’s vulnerability is many many times higher than India’s… Taliban have beheaded 23 of their (Pakistani) soldiers… funding can be countered by giving more funds… more than one-and-a-half times the funding they have available and they’ll be yours.. the Taliban are mercenaries… go for more of a covert thing.”
The speech didn’t surprised me as it portrayed his personal thoughts, what surprised me actually was that Doval was appointed as Indian National Security Advisor after promoting such thoughts for his neighbours.
This time, for once, Pakistan was fortunate enough to bust the Indian sponsored terror ring well-timed. But what about other channels of terror financing India is using against us. We as a nation are conspired against by our neighbor and are locked in a clueless combat against our own people. Merely asserting that India is using underhand tactics to destabilize the country is not enough. India besides using direct agents for the task, is also painting a negative picture of Pakistan around the globe portraying her as the most violent and a failed state which is quite contrary to what Pakistan actually is. Now the question remains what better we can do with ourselves knowing who are real enemy is. And will the world support us in this open and proved case of severe conspiracy while we level the case with India.

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