Is China Supported India in Nuclear

Despite the international condemnation China has relentlessly supported and assisted the India nuclear and missile programmes. Recently Thenucelear truck Washington Times reported that “a US spy satellite detected the latest shipment as it arrived by truck at the mountainous China-India border”. Quoting the US intelligence agencies the report stated that the China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corp. (CMEC) supplied the missile components for India’s missile programmes. And, it was one of 12 missile component transfers sent by ships and trucks detected by US.

According to the ‘Jansen Times” China now has 250 nuclear warheads against 240 in 2012, Pakistan has boosted its total number of warheads by about 10 to between 100 and 120 and India has also added roughly 10 for a total of 90 to 110, SIPRI said in its annual report.

According to SIPRI, the arms race is all the more disturbing because of what the institute called a “fragile” peace in Asia, characterized by growing tensions since 2008 between India and Pakistan, China and Japan, and the two Koreas, among others.

“While states have avoided direct conflict with each other and have stopped supporting insurgent movements on each other’s territory, decades-old suspicions linger and economic integration has not been followed up with political integration,” SIPRI said.

Only onetime rivals Russia and the U.S. have trimmed back their numbers, with Moscow reducing its arsenal from 10,000 to 8,500, and Washington scaling back its stockpile from 8,000 to 7,700.

The total warheads controlled by France stayed at 300, while Britain’s remained at 225, and Israel is believed to possess 80.

SIPRI acknowledged that the figures were to a large extent estimates, as the nuclear powers are not equally transparent.

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