Pakistan – India Confrontation over Pulwama Suicidal Attack

By Zaheerul Hassan
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan denied any role in Pulwama attack while addressing the nation through media on 19 February 2019. He stated that it would take action against the perpetrators of the terror attack if India shares actionable proof about any wrongdoing, but warned against any retaliatory action on his country. Aftermath, Indian political leadership headed by Prime Minister Modi have started making open threats to Pakistan. Whereas Islamabad categorically, rejected Indian allegations and asked UN’s to intervene for defusing tension between two nuclear neighbouring states. But, in a tit-for-tat action, both countries called back its High Commissioner on 18 July 2019 for “consultations”. Pakistan also made it clear that JeM remains a proscribed entity in here since 2002 and the country was implementing its obligations on sanctions implementation..
In this connection, Islamabad offered full support in investigating the issue. But unfortunately, instead of accepting Pakistani offer, Indian ruling elite behaved irresponsibly and further tense the situation while making naked threat of attacking Pakistan. Thus, Pakistan very rightly warned that any adventurism on part of India to threaten sovereignty of Pakistan will be met with assured retaliation. In fact, New Delhi should realize that over 70000 Pakistani were killed as result of Indian and Afghanistan sponsored terrorism. Moreover, arrest of Kulbushin Spy in Balochistan , establishing terrorists’ training camps of BLA and TTP in Afghan land , acknowledging tacit support to Mukti Bani during 1970 in East Pakistan (Bangladesh), supporting LTTE against peaceful Sri Lanka are live examples of India terrorism in neighbouring countries.
Anyhow, Pulwama attack in which 42 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personal killed can’t be taken as just a suicidal attack of a young Kashmiri boy. It was as result of state Indian terrorisms is going on against Kashmiris’ innocent old ages male, females and youngsters including girls since 1947. According to Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR, ) just after Wanis’ death, from July 2016 to April 2018, the reports confirms, 3000 Kashmiris killed, over 15000 lost their eyes due to pallets guns firing and over two hindered thousands people killed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir . Now, the young Kashmiris’ generation preferring to go for killing them rather than being killed in the hands of occupied security forces. Thus, Young Kashmiri act could be the response of that humiliation that is being done with the Kashmiris
Analyzing of occurrence reveals that 20 years young boy Adil Ahmad Dar rammed an explosive-laden SUV into a security convoy killing, 42 Central Reserve and converted their families’ Valentine Day (14 February 2019) into melancholy day at Lethpora area in Pul]awama. Again on 18 Feb 2019 one Major and four more individuals have been killed.. As result of this attacks extremist elements of BJP and RSS started beating Kashmiris universities’ students in various part of India.
According to media reports, before hitting the convoy, Dar message appeared in the air through a video in which he addressed Kashmiri’s young generation while saying this, “Don’t fall into a security love,” “By the time this video reaches you, I will be enjoying in heaven… This is my last message for the people of Kashmir.”
Dar’s village in Kakapora area of Pulwama where number of times, he watched killing, abductions, humiliating and raping of innocent Kashmiris by occupied security forces.
Adil’s father Ghulam Hassan Dar his son was a simple boy. He was very religious and would often help his mother in her work. He retreated that an incident of his school days might have changed his mind. Mr. Ghulam Hassan said that once he was returning from school, detained and humiliated by the police and asked to rub his nose on the ground.
Anyway, many such like experiences, humiliations of girls and such like incidents are very common now and in the past too. One of the inhuman act conducted in village , reported and reproduced through an article, Kashmir: Hate against Indian Armed Forces by me and that published in national and international newspapers and blogs too in October 2012 . In that article my friend ex Indian Air Force Officer who was posted in a village of occupied Kashmir in sixties narrated a story, occurrence based on a true incident, witness by him. According to the details, females in front of their males with their breasts on and having live chickens in arm pits were made to produce before local commanding officer of security forces mess since one of the girl refused in day time refused to give a chicken to the waiter of officer mess located in a village of Srinagar .
However, as routine Indian political elite and media without conducting any investigation started alleging neighbouring Pakistan for suicidal attack on Indian Reserve Force. The media declared Mulana Abdur Rashid Ghazi (late) as mastermind and stayed responsible Jeish for this suicidal attack
Indian rulers also banned cultural groups exchange, movies, and artists to work and struck of Pakistani from favourit country lists in a flist banned movies
The selection of timings of attack clear-cut showing Indian malicious agenda against Pakistan. These timings were such when, Firstly, crown prince of Saudi Arabia visiting Pakistan and ready to play his role in resolving Afghan Issue through talks between US and Taliban. Secondly, local Indian elections are on its way, predicators feeling that Modi government of BJP likely to lose. Thirdly, India is trying to convert popular Kashmir Liberation Movement as terrorist drive against India. Fourthly, Fast track progress of CPEC, if completed will help defiantly in improving overall economic condition through early paying back of dividend to Pakistan. Lastly, India is trying to gain sympathies for notorious spy Kulbushin in International Court of Justice and under hearing since 18 February2019. Thus, the abovementioned indicators very clearly spell out that RAW and Indian local security forces are involved in attacking Pulwama .
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