Pakistani Prisoner Sanaullah dies in Chandigarh

sanaullah-prisonerBy Zaheerul Hassan

Sanaullah Ranjay, a Pakistani prisoner dies at Chandigarh hospital at 7:15 on May 9 ,2013.  He slipped in Coma when, was beaten by Vinod Kumar, a court-martialed Indian soldier who is also serving a life term for murder. Ranjay, has also been earlier declared clinically dead by the medical board.  He was from the border village of Sialkot. According to his family Sanaullah by mistake crossed the LOC IN 199. Family and locals of Indian occupied Kashmir protested over ruthless and inhuman act of Indian inmate. Pakistani authorities appealed that Sanaullah be released for further treatment to Pakistan.

In fact, brutal action against Sanaullah is linked with the death of convicted Indian terrorist Sarabjeet Singh who expired when his fellow inmates had stricken him with a brick at Lahore jail. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry called the Kashmir jail attack an “obvious retaliation” for the killing of the Indian prisoner. Indian officials stated they would investigate the attack and had issued an advisory to strengthen security for Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails. Notably, Pakistan has already ordered and started the investigations in the case of Sarabjeet Singh’s death.

Unfortunately, as usual Indian Foreign Office and media without having any solid evidence have alleged Pakistani Prime Intelligence agency for the death of Indian terrorist. Similarly, some of Pakistani analysts have also responded that RAW is involved in thrashing out prisoner Sanaullah who by mistake crossed the LOC in 1999.
Attacking of prisoners by their inmates no doubt are inhuman acts, which need to be out rightly condemned. But before alleging the state or involvement of intelligence outfits of both the countries in these cases one has to analyze the circumstances under which incidents occurred. Let’s assess one by one both the prisoners.

Sarabjeet Singh was a regular spy of RAW who was launched after giving proper training with a view to spread terrorism in Pakistan. In 1990 he crossed the international border and completed entrusted tasks of carrying out serial bomb blasts in Lahore and Faisalabad in 1990, He was convicted basing on his confessional statement in the courts, he was awarded death sentence in 1991 by the Supreme Court. In these bomb blasts 14 innocent individuals were killed and several injured. He has also confessed of carrying out the bomb blasts as directed by RAW. Now, some words about the occurrence of his beating by his jail intimates. Reportedly, he was habitual of drugs and used to agitate others prisoners on death row, while saying that he would soon be free and you people would be hanged.

Moreover, he was in the habit of using abusive language even against Indian government and launchers that his masters are not taking care of his family. On May 2, 2013 he stirred up fellow intimates Rizwan and Amir while abusing in the same old fashion. Therefore, resultantly Rizwan and Amir got furious and scuffle took placed between them. His fellow Pakistani prisoners suddenly picked a brick and hit Singh’ head. He was timely evacuated to the hospital but died due to cardiac arrest. Thus, entire episode did not prove the involvement of any Pakistani intelligence hand. Since there was no need to eliminate an individual has already been awarded death sentence. Moreover, according to the media reports an Intelligence officer of RAW has also confirmed that Singh has been pushed to Pakistani territory for carrying out multiply terrorists and sabotage activities. Sikh community must be mindful now that Indian intelligence agency is pitching Sikh against Muslims.

Now some words about Pakistani prisoner Sanaullha Ranjay who was imprisoned in 1999 and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009 for being a Kashmiri freedom fighter operating in Indian held Kashmir. The charges against him included murder and waging war against India. He crossed LOC by mistake but given life imprisonment without listening him properly by the court. Apart from discussing the legality of punishment of Sannulalha, it is one of the fact that Pakistani prisoner was hit by designed, and deliberately as tasked by RAW. A day before this incident, meeting between RAW and Vinod was carried out in the office of Jail Superintendent. On the promise of anonymity a prisoner from Jail uncovered the truth of Sannuallah beating episode, Indian jail staff deliberately did not took any measures after the episode of killing of terrorist Sarabjeet Singh. He also exposed that Vinod Kumar who was a court-martialed Indian soldier as reward would be soon released. Nevertheless, Indian occupied Kashmir’s Home Secretary Suresh Kumar said Ranjay got into an argument with an Indian prisoner as the two smoked in the jail compound.

The facts narrated above are enough to say where Pakistani Jail staff failed to take care of foreign prisoner Sarabjeet Singh. At the same time it is also proved that Vinod Kumar deliberately hit Pakistani prisoner on the direction of Indian authorities (RAW). Indian agency has also made an attempt to further spoil the already deteriorated Indo-Pak relations.

According to reports, there are 272 Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails. Pakistani authorities should take up case to return or exchange the prisoners. According to Pakistan Foreign Officer many Pakistani prisoners have completed their punishment tenure, but despite reminding time and again India has not yet released them.

At the end, leaving behind a   question for the readers to decide that which intelligence agency is busy in fomenting terrorism or involved in inhuman act of targeting innocent prisoners?

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