Ramadan reminds us to save our ideology

eid mubrrakBy Zaheerul Hassan

Pakistani nation will celebrate its 67th Independence Day on 14 August, 2013 just after the Eid. The month of Independence has started during the holy month of Ramadan. This month multiply Islamic spirit in us since 27th Ramadan was the day when Pakistan appeared on the globe and  famous “two nation theory”  has become the basis of creation of Pakistan. Millions of empty handed fasting Muslims on foot covered  hundreds of miles distance and migrated to Pakistan. Notably, it was the world largest migration, in that people shred their blood, left their houses and preferred emerging Islamic state over their  business.

Let me mention here that a train carrying migrators was attacked by extremists Indians. Many members of my ancestors come under attack being passengers of the targeted train. The raiders  have forcefully abducted the first wife of my late father and also injured rest of family members. My father despite putting  whole hearted efforts, till his  death   has never been  come to  know the whereabouts of his abducted wife. Moreover he has never  forgotten that brutal action of extremists Hindus.  He preferred Pakistan just on the name of Islam and left everything behind.  Millions of migrators have undergone such like tragedies in 1947.  Every Independence Day does fresh up the memories and leave touchy and aspiring effects in me and my family as well, after listening the unfolding of events from the  eyewitness of Independence Day. The spirit of sacrifices, determination and happiness of freedom do reflect from the face of old veteran who opted for Pakistan.It gives us the lesson “never lost the hope and keeps on moving forward”.

Anyhow, Pakistan became nuclear power, developed her communication infrastructures, modernized her cities, produced agriculture, supplied trained and technical manpower to other countries, and progressed in medical profession despite fighting three wars with India and passing through global war on terror. Thus, all this development indicates the sign of strength and potentials of a valiant nation. However, some of political and defence analysts keep on presenting depleted picture of the country and are busy in spreading disappointment while  saying that “Pakistan is under siege and in mess”.

We must acknowledge here that besides facing multi-lateral economic crises such as high prices, load-shedding, unemployment etc., Pakistan and its security forces are coping with suicide attacks, bomb blasts, sectarian violence and targeted-killings including with sporadic battles with the militants in some tribal areas. Besides 30,000 innocent persons, more than 5000 thousand soldiers and several police men have become martyrs in this ‘different war’. In fact, there are a number of external elements like US, India and Israel whose secret agencies, are in collusion to destabilize Pakistan because it is the only nuclear power in the Islamic World. Besides other terror-incidents in various cities, these foreign elements are also fuelling sectarian and ethnic violence in Pakistan’s seaport Karachi and Balochistan.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the killing of Osama Bin Laden by a US military raid in Pakistan on May 2, this year, intermittent subversive events in the country coupled with the sporadic attacks of heavily-armed militants who enters Pakistan from Afghanistan have continued, killing several police men and paramilitary soldiers in wake of continued wave of drone attacks and American false blame game regarding cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan. These anti-Pakistan developments clearly show that the US, India, Afghanistan and Israel are in connivance as part of a conspiracy to ‘destabilise’ Pakistan for their common strategic interests. Pakistan stands on restoration of NATO supply forced US to admit her fault over attack on Salala Check Post.

We must accept that Pakistan is again confronting with various kinds of crises like she was facing just after the partition. Some of our internal elements are being manipulated by their foreign masters. Pakistan’s civil and military leadership has repeatedly been revealing that RAW, Mossad and other foreign agencies are involved in supporting insurgency and acts of terrorism in various cities of Pakistan, and separatism in Balochistan. While our media, particularly most of the TV channels conduct controversial debate between politicians and commentators, contesting internal politics. In this context, some of our media anchors and political experts pay no attention to national solidarity and cohesion among various civil and military institutes of the country. According to the social media one of the famous media groups of the country has sent a proposal of millions of dollars to concern U.S. department for airing multiple programms encompassing developing and promoting social structure. In fact making such type of deals is just amount to get under cover aid from Americans.

At this critical juncture, while situation demands selfless unity, both our media and some politicians manipulate every terror-incident or negative development against Pakistan.

However, severe implications of the ongoing precarious situation cannot be grasped by the general masses at large, who abruptly change their opinion without reason. Hence, they become easy prey to the internal politicians (exploiters), unintentionally benefiting the external conspirators who want to weaken Pakistan by creating a rift between our general masses led by politicians, and the security forces. Apart from it, foreign agents misguide the disgruntled elements that national institutions are not made to develop the backward areas, and policies formulated at Islamabad are not congenial to other provinces except Punjab.

In short Pakistani nation especially youth should be simulated to guard our culture and save national security and ideology. Moreover, Pakistan’s survival requires a strong sense of solidarity—team spirit and shared aims among the general public, politicians, religious leaders and the security forces not only to resolve the present multiple problems, but also to cope with the external enemies.

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