The Second Birth of the Two Nations Theory!

By Sohail ParwazYOUTH

Although we all have a great yearn for the game of cricket yet the youth of today has a special enthusiasm and obsession for it. In our prime youth we would, at the most go to the stadium, however, in rare cases. Commonly the match witnessing would confine to the radio commentary or watching on the television. However, today the cricket mania has crossed all limits and barriers. The youngsters even plan overseas trips to witness championships and tournaments.

The life and spirit of International cricket is undisputedly due to Indo-Pak matches and here in Pakistan people don’t shillyshally about confessing that Pakistan’s side matches with India are even final. For this reason the Pakistanis show more concern and anger on any defeat at the hands of the Indian than by any other team. Despite often defeats the Pakistani cricket team is rated as one of the finest team in the world. In fact it can be conveniently bragged that it’s the best team in the world for the obvious reasons; this is the only team against whom the conspiracies are cooked and the hurdles are created, the only team that is deprived of playing at home grounds, the only team that is made to play at neutral venues and expected to take them as their home matches, the only team that spends most of the time in traveling as there is no difference between their home and abroad matches, the only team that invariably faces the hostile media and indifferent crowd. Despite all these odds, yet if a team succeeds in delivering encouraging results then how should one rate that team?

My son is a cricket lover to the extent of insanity. He would ensure to reach up to all those venues those are within his means and approach, hence he has never missed any championship held in the subcontinent and the Middle East, although India is an exception since his visa request was turned down more than once. The Johnny is still in Bangladesh where he has gone to see T20 championship. It was very unexpected of him when he called me just few days back. Usually he doesn’t discuss his cricket safaris with me even when he is back-home. Nevertheless, this was the first time that he made a call and talked of two things in his brief call; “dad! While coming out of the stadium, I was stopped by an elderly Bengali who was in his late 60s and was asked if I am a Pakistani. On my affirmation he said why in 1975 when Mujib was assassinated and the message from the revolutionists was sent to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto about the reunification of Pakistan was turned down?” Ignoring his query sheepishly, I asked him to shoot the second thing. There was a little pause followed by my son’s excited voice, “Aboo! There is a video on internet showing a Bengali spectator requesting a Pakistani cricket fan to give him his green shirt which he did”. I assured him that I did see that clip on Facebook but he had something else to tell me, “Well, the same thing happened to me and few other Pakistanis also. As soon as the match between India Pakistan was over and I was standing alone and depressed wearing my green cricket shirt when a Bengali young boy of my age came to me and said, “The boys played well, though despite our fullest support and slogans they couldn’t win”. I thanked him for his kind words when he started again in very poor Urdu, “Bhoi! Tomi um ko yea green shirt Allah k wostay dedo. Aami Pakistan ko boht love kerta hae (Brother! For the sake of Allah please give me your green shirt. I love Pakistan too much)”. My immediate response was, “Did you give him the shirt then”? “Sure dad, how could I refuse him?” my son replied my query. I said, “I am happy son that you presented that shirt to a genuine Pakistani; the native of a place that is called as the home of Muslim League. If you have some more souvenirs, never hesitate to gift those to your Bengali brethren if they show keenness. As far as about your first question, avoid such people who ask you that why we refused a reunification because I don’t have an answer for that” and we finished this call.

I am sure most of us must have seen that clip where a Bengali boy asking a Pakistani spectator for his green cricket shirt? At the face of it, one can take it as a routine event but in reality it’s an eye opener for those who forbade the Bengalis from hoisting Pakistani flag and raising pro Pak slogans in the stadium, even though on a forceful displeasure by the international community and strong resentment by their public they had to take the decision back. It was a slap on those faces as well, who thought about the two nations theory as a drowned ship in the Indian Ocean.

It is strongly felt that the belated draconian decisions taken by the Kangaroo courts of BD have not only turned their public against the Indian installed Awami League government of Hasina Wajid but has also created a strong awakening amongst them about their natural ties and bindings with Pakistan. A question, often prowls in one’s mind that if no one could stop the making of Bangladesh then how can the remaking of united Pakistan be stopped by anyone, if that’s in the making? It’s not only the history that repeats itself, but at times geography too.

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