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The Indian government is afraid of 83 year-old man. This man is firm and resolute in his efforts to liberate Kashmir from the Indian clutches. Syed Ali Gillani, a great political leader, freedom fighter and true voice of Kashmir, was born in Badipora on 29 September 1929. He started his political career in 1950.

He completed his education from Oriental College, Lahore. He has spent almost all of his life for the cause of freedom and spent more than a decade in prison for the same cause. He has been fighting against Indian imperialism since several decades. He is the Chairman of the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir in occupied Kashmir. Geelani initially formed the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat in the prime of his youth. Later on, he joined Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir.

He re-established his original party in 2003. It is now known as All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC).Geelani had been suffering from renal cancer and recommended by doctors to go to UK or US for special treatment after removal of his left kidney. His passport was seized in 1981 because he was fighting for the cause of freedom.

Moreover, the US turned down his request for visa because he criticized US policy of war in Iraq. It was a clear violation of human rights. For the last two years he has not been allowed to offer Juma prayers during his stay at Hyderpora residence in Srinagar by Indian forces.

Geelani was not allowed to pray Namaz-i-Eid at Hazratbal on September 8, 2010. Ironically, he was kept under arrest on that particular day “for disturbing peace.” It is also an open violation of basic human rights. From time to time he was imprisoned particularly before fraudulent elections in the occupied valley. He always called these elections “sham polls”. He is, in fact, a herald of freedom for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

In November 2011 he made protest against objectionable and anti-Islamic “satanic audacity” material on Facebook. Several clashes occurred in the occupied Kashmir between the police and the protestors for the cause of Islam. Geelani, a strong advocate of the liberation of the people of Kashmir, has a strong desire to fight against Indian imperialism till death and liberate occupied Kashmir from the clutches of India. Slavery, in no way, can be justified in the civilized world.

Geelani firmly believes that Kashmiris must be given right of self determination through fair and free plebiscite. His struggle for freedom is appreciated all over Pakistan. He is a great advocate of union of Kashmir with Pakistan.
Ali Geelani is a torchbearer and leading star for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The valley, once a dreamland in the world, now presents the sad spectacle of bloodshed and atrocities of Indian forces. It is pertinent to mention here that India still holds 7 lakh Indian forces in the valley of Kashmir to harass the people and oppress freedom movement.

Geelani is a great critic of Indian imperialism. He often blames India for broken promises. Several times he made fervent appeal to the people of India “to heed the sufferings of the people of Kashmir.” Arundhat Roy is perhaps the only voice in India who is supporting Geelani and freedom movement in Kashmir. Pakistan is supporting “the indigenous struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, morally, diplomatically and politically.”

Geelani is not against dialogue with Indian administration in occupied Kashmir to resolve the Kashmir issue. The question is: what are Indian intentions? Geelani believes that talk should be fruitful and meaningful. It should not be based on delaying tactics and to deceive the people of Kashmir. It should be without any ifs and buts to resolve the Kashmir crisis. India cannot keep hold on the situation in Kashmir for a much longer period.

Thousands of people have been martyred for the cause of freedom in the occupied Kashmir since 1947. Farooq Abdullah, the puppet administrator, strongly opposes plebiscite in the state, saying that dialogue is the only way forward to solve the Kashmir issue. Geelani says that Sheikh Abdullah sold Kashmir just for the sake of power and Farooq Abdullah is trying to create “superficial peace” by arresting the Kashmiri youths.

Almost all Indian channels and print media are making propaganda against the genuine lion of Kashmir and trying to defend the indefensible. Truth is always bitter. Geelani lifts the dark mask of Indian democracy to show the world its real face and atrocities in occupied Kashmir. He is playing an important role to lift the iron curtain in the occupied Kashmir. What is happening in Kashmir? It is black censorship, curfew, siege, concertina wires, bullets and tear gas, jails and torture on the people of Kashmir by Indian forces to continue its possession in the occupied region. Geelani has exposed to the word double-standard of Indian rulers.

The Indian government is trying to gain sympathies of the nations through false propaganda and deception. It should know that it can never legitimize its illegitimate desires and wishful thinking.

The matter of fact is that whole valley has been corralled in a big prison. Ironically, the champions of freedom of thought and expression are completely silent, not raising any voice for the people of Kashmir. Indian media is trying to hide the reality from the world.

From time to time curfew is imposed in the valley, resulting in the acute shortage of food, milk and life saving drugs. Almost all the genuine Kashmiri leaders, including, Ali Shah are arrested or kept under house arrest from time to time for fighting against slavery. Hardly any person from Indian media speaks for the fundamental rights of these leaders.

Kashmir, a paradise on Earth, has been made a living hell by the Indian forces. The people of Pakistan show complete solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir. It is duty of the government of Pakistan to assist Ali Shah Geelani and all the genuine leaders of Kashmir to throw off the yoke of Indian imperialism. Several Kashmiris firmly believe that Jihad is the only way to liberate Kashmir from the Indian clutches.(Muhammad Daheem)

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