Absolute Power Lies with Modi

By Snadeep Joshi via Balbir Singh

“PM MODI MAY BE SEEN EVERYWHERE HEREAFTER OR MORE INDEPENDENT AND POWERFUL IN THE LIGHT OF THE EDITORIAL: Institutional Equilibrium Weakens: A dangerous arrogance of power sets in -Opinion: A positive observation by Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch as under:
1. Under the circumstances, PM Modi’s government in India will not be able to shift- to get and do by through the use of deceit, tricks, or underhanded method the ‘Onus of Burden’ of its misdeeds- wicked act, a wicked, blameworthy, or unlawful act on others and for every misdeed ‘Burden of Proof’ is shifted on him as similarly CM Captain’s government now in Punjab ever now.
2. With the new majority rule of ‘BJP’ at the centre under PM Modi, his responsibility stands exceptionally fixed towards all Indians and as already said similarly, in the context, of CM Captain Amrinder Singh in Punjab.
3. The critics have all rights to see it as an one man and or one party rule in India like Russia and China as a setback to democracy or as a setback to our immature and fraudulent democracy through EVMs, looters etc as we experienced all over… a cry for justice ineffectively by all recently and continuing so in India.
4. In this age of internet and fast communication of the modern world, that’s become and looks like a one village now : The ‘World Opinion’ will and must to assess them personally as well as, as a whole of India under him from all human angles etc in view of his exceptionally fixed responsibility equally towards all Indians hereafter.

5. ‘Institutional Equilibrium Weakens: A dangerous arrogance of power sets in ’-Opinion by Learned Mr. Harish Khare and the following inspiring-inspirational, stimulating, stirring; generating enthusiasm or creativity: making somebody feel more enthusiastic, confident, or stimulated comment:
6. The Comment of Gbs: Sir, I think there can be some possible positive outcomes also which you have missed to mention. When you say PM Modi is going to attain more autonomy, self-rule, self government, independent from “the elephant in his room” we can take it a positive situation too. He might feel stronger to rope in the religious overtones – an overtone of malice in his manner of that part. Such situations of president and Vice President of the party of the PM we have had in the past too then what is so odd now you have not amply-fully explained”.

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Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

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