An old tribute to Barack Obama (now on his second win ) ( January,20,2009 )

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan

Dear Mr. Obama!

Don’t belie the hopes of the ecstatic world, When you sit on the mighty American throne; Try to change your country into a sacred place, Make it shine with piety, as once it shone.

I know you inherit the legacy of a devil, Whose hands are full of ravages and blood; Who exulted over the wails and shrieks, Who ruined the peace like a miserable flood.

Have an intent gaze at Michelle – your wife, When, of Iraq, Afghan and Gaza folk, you think; Tell her ‘ someone will rape you in front of me’ , Imagine her agony, and look at her horrific blink.

Cast an affectionate glance at Malia and Sasha, Your lovely daughters of 11 and 7 years old; Tell them ‘ I will be shot before your eyes ‘, Then face the truth as a person- brave and bold.

Bring to your mind the images of countless houses, Which your deadly bombs have reduced to rubble; The mounting heaps of the dead whose life has gone, Like a slight breeze breaks a water’s tiny bubble.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D. +91-9919777909


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