Book Review: Open Secrets-India’s Intelligence Unveiled by Maloy Krishna Dhar

Book Review: Kavneet Singhbook

M.K.Dhar a Bengali Brahmin of East Pakistani extraction tells his tale of 29 years of serving in the India’s Intelligence Bureau while being a field operator. Armed with a degree in Journalism Dhar joined the Indian Police service in 1965. He eventually got inducted into the Intelligence Bureau (IB) based on his professional service.

Chapter 1-9:

Dhar in these several chapters weaves all his little spy stories while stationed in the North-East, from Darjeeling to Nagaland. Spying is no simple art and does require a person to lock away the conscience since information is bartered with dire consequences.

The Hindu ‘holy texts’ contain a character called ‘Nardmuni’ in their fairy tale stories.

Nardmuni is a spy who collects information and dispenses misinformation. Dhar’s job is exactly that and in his own words he performs it with aplomb. Fortunately the only folks, who can judge his work now, will be readers like me. It is clear from the Dhar’s writings that he is rabidly biased against the Muslims and few other minorities. He thinks he is very honest because he apparently never accepted a bribe, but honesty also means carrying out other deeds without deceit which Dhar conveniently ignores. Every unimaginable trick has been used by Dhar to misuse information against small

defenseless minorities to ultimately dominate them. I had found the ordinary Naga home more civilized and polished than any Hindu home even in the cities like Delhi and Calcutta….[Page 152] These very same Nagas who are more cultured than the Hindus as per Dhar are being killed because their human rights are being trampled on and they want freedom from the domineering Indian government. Unfortunately for the Hindus there is no such focused social machinery…….The Arya Samaj and the RSS have failed in this crucial field of unifying the Hindu society….[Page 152]

Dhar at least acknowledges this fact even though he is an avid follower of the same organizations.

Chapter 10:

The word Hindu is a geopolitical description and not a religious marker….[Page 163]

Dhar has to re-read his religious history to realize that the word Hindu as per the Urdu dictionary means some of the following; chor, daku, lootera (thief, robber, crook). All those practicising Brahminical customs were labeled ‘Hindu’ by the Mughal conquerors based on their observations. The pronunciation of the word Sindu to Hindu is a farce.

 Chapter 11:

I must make it clear that none of the top Naga underground leaders I met was ‘paid agent’ of the IB…..Cultivation of such ‘friendship’, however, was appreciated by the IB and the Government of India. Such friendship ‘is an intelligence gathering procedure’, otherwise known as diplomatic engagement……[Page 173]

Nagas at various times as admitted by Dhar saved his life and were extremely respectful towards his family, yet Dhar used the ‘intelligence’ he gathered, against the same people who gained his trust. Even prostitutes have more integrity!

 Chapter 12:

I had often fought wars against them. But those wars were related to national security.

These were not directed against the people of the states. I think I helped the process of integration by using the tools of subversion. Conversion, and equalization of our mutual perspectives on vital national and local tribal issues……[Page 187]

When a group whose distinctive features, customs, religion, language and everything else is completely alien to the ruler, the ruled will want freedom and liberty as it is but natural.

To forcibly mainstream a group by railroading them is height of chicanery, racism and outright injustice. Nagas have been fighting for self rule for over 60 years and many genocides have been committed against a helpless race all in the name of India’s national integration, thanks to ‘satans’ like Dhar.

 Chapter 13;

The IB unit was reeking with corruption and nepotism. The caste configuration of the top management was 100% brahminical and the youngest of them had already earned reputation as a freelance boozer and womanizer……[Page 188]

The bane of India has always been the overt and covert control of all government machinery by the cunning Brahmins who have their tentacles into every facet of the social fabric with a lopsided predominance in all the civil services throughout India, considering that they barely make up 3.5% of the total Indian population.

Chapter 14:

He refused to recognize the fact that an intelligence operative is required to kiss even a venomous cobra……[Page 203]

The reality is that men like Dhar are the king cobras of modern day India and claim to be as holy as the cobras strung around the neck of the Hindu ‘god’ Shiva! The venom spread by Dhar ruined the lives of thousands of innocents instead of saving many as he claims.

Chapter 15:

I derived satisfaction out of the facts that I had done whatever I could do to establish the Intelligence Bureau as a respected wing of the government of India in Sikkim….I had succeeded in penetrating almost all segments of the Sikkimese society. The politicians and the people had started looking up to the IB unit as an independent window to Delhi….In my perception it was no mean an achievement…..[Page 227]

An independent sovereign country is invaded and taken over by force completely illegally by India. Later every trick in Nardmuni’s tool belt is used to break down auniquely cohesive society so it’s pliable for the Brahmin masters in Delhi for which Dhar is patting himself on the back.

 Chapter 16:

I also suggested creation of a separate unit for training IB officers in the tenets of Islam, and shaping them up as ‘real Muslims’……[Page 231]

This is exactly how the Indian government got hardened Hindu criminals a reprieve by teaching, training and actually made them look like ‘Sikhs’ and then sending them to Punjab to murder innocents so that in the eyes of the public, Sikhs would be blamed as terrorists. State sponsored terrorism at its best played out in the open killing fields of Punjab for over a decade and people like Dhar are responsible for the deaths of over a quarter million innocent Sikhs.

Chapter 17:

After a month’s prodding I was accosted by a tall and burly Jat police inspector at my Faridkot House office…..He had just managed a posting at a coveted police station in central Delhi after defraying an awesome expenditure of Rupees 500,000. he got it because he was the highest bidder. His collections were yet to equal the expenditure incurred by him. “You tell me sir,”……”Is it fair to drag me out of that police station at this stage? Should I not earn at least an additional 1,500,000?”….[Page 244]

The above practice of paying bribes to for a coveted posting in order to make more money is simply the norm across India, also up and down the police hierarchy. Nothing moves without greasing the palms anywhere. So it is strange that Dhar claims to be a saint.

My painstaking research and intelligence penetration had succeeded in identifying over four union ministers and over two dozen members of the Parliament who were on the payrolls of the KGB operatives….But the most surprising area of penetration of the KGB was the Ministry of Defense and those layers of the Armed Forces, which were responsible for procurement of military hardware. My list of these galactic stars did not amuse the bosses and I was advised to ‘secure’ those information in my archive….[Page 248-249]

Rampant graft among the Members of Parliament and top Generals is common but hushed up most of the time except for a rare occasion when one particular person has too many enemies within. Even The Minister of Defense George Fernandes was caught red handed on video accepting massive bribes and yet nothing happened to him since the rot stems right to the very top.

 Chapter 18:

On the eve of the Asiad ’82, I was present in one of the security related meetings taken by a cabal member of Rajiv….. The representatives of the RAW and IB pressed for strict movement controls on the Sikhs traveling to Delhi from other Indian locations, especially Panjab……I felt blanket harassment and humiliation of the Sikhs we would simply push the moderates to the lap of Bindranwale, who had already started screaming for ‘Khalistan’, a separate homeland for the Sikhs…..In one of the meetings Rajiv even spoke in favor of using ‘terrorizing tools to destroy the terrorists’…..[Page 275]

It is amazing to see how educated spies like Dhar are narrow minded, with a limited vision like their leaders with blinders on and a peanut for a brain. Sant Jarnail Singh never asked for a Khalistan and thrusting lies onto someone without proof is ridiculous but what would Dhar know about integrity and the truth as a double dealer of lies!

Further Rajiv Gandhi was directly responsible in aiding and abetting the Hindu terrorists who killed over 20,000 innocent Sikhs in and around Delhi alone in Nov 1984, not to mention the other 250,000 murdered by him and his henchmen in Punjab. Indian identity of certain social practices is necessarily not of Hindu origin, though my RSS friends tend to identify ‘Indian-ness’ with Hinduism……[Page 287]

Dhar is a contradiction just like his faith but on occasion does come out with sensible statements.

Chapter 19:

I had at my disposal one home based and two Canada based Indian staff running the well stocked but badly indexed library, reading room and in bring out the ‘India News’, weekly bulletin prepared and printed in the Mission……[Page 291]   Practically all Indian newspapers in Canada were under the direct or indirect control of the RAW & IB so that they could continue their disinformation campaign indefinitely.

A couple of important Sikh separatists who had committed heinous crimes in India had found safe haven in Canada…… Talvinder Singh Parmar…..[Page 292]

Dhar again conveniently omits that some of the men he mentions were agents groomed by his own office to carry on their activities on behalf of the Indians to malign the Sikhs.

Chhatwal advised me to prioritize my task in the following fashion; penetration of a few selected gurdwara; cultivations of a few identified targets amongst the most vocal section in the Sikh community; penetration of the Punjabi print and electronic media and control of the print and electronic media operated by the non-Sikh segments…..;creation of a few

clandestine human assets in the ‘lumpen’ segment of the Sikh workforce in Canada…..; to reach out to the Indian community with saturated supplies of audio and video cassettes on current affairs in India and specially filmed… target the mainstream Canadian print and electronic media… generate a few friends amongst the Canadian Members of Parliament…….[Pages 293-294]

These very key points mentioned by Dhar and carried out, are in place till today in Canada, USA and the UK in a very big way. Like Dhar mentions, practically every major gurdwara in the western hemisphere has Indian agents relaying a weekly report to RAW.

The shocking part never mentioned by Dhar is that he was also involved in the intricate masterminding and downing of the Air India plane because of which he was transferred out in July 1987 due to severe pressure from the Canadian government. Maybe Dhar forgot to talk to the Director of Safety of Air India in Mumbai in 1985 who has a completely different story to tell than the one Dhar enjoys repeating.

At two Punjabi language newspapers editors were ready games to cooperate with a view to isolating the mad fringe in the Sikh community and putting to an end…… [Page 296]

Anyone could be bought to redirect misinformation on a soft target such as the Canadian Sikhs. It is precisely the mad Hindu fringe in the top echelons of the Indian government which committed genocide on the Sikhs between 1984-1998 and therefore murdering innocents Sikhs and others on a plane was a piece of cake for them.

The delicate task was related to selling the Indian version of the Sikh imbroglio and to convince the Canadian leadership that India was a victim of Sikh terrorism…. [Page299]

The deadly misinformation campaign was carried out by all the Dhars at the Indian government’s disposal with unlimited financial resources but not with any finesse at all, instead through a vicious Goebels style propaganda. The ‘soft target’ was penetrated very successfully thereby ruining the reputation of one of the most upstanding Faith groups in the last few centuries.

We had developed friendship with the troubleshooter, dirty manipulator and corrupt person, as his critics and a section of the media severally described Dhawan. He could do anything, I was ready to concede, but I never believed that he could be part of the conspiracy that killed Indira Gandhi……[Page 302]

Indira Gandhi the Satanic Durga goddess had planned the ‘holocaust’ of the Sikhs at end of 1984 all across India code-named “Operation Shanti”. R.K.Dhawan her special assistant knew everything including who Indira Gandhi slept with; therefore it is very likely he found out her diabolical plan and in a pre-emptive strike, instigated the Sikh bodyguards to kill her and then had them killed immediately thereafter. Dhavan killed literally killed two birds with one stone. Its macabre; but Dhawan maybe the savior of the Sikhs because without him many millions would have been brutally murdered by Indira Gandhi. A super spy like Dhar cannot pretend not to know that, unfortunately his super soft corner for the mighty Durga and her assistant has put blinders on his grey matter.

Chapter 20:

The West was not yet ready to appreciate the pains of terrorism, because they were yet to be hit by the fanatics. Canadian attitude had undergone some change after the Sikh militants downed the Air India flight, in which hundreds of Canadian citizens had perished……[Page 310]

It is strange that Dhar can pretend to feel sympathy for the primarily Sikh passengers and yet charge Sikhs of being the guilty party in killing unarmed Canadians. Even the pilot was a Sikh. If Dhar is so sure how come no Canadian-Sikh has been ever charged for the heinous crime till today? If Dhar is so clean, the entire diplomatic team operating in and around 1985 could voluntarily offer to be debriefed or be grilled Indian style by the CSIS and there is no question the real truth would come out as to who are the real culprits behind this deadly conspiracy to blowup the Air India plane.

The Bofors deal was concluded when Rajiv held the defense charge, like his mother did the HDW deal was struck…..the complicated maze of transfer and retransfer of the kickback amount only wrapped Rajiv up in…………[Page 313]

Rajiv Gandhi popularized the ten percent concept. The Gandhi clan is not powerful because of their brains, but the fact that they have made hundreds of millions in kickbacks. Thanks to Indira and Rajiv, in India today a bribe is known as a “Gandhi”!

The slogan ‘gali gali mein shor hai Rajiv Gandhi chor hai’ (there is noise in the lanes that Rajiv Gandhi is a thief) is ascribed to the prominent RSS activist……[Page 317]

Even public humiliations were not enough to ruffles the feathers of a rhino skinned scoundrel like Rajiv Gandhi.

To some of my colleagues ‘operation’ meant generating actionable information and associate with the police to physically eliminate the terrorists. On a number of occasionsinnocent youths were picked up in police style and mercilessly interrogated. They often disappeared; killed and dumped in isolated and mass graves……[Page 320]

Dhar admits that men from the Intelligence Bureau were culpable and directly responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Sikhs, yet personally feigns innocence.

 Chapter 21:

I preferred the peace route to the ‘elimination route’ as I firmly believed that terrorism in Punjab did not grow overnight. It resulted from political intransigence and indulgence in competitive fundamentalism by two historically inimical forces: the Congress and the Akali Dal…….[Page 324]

It is tough to believe a professional liar! Any terrorism in Punjab was a direct creation of Indira Gandhi and her Congress Party with the help of Dhar’s gracious offices to spread murder and mayhem with the help of Hindu criminals dressed as Sikhs. The various long lingering economic grievances are not even mentioned, which was the real reason for the Sikhs to fight for their rights as a last resort after ‘many years of peaceful protests’. If Sikhs were really blood thirsty terrorists as described by Dhar there would be no Hindus left in Punjab especially after the state sponsored pre-planned Sikh Genocide of 1984 and thereafter.    

Chapter 22:

However I do not hate the people of Pakistan, who are even now made to believe that religion is the beast arrak or Soma Rasa intoxicant, which is toughest crazy glue……Indians, specially the Hindus, tend to transform even immediate history to mythology. At a spin of a coin they replace the idols of their gods by the idols of politicians like Indira and Rajiv…..They tend to burn their women and worship them as goddesses. Similarly they are adept in demonizing the people they do not like…[Page345]

Dhar is an enigma who speaks from both sides of the mouth, a typical Brahmin trait. He intensely hates Muslims yet he claims the opposite. Som Rasa is ‘liquor’ which is mentioned in all the oldest Hindu Vedic texts, because the writers of those texts were well intoxicated while writing the hate literature which is the foundation of all Hindu ideology. There lies the conundrum which is yet to be understood thoroughly by others.

A little before the November 1989 polls….I should meet Lal Krishna Advani, the BJP president. We met twice…..I was impressed by the white haired and mustached leader and sharpness exhibited by him. He was too ahead of most other Sangh Parivar leaders I happened to meet….But he gave me to understand that his views on secularism….It coincided with my views…..[Pages 373-374]

Dhar in his own words is of the same mindset as the fiery hatemonger L.K.Advani. If such hate filled Brahmin spies fill the intelligence agencies of India what chance of freedom or justice does the ordinary citizen who happens to be of a minority faith have?

Chapter 23:

The wily Uttar Pradesh Brahmin considered himself more competent than the Sindhi refugee and aspired for the top slot once the Sangh Parivar succeeded in increasing its kitty from 86 to 200. Murli Manohar wanted his own man to lead the IB, an organization that could virtually open up the treasure trove of intelligence to him…….[Page 378]

Brahmins have always survived for the last 3,000 years through controlling the levers of power by deceit and chicanery to keep their blood sucking apparatus afloat in perpetuity.

Chapter 24:

Their Hindu roots were much deeper than the egalitarian preaching of the Gurus and artificial efforts by certain leaders to project Sikhism as altogether a newfaith….[Page 383]

Dhar does not know the meaning of honesty and ethics at all. The Sikh Faith has rejected all the founding pillars of Brahminism outright. The practice of the Sikh Faith is completely different to Hinduism’s polytheistic arcane mumbo-jumbo rooted in fairytales.

Here again Dhar in patently biased against the Sikh Faith not only out of ignorance but also out of sheer hate.

From mythological and historical times the upper caste Hindus have treated the lower castes as gutter creatures…..[Page 391]

Dhar admits the apartheid against their own kind within the Hindu faith yet questions the Sikh Faith where everyone is treated equally and where there are no mind numbing ritualistic (Hindu) shackles of medieval times.

The Hindu society suffered and still suffers from the worst type of apartheid type segregation….The anti-Mandal agitation was far from a spontaneous response against reservation for the backward castes….it was handled ….the large amounts of money that was spent on the agitation came from the dark chambers of the Indira Congress party….[pages 391-392]

Again Dhar admits the harsh realities of the Hindu faith he reveres and peels a few of the covers off the highly corrupt Indira Gandhi, the high priest of treachery and intrigue.

A Hindu backlash was on the cards and the Sangh Parivar simply took advantage of the tottering political edifices…… revive the Indian-ness, which believed in Hindu supremacy……[Page 395]

The rabidly fascist ideology of the Sangh Parivar, RSS, and BJP is akin to the Nazi hate ideology perpetuated by these groups across India. It’s a top down poisoning of the common Hindu mind rather than a grass roots uprising of ultra nationalism. The common Hindu is too timid a creature to think for himself. The slavery under the Mughals for the last 1,000 years is proof enough. Now that Brahmin Puppeteers have inhaled power for the first time, instead of being wise and benign rulers they have not been able to control their latent rage of being ruled by Muslim kings for 800+ years, and are venting their hate in various ways.

Chapter 25;

There was this Bannu (not his real name), a turbaned Sikh from Punjab who wanted an ambassadorial assignment anywhere in the world that hosted an Indian Mission. He was ready with fat money bags and strong recommendation from Chandraswami as well as Simaranjit Singh Mann…He opened up his mind and a briefcase to offer me a tidy sum of rupees 200,000…..He promptly closed the bag and later bagged the ambassadorial assignment to an African country after liberally contributing to the funds of the Prime Minister and the union Minister of State for home Affairs….. [Page 404]

Dhar is honest for once, as there has only been one turbaned Sikh posted in Africa during Dhar’s tenure and that has been the infamous ambassador ‘Pannu’ who served in WestAfrica in the early 90’s and made a grand fortune bartering deals between the African politicians and the sleazy Indian businessmen to stash away millions and built himself a palatial home in Chandigarh.

Interestingly enough, Dr.Sohan Singh had maintained a discreet contact with Indira Congress through one of his sons, a member of the Indian Administrative Service, and through the family of Sardar Swaran Singh…..Dr.Sohan Singh had established a vast network amongst the civil servants and elite members of the civil society….. [Page 412]

Amusingly, one of the best covert agents of the IB & RAW was Dr.Sohan Singh, a wanted man on top of RAW’s list-publicly, yet he was not killed by the Indian Government. Instead he is comfortably living in Chandigarh today, even though he had been called the biggest terrorist leader of his time.

 Chapter 26:

The audio and video tapes rattled my emotional attachment to the Hinduvata protagonist organizations. The February meeting tapes disillusioned me. The contents proved beyond a doubt that the high priests of hatred had helped the Sangh Parivar to adopt a strident Hinduvata program soon after the assignation of Indira Gandhi….proved beyond a doubt that they had drawn up the blueprint of the Hinduvata assault in coming months and choreographed the praylaya nritya (dance of destruction) at Ayodhya in December 1992, that had disfigured the India I knew…. The RSS,BJP,VHP and the Bajranj Dal leaders present in the meeting amply agreed to work in a well orchestrated manner… the best of my knowledge these highly sensitive tapes were consigned to the archives of the Intelligence Bureau [Pages 434 & 436]   These criminals should be rotting behind bars for life, instead are still spewing their hatred all over India while the incriminating tapes have been dumped deep into oblivion.

Chapter 27:

KPS.Gill’s ruthless operations did not remain confined to legal policing. The police, military, and intelligence agencies perpetrated murder, rape, looting, inhuman torture and amassing wealth like their terrorist counterparts did……[Page 438]

Dhar has spilled the beans on the barbarities committed in the name of law and order by the ‘Butcher of Punjab’namely KPS.Gill. The Governor of Punjab (Sharma) who died in a plane crash had over rupees 20 Crores [5 Million Dollars] stashed in his house. Over 41,000 cash bounties were paid to the various police departments to murder innocent Sikhs. The ‘terrorist counterparts’ Dhar is alluding to were his own ‘cats’, state sponsored criminals trained to assassinate and not, the ordinary Sikhs as he is trying to project.

Chapter 28:

Personally I rated Rao as one of the worst hunter-gatherers of the Indian politics. His alleged corrupt practices had fattened his own pocket and not the party coffers. His scholarly slough did glitter but like that of a black cobra……[Page 445]

P.V.Narasimha Rao the Prime Minister of India personally made over 25,000 Crores [1.3 Billion Dollars] during his tenure. His son today is not only the richest man in Andhra Pradesh but the largest private financier. Gluttony knows no bounds in Indian politics. Every Indian Prime Minister has been for sale at the right price and Dhar’s concern about national security is simply hysterical! It’s on record that the largest secret Swiss bank account holders in the world are Indians, mostly politicians and businessmen as of 2009.

 Chapter 29:

Hindu unity and not belligerence can help strengthening the secular edifices of the country…..Hindu consciousness can at best unify the Hindu society and strengthen the building blocks of the nation……[Page 459]

Dhar must be deluded while intoxicated with the Soma (liquor) Rasa! Hindu unity is an oxymoron, incase he has not woken up to that harsh fact. Hinduism has lived and thrived on complete disunity of society as that is one of its two pillars namely, ‘caste’. If you take away caste a Hindu is technically not a Hindu anymore. Therefore Hinduism or Sanatana Dharam itself must be thrown into the dustbin of history for India to reinvigorate and unite.

Chapter 30:

The video tape and about 70 still snaps that my boys had managed to capture constituted vital evidence of the act of vandalism at Ayodhya by shiv sainiks and presumably the tsunami-affected devotees of Lord Rama…They agreed with me that the Shiv Sena volunteers launched the initial attack on the mosque……[Page 470]

Even with overwhelming evidence on camera that the leaders of all the various Hindu terrorist groups were directly responsible for the destruction of a Muslim Mosque and murder of hundreds of Muslims, nothing happened to these leading Hindu criminals.

 Chapter 31:

But who cares for the truth in a nation where the national slogan is Satyameva Jayate (only truth shall be victorious)? Slogans are tools of mass hypnosis. These are not grains of truth!……[Page 475]

How true! The truth in India is of the same style as the dark lord Krishna who subverted and flouted every norm-ethic to win a war in the fairy tale Mahabharata.

Chapter 32:

But my elder son, who passed out from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, in 1994…..suddenly decided to join the Reliance group instead of opting for a US multinational……[Page 489]

Due to Dhar’s relationship and his senior position in the IB the Ambanis made sure his son got a job therefore it was very much a transactional proposition. In fact due to Dhar’s guilt he had his son leave the Ambanis ultimately. Who is he kidding!

Chapter 33:

Like any tool of the government the CBI served its masters faithfully, often to the constraints of constitutional liberty and legal propriety…….[Page 492]

The end game of the IB, RAW, CBI, etc is simply being a pliable tool in the hands of the dirty politicians who use the entire apparatus for massive monetary and other ruthless gains but rarely for genuine national interests at least in the Indian context.

Chapter 34:

The mention of the name of a son of the Prime Minister in an IB report had sent panic waves. It had complicated the political situation for Narasimha Rao, who was already besieged by Harshad Metha and share market scandal…….[Page 507

The Prime Minister of India’s son was directly involved in the selling of ultra important secrets and after breaching national security all the politicians came out unscathed. Such is the beauty of the ultra corrupt ‘holy’ India.

I too was used in big way by the masters of the day to sabotage the law and order and weaken the constitution. In retrospect I feel we are not the real public servants, we are the servants of the public representatives, most of whom manipulate the system to acquire the status of statesmen…….[Page 514]

Dhar does portray the reality. But the question does arise, why Dhar a supposedly upright honest man did not have the guts to resign from such a corrupt system which he now condemns in retrospect. Further why is he, still collecting a pension from that same corrupt system!

Chapter 35:

At least 50% of the human resources are dedicated to their profession……Like all other government departments rest of the 50% human resources are utilized in questionable manner…….The IB are suborned to the political interests of the party in power and the Prime Ministers and Home Ministers…..It can do better id freed from the clutches of the politicians….I am not an investigator and cannot produce evidences of personal corruption against any politician – be it, Indira, Rajiv, Rao, Laloo Yadav……except P.V.Narsimha Rao. It is unfortunate that India was saddled with a man who was transformed from a teacher to a toshkana (treasure chest) manager…..Making the intelligence and investigative agencies accountable to the elected Parliament under appropriate Act. After 57 years of independence a time has come to liberate the intelligence and Investigation Establishments from the stranglehold of petty and visionless politicians…… [Pages 518-519]

Dhar does acknowledge the serious corruption within his own IB and all other organizations without sullying himself personally. The problem is one cannot work in a sewer without getting pretty dirty yourself and come out looking clean. In the final analysis Dhar exhorts the citizens of India to make all these agencies completely accountable to the public rather than the current status quo of being only accountable to the Prime Minister and Home Minister and none else. He makes a valid point.

Though Dhar bemoans being a minor intelligence operator, he is just a small cog in a giant wheel which actually helps the Brahminical monsters trample and suck the blood of other smaller vermin and ultimately all the citizens.

Maloy Krishna Dhar is a contradiction of sort; not very different from most other Brahmins of his kind in modern India. If one reads all the old Brahmin texts, from the Rig Veda to the modern day Bhagvad Gita you will find literature from the most vile to the sublime. Contradictions abound in the thousands, as in the same text, holy pronouncements are found in complete contradiction to each other. Further Brahmins do not believe based on their religious books, in what the rest of the world considers ethical, moral conduct based on honesty. Furthermore based on their texts every civil and humanright has been trampled upon with absolutely no compunction. Keeping that in context it becomes easier to understand Dhar’s mindset as to how he says different things at different times and has a poor understanding of honest ethical conduct. The IB is simply packed with ravenous hyenas trading their wares to the highest bidder whenever the opportunity arises, which happens to be a daily occurrence. The book does shed light on the psyche, deviousness and cunning nature of the Brahmins at the helm of power. In the end Dhar had to make money upon retirement and what better way than to use his experiences as a sleuth to write a potboiler novel, filled with half baked information by which he is trying to convince the reader that it is all the gospel truth. The reader has to take his ‘truth’ with a pinch of salt and remember too much salt will slowly kill you.

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