Gateway Enzyme for Chemicals from Catnip to Cancer Drug Discovered

Posted by zaheerul Hassan Scientists have discovered an enzyme used in nature to make powerful chemicals from catnip to a cancer drug, vinblastine. The discovery opens up the prospect of producing these chemicals cheaply and efficiently. They are produced naturally by some plants such as the medicinal Madagascar periwinkle, but faster-growing plants could be used to produce them. With synthetic biology, imp ...

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Papa pipefish’s pregnancy good for young’s immunity

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan MALE pipefish pregnancy may suit the females, but it's a real boon for their offspring. In human fetuses, antibodies from the mother's egg and others that pass across the placenta help build its developing immune system. Sperm are too small to carry antibodies, so males aren't thought to contribute. Not so in pipefish, where the male carries the pregnancy. To see if the immune prim ...

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Hot Veena Malik beats Emraan Hashmi in serial kissing

  Bollywood sex bomb Veena Malik is a new Bollywood lady “Serial Kisser”. She is going to beat the Bollywood most wanted Serial Kisser Emraan Hashmi. Veena is ready to set Guinness book of world record through maximum kiss in her upcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps” which is produced by Satish Reddy and Directed Haroon Rashid. Her liplock scene will spark a fire and gamey within us. Veena said, ...

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Italian Cardiologists Arrested in Research Fraud & Misconduct

 By Zaheerul Hassan Forbes Nine Italian cardiologists have been arrested as part of a broad investigation into serious medical misconduct at Modena Hospital, according to multiple reports in the Italian media. The investigation encompasses at least 67 other individuals and a dozen medical equipment companies, including 6 foreign companies. The charges include conspiracy, fraud, embezzlement, bribery, forger ...

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WHO to establish Nutrition Sentinel Site Surveillance System NSSS in Punjab

World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the Punjab Health Department has planned to put in place a "nutrition sentinel site surveillance system (NSSS)" for 0-59-month children to assess the nutritional and related health status of the children at the selected sites. This was revealed by WHO Technical Officer Nutrition Dr Khizar Ashraf, while addressing a workshop organised by WHO in collaborat ...

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Technology & Health: Mobile phones not harmful says government scientists

There is  no "convincing evidence" that long-term use of mobile phones causes cancer, says a new report, although it still advises caution. Although the report from government scientists said overall the results have not indicated that mobile phone usage causes brain tumours or any other type of cancer, it conceded that they could not be entirely sure. This is because there was "little information beyond 15 ...

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