CIA Attempt: Defaming ISI through Raymond Davis Book

by Zaheerul Hassan

Raymond Davis, CIA Spy under the garb of paid contractor through his book, “The Contractor” have tried to touched that controversial incident in which he murdered two innocent Pakistani young boys and third one was crushed by an American rescue car near Mozang Chowk Jail Road Lahore on January 27, 2011. killed individuals were plying back on motor cycles to their sweet homes but unfortunately fired by Raymond considering them some robbers coming behind him. After comprises between legal heirs of killed young men and Raymond Davis, the case under law of the land was resolved through court. Thus, on March 2011, Raymond was released from the jail, dispatched to Afghanistan and further fled back to US.
In 2011, in my articles, “Lessons to Raymond Davis Release”, “Raymond Davis- US Blackmail Tactics”, and “Why CIA agent Raymond Davis killed Pakistani Citizens covered the incident while highlighting likely causes of killing, Raymond activities, CIA and RAW nexus and their malicious activities though black water’s terrorists and in Pakistan landing of over 3000 American agents violating visa policy. Notably, Army and ISI under the dynamic leadership of Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha exposed CIA, Mossad and RAW’s sinister design in Pakistan. Both the commanders never compromised the national interests. Here we, must know that Gen Pasha in a high level meeting held in CIA headquarter Virginia with Director Leon Panetta, CIA Chief on 12 April 2011.
According to the confirm reports the tone of the meeting cordial but said Pasha made it clear that the CIA-ISI relationship had suffered a breach of trust and had to be reconfigured with a clear code of conduct. He asked then CIA chief that we need to know who is in Pakistan doing what, and that the CIA won’t go behind our back. It is mentionable in that period of time Relations between CIA and ISI reached the lowest level after the killing of two Pakistanis by CIA contractor Raymond Davis. Nonetheless, ISI Chief Gen Pasha only held two and a half hours of talks with CIA chief Panetta and left back to Pakistan instead of spending more time as per previously arranged schedule of staying in US. Pasha at that time also asked the CIA to provide us a complete list of its employees and contractors in Pakistan and also made it clear that some may be asked to leave the country. Thus, after passing six ears of the incident trying to undermine General Pasha, others military and political brass of Pakistan in his book, “The Contractor” by so called writer seems to be a deliberate and by design attempt to defame Pakistani leadership’s character in the eyes of nation, creating rift between political and military elite , eclipsing security forces success against terrorists in the operations; Al Mizan, Zarb-e-Azb, ‘Raad ul Fasaad’, CIA and RAW sponsored militancy in Balochistanaand rest of the areas Pakistan.
Notably, since entering into FATA security forces have carried out 161 major and minor operations against terrorists and achieved unprecedented success. Over 3000 terrorists have been killed and almost 4000 apprehended. Over 1400 officers and men of Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps have embraced Shahadat (Martyred) in this war on terror which itself speaks the commitment of Pakistan and its security/intelligence agencies in global war against terrorism. Military Operations have created an environment conducive for the political process. Such a conducive environment does suite in bringing China, Russia and Pakistan on a platform that could ultimately be able to look after strategical military, economical regional and global interests. Thus, weakening and tarnishing Pakistani leadership’s image in China and Russia is a mere try of CIA to keep the foreign investors away from Pakistan. Another point of view has been sent to me by my former collogue is ample to uncover the story and confirming my point view on Raymond Davis’ Book, “The Contractor”. The same is being published in the next few lines:
(one) Raymond Davis(RD) Controversy Apart from deriding Pakistani government in general, RD has in his book also cast shadows on loyalty of an ex DG ISI to the state of Pakistan,
(two)Apart from my personal affection and regard for General Pasha I find a few other aspects which make one skeptical about authenticity of assertions made in the book reportedly written by RD.
(Three) The timing of publishing this book after lapse of so many years point towards latest US agenda of cutting Pakistan Military to size by driving a wedge between love of Pakistani public and its military.
(Four) RD was an ordinary lower level CIA operative with no previous penchant for literary activity. Command over his mother tongue doesn’t suddenly make him an author unless the script was written by a paid CIA writer.
(Five) Loaming threat to a compliant civilian government and problems it would
cause to US interests in the region compels it to defame Pak Military leadership in order to stay the hand of a resurgent judiciary.
(Six) Pakistan Military has emerged as both author of as well as guarantor of
CPEC which is anathema to US strategic interests against which US has
already vowed to use all available means. Unless Pak Military is suitably pruned, no US headway can materialize.
(Seven) Recent Trump- Modi avowal to develop nexus for furthering mutual
interests in the region can only proceed forward smoothly after space for
policy making presently enjoyed by Pak Military is curtailed.
In Short, CIA has published a book in the name of Raymond Davis aiming defaming Pakistani centre of gravity so as to weaken political set up too. Thus, there is a need to show unity and fight back state sponsored terrorism . Moreover, Pakistani media should stop leg pulling of current government and other political parties.

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