Downfall of the Muslims: A Review (Part-8)

By Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Back to the old ignorance

Ignorance (jaheliya) is the mother of all failures. And, today’s Muslims stand as the perfect testimony to that. An ignorant man or woman can only survive as a physical being; but can never be a true Muslim. Nor can be even a true humane. Deprivation of Qur’anic knowledge works as the key barrier to that. Before Islam, the Arabs had a long history of ugly failure for the same reason. Whereas, the same Arabs could build the finest and the only humane civilisation on earth in the whole history of mankind. Others could build big empires, amazing monuments, pyramids, palaces, temples, walls, sculptures, potteries and paintings; but the Muslims are the only ones who could raise a civilisation based on the Divine laws, higher values, justice, equality and trans-ethnic brotherhood. On the top of all those huge achievements, they are the only ones who could show the right path to the paradise and saved hundreds of millions of people from the hellfire. Such a miracle could only happen because of their deep conversion to Islam –the only true Divine religion on earth, and total abhorrence of the ignorance. Assimilation of the Qur’anic knowledge in their beliefs and deeds worked as the key to all of their successes.

But now, they are making a different history. Every day, they are dropping down to a new low and engaging in a new phase of division, destruction and brutality. Their current downhill course indeed owes to mass conversion to the old ignorance (jaheliya) in new names. Instead of Islam, they have returned back to the pre-Islamic Arab jahiliya of secularism, tribalism, racism, nationalism, monarchism, hedonism and mutually exterminating brutality. They are blessed with hundreds of trillions of dollars of unearned natural wealth; but these are now being spent in collaboration with the imperialist enemies on wars, genocidal massacres and massive destructions –as happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Somalia and other Muslim countries. Even the pre-Islamic Arab kuffars (note: kuffar hasn’t an iota of abusive intention, rather taken as Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s preferred Sunnah of describing the exact state of people who deny Islam –as has consistently been used in the holy Qur’an) didn’t engage in such brutality and destructions as happening now. Nor did they make any coalition with the kuffars of the contemporary Roman or Persian Empires to dismantle the nascent Islamic state of the great prophet (peace be upon him). At least, in those days, millions of Muslim people were not evicted from their own homes and forced to cross sea on boats and seek shelter in Europe. Jaheliya is always ugly, brutal and destructive. Not only it takes people to the hellfire, but also creates terrible hells on earth. Hence, trillions of petro-dollars and thousands of schools and colleges in the Muslim World could add no higher sense, values, morality to these new converts to jahiliya; rather added new intensity to their brutality.

Worse than the infidels!

These new converts to jahiliya in the Muslim lands have turned worse than the cow, monkey, snake, and idol-worshipping Hindus. Despite huge linguistic, ethnic and cultural differences, more than 1.2 billion Indian Hindus could merge together into one state. As a result, they are a significant regional power and trying to be a World Power. But less than 300 million Arabs –despite their one Allah, one language and one geography needed to build more than 20 states to feed their selfish tribal appetite. Like their pre-Islamic kuffar ancestors, these Arabs now celebrate their divisive borders, walls, flags and tribal bondage. Moreover, mutual killings and destructions have become the parts of their new political culture. The rulers of the Muslim countries have turned into new pharaoh and do not allow any opposition voices on the streets. They drop barrel bombs on civilians, run tanks and heavy artillery on the streets and even use chemical bombs to kill the protesters. All these atrocities are seen in cities and villages of Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Mali and Yemen and on the streets of Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. They even invite the foreign kuffars to carry out massacres in the Muslim lands –as revealed through the bombing campaigns of the USA, Russia, France, the UK, and Italy. No infidel ruler invites such alien killers to bomb his own citizens.

Love for the enemies is not a new disease. It showed its grave signs even in the days of last prophet (peace be upon you). Hence, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la addressed the issue very seriously; and revealed many verses on that. In the holy Qur’an, the Muslims are repeatedly warned against friendship with the combatant enemies. It was revealed: “O you who believe! Do not take My enemy and your enemy as friends; would you offer them love while they disbelieved in the revelation of the Truth that has come to you in the Quran and expelled the messenger and yourselves from your homes only because you believe in the one Allah alone. If you go forth in jihad in My path and seek My pleasure, would you make manifest love to them? And I know what you conceal and what you manifest; whoever of you does this has indeed gone deviated from the straight path.” –(Sura Mumtanhana, verse 1).

As per above verse, making friendship with the combatant kuffars is a definitive marker of deviation from siratul mustaqeem. But awfully, such deviation has been the way of politics, statesmanship and warfare in most of the Muslim countries. The USA’s hatred against the Muslims and love for their own occupation and the Israeli occupation of Muslim land is not hidden. They are responsible for more than a million deaths and massive destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Despite all this anti-Muslim bias and atrocities, they are still taken as friend and allowed to establish military bases to bomb more Muslims.

Similarly, India has its own history of anti-Muslim bias and atrocities. In the name of so-called communal riots, killing the Muslims, destroying the Muslim properties and dismantling the historic mosques like Babri Mosque are the parts of the dominant Indian Hindu culture. The whole political and administrative infrastructures of India work with the singular anti-Muslim strategy to keep its 200 million Muslims as the poorest and the most de-empowered people on earth –much poorer than the India’s untouchables. Extreme Muslim-phobia works here; hence their social, economic and educational progress has been severely restrained. As result, the number of doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, industrialists and civil servants that live in only one city of Dhaka or Karachi, more than 200 million Indian Muslims are not allowed to produce even half of that. About 700, 000 Indian troops are kept in Kashmir to sustain the brutal occupation of this Muslim land. About a hundred thousand Muslims have already been killed and injured in Kashmir. The killing and raping campaign still continues there. How a Muslim with an iota of faith in Islam and love for the Muslims can make friendship with such a combatant enemy? But despite all these atrocities against Islam and the Muslims, India enjoys friendship and co-operation not only with Bangladesh and Afghanistan but also from many Muslim countries. Allah Sub’hana Ta’al’s warning against such co-operation with kuffars falls on deaf ears. Whoever has the slightest faith in Almighty Lord, can he ignore the stern warning embedded in the following verse? It is revealed: “Let not the believers take the unbelievers as friends rather than the believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the protection and guidance of) Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully; and Allah makes you cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and to Allah is the eventual returning.” –(Sura al-Imran, verse 26).

Due to full submission to the Qur’anic commands, the early Muslims enjoyed immense immunity against the known enemies. But now, the situation has totally changed. Due to detachment from the Qur’anic teachings, such immunity is lost. As a result, the disease now exists as a widely spread cancer. More than 20 states in the Muslim Middle East and the whole herd of the ruling tribes are indeed the products of an intimate collaboration with the combatant kuffars. Not only Israel, all the tribal states of the Muslim Middle East came into illicit existence through such collaboration. Such collaboration with the enemies never added any dignity to the Muslims, rather brought abject humiliation. Regular slaps on the Muslim face by a tiny Israel and deaths and destructions in the Muslim lands provide ample proofs of that.

Since the establishment of the model Islamic state by the prophet (peace be upon him) in Medina, the Muslims never allowed any kuffar force to build any military base or enclave in any part of the Muslim land. The Umaiyah, the Abbasia and the Osmania khilafa didn’t make any compromise on that fundamental issue. But now, the new converts to jaheliya have made a 180 degree shift in the traditional policy of the ummah. Since they do not draw any legitimacy from Islam, and neither from the people, stay always dependent on the collaboration with their kuffar protectors. They do not trust their own people, either. Hence, for staying in power, getting foreign help by any means is their key strategy. Therefore, they allowed the US-led coalition to establish military bases in the heart lands of Islam –as currently exist in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Syria.

However, protecting these subservient clients is not the main agenda of the imperialists. They protect these clients only to use them as the compliant partners to crush any Islamisation project in the Muslim World. They even install new clients to do the job more brutally. As a part of the imperialists’ project, newly installed General Abul Fatah al-Sisi and his Army are carrying the same old assignment to crush the Islamists in Egypt. He is being prompted to extend his brutal hand even in neighbouring Libya to crush the Islamists there. Billions of petro-dollars are given by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE to finance such ant-Islamic projects of the kuffars. There is no doubt that strong Islamophobia works not only among the imperialist kuffars, but also among the despotic Muslim rulers. Hence, they are forced to work together for their own survival. Likewise, in Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the Indian Hindu infidels have made strong coalition with the native anti-Islamic secularists and socialists to crush the Islamists there. As a result of such joint conspiracy against Islam, the Islamic basics like sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and trans-tribal brotherhood that were practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam has no place in the occupied Muslim World. Like any worst infidels, the ruling despots of the Muslim countries stand fiercely against any emergence of such a state in any place of the Muslim world. In fact, whoever show any audacity to return back to the prophet’s (peace be upon him) days of sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood are labelled as the public enemy number one. For their annihilation, they even make coalition with the native and foreign kuffars. The whole secular propaganda machineries are engaged globally to label the Islamists as the bad guys. Surprisingly, those who have killed millions in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen and turned thousands of cities and villages into rubbles have never been given such a bad label in their media. So, the question arises, if the Islamists who stand for Islamic fundamentals like Islamic state, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad and pan-Islamic brotherhood are the bad guys, where the good guys that could bring back the prophetic days of obligatory sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, shura and border-dismantling unity again in the Muslim World? Should the Muslims practise Islam without such obligatory basics and return back to their Almighty Lord as the bad guys and face the infinite hellfire? Can a true believer embrace such a terrible route towards the hell fire?

Intoxication with lies

While intoxicated, people can speak and do nonsense. They terribly fail even to figure out the shining Truth from the ugly and established lies. Intoxication with lies does the same harm against the Truth. In a corruptive milieu of deep ignorance (jaheliya), even cows, monkeys, snakes, naked humans, mountains, stones and idols turn to be the holy objects of worship –as hugely practised by more than a billion Hindu people of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other countries. Because of the same intoxication, the man-made ideologies, laws, and dogmas receive deep respect in all ages. Islam could cure millions of such intoxicated people in Asia, Africa and Europe in its early days. It could achieve such miracle only through spreading the Qur’anic knowledge –the greatest Gift from the Almighty Creator for His human creation. The holy Qur’an has indeed proved its worth as the only antidote to such intoxication.

But now, because of detachment from the holy Qur’an, the deep intoxication with ignorance –like the pre-Islamic days, has engulfed most of the Muslims. As a result, they create states and raise armies, political parties, cultural organisations and civil societies to protect their own myths and intoxication with fanciful lies. While intoxicated, people can do awful ugly things. They can even burn their own houses, destroy their own cities, kill their own people and sacrifice their own life for the well-known lies. That is now exactly happening in the Muslim World. Only in the span of last 60 years, tens of millions of people in the Muslim World sacrificed their lives for proven falsehood like secularism, nationalism, socialism, communism, fascism and others ideologies. Therefore, more Muslims died for falsehood than for Islam. More awfully, they built 57 states for non-Islam, and not even a single state for Islam. A man’s true man is expressed through his intention and investment in state building. It need sacrifice of wealth and life. Most of the companions had to sacrifice their life to materialise this huge task; the enemies didn’t allow to go it peacefully. Now, the Muslims are moving in the direction 180 degree opposite to that of the early Muslims.

Although the Muslims didn’t return back to worshipping of cows, monkeys, snakes, stones and idols, but they converted quite deeply and massively to others inventions of the falsehood like nationalism, socialism, capitalism, communism, fascism and other evil ideologies. Now, they survive with such falsehood in their personal life, politics, culture, judiciary and economics. Because of such conversion to jaheliaya, they pay the ugliest disrespect even to the greatest gift of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la –the holy Qur’an. They make states, run judiciary and raise armies not to implement the Qur’anic prescription of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la or to add any glory to Islam, but to practise the kuffar ideologies, culture and laws. In order to dismantle the pan-Islamic Muslim brotherhood, they have raised divisive borders in the Muslim World. Because of such restrictive borders, the devout Muslims face difficult hurdles even to get access for pilgrimage to the holy places. On the other hand, all the land, air and sea frontiers of the Muslim states are made open for the US-led coalition. As a result, the kuffar armies can enter even into the holy land of Islam and establish the military bases without any restriction. The door is widely open even in the field of ideology, culture, politics, trade and anti-Islamic warfare. Even the premises of mosques, schools, madrasahs and colleges stay under their constant surveillance. Which verses of the holy Qur’an should be taught in classes or recited in the sermons are not decided by the imams or mullahs but the advisers from US-led coalition. Thus, everything in the Muslim World stays under the imperialists’ radar. Such occupation of the Muslim ummah started with the advent of colonial occupation. The foreign colonialists have left; but the same occupation survives in education, culture, politics, economics and judiciary under the native stooges with the colonised mind. But, like an intoxicated man or woman, the Muslims turn euphoric to celebrate such occupation as independence!

Neglect of the greatest gift

How a sick man can get cured when he ignores or disrespects the only true prescription for his killer disease? Iman of a believer is very inclusive; believing only in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, His prophet, His angels and akhera is not enough. Iman of a man is not iman if he denies or ignores the Truth that the holy Qur’an is the only prescription from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la for all moral, social, political ills of the whole mankind. Iblis became a cursed Shaitan cum despised kafir not for disbelieving the Almighty Lord and His immense attributes, but for disobeying only one of His many commands. The rule of “all or none” works here. Hence, a believer is not a true believer if he shows any disobedience or betrayal against any of the Qur’anic commands. Hence, believing and obeying the prescription revealed in the holy Qur’an is the most important element of a Muslim’s life.

About the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals His Own powerful statement: “Thus, We send down through this Qur’an all that gives health (to the soul) and is a mercy for those who believe (in Us); but it only adds to the ruin of the evildoers.” – (Sura Isra, verse 82). The above verse works as the guiding compass for every Muslim. It also makes it clear that the holy Qur’an doesn’t help those who are disbeliever in the holy Qur’an and persistent wrongdoer. Hence, unflinching faith in this Divine prescription must be an integral part of iman of a believer. It is also crucial for acceptance of any good deeds. Otherwise, rituals like 5 times prayer, month-long fasting, haj or charity turn fake; and go in vain. Moreover, in absence of an inclusive iman, how can one be fully motivated to put all of his efforts, energy and wealth -even sacrifice his life, to practise the Qur’anic prescription?

Iman must play a crucial role in a Muslim’s life. It must work as the engine to pull him towards the paradise; otherwise he goes downhill towards the hell. Even a perfect prescription can’t help a patient if all the medicines are not taken accordingly. Picking up an item according to the wish and ignoring the others does cure the disease. Reciting and kissing the prescription even thousand times doesn’t help either; rather invites the death. But now, the Muslims are doing the same with the holy Qur’an –the Divine prescription. Some people have taken 5 times prayer, month long fasting, haj and giving some charity as the complete Islam. They have totally disregarded the core mission of the Muslims’ life like ‘amaru bil maruf and nehi’anil munkar’, establishment of Islamic state with its obligatory sharia, hudud, khilafa, shura, jihad and the Muslim brotherhood. It is indeed the ugliest disrespect to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la who has bestowed this the greatest gift for full implementation. Such a disrespect to His prescription makes them altogether different and far deviated from the early Muslims. This way, they could only add more to their own ruin –as mentioned in the above verse.

Failing the most crucial test

Knowing the correct roadmap is the most crucial issue in any journey. Without knowing that, no sane man sets his feet out of the door and starts walking. It is far more crucial for the journey towards the paradise. Any failure to take the right roadmap definitely takes one to the eternal hellfire. This is the only plausible possibility. Hence, nothing is more important in life than rightly knowing the siratul mustaqeem –the Qur’anic roadmap. Therefore, while standing in a prayer, the greatest and the most important supplication is not asking the Almighty Lord for any professional, political, economic or marital success, but seeking the right path called siratul mustaqeem. To emphasize on this most crucial point in life, recital of “ih’dinas siratul’mustaqeem” (meaning: O Allah! Show me the right path) –as it is embedded in Sura Fatiha as its most important part, is made obligatory in every rakah (unit) of 5-time prayer. And after being blessed with the right path, protection from any deviation from that path gets the highest priority. Hence, it is also tagged with the same supplication in Sura Fatiha.

But awfully, such supplication in 5 time prayer has no reflection in the Muslims’ life. It is limited only within the rote recitation in prayer rituals. In practice, they are consciously following the Devilish deviations in every Muslim country and pays little or no attention to seek the right path towards the paradise. Siratul mustaqeem –the Qur’anic roadmap, has its own very distinctive robust signposts. These are the Islamic state, shura, sharia, hudud, khilafa, jihad, dissolution of ethnic boundaries, trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood and the politics of “a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar” -as found in the holy Qur’an and in the history of early Muslims. A true believer who has the spiritual insights, the Qur’anic knowledge and knows the history of early Muslims must not miss it. He must pursue every mile post of the siratul mustaqeem in his personal and collective life. Whoever stay away from it, can’t follow the siratul mustaqeem either.

Similarly, the satanic deviation towards the hellfire has its own eye-catching signposts, too. It has tribalism, nationalism, secularism, capitalism, socialism, despotism, monarchism, kufr judiciary, kufr law, divisive walls on ethnic lines and political cum military coalition with the kuffar imperialists. In fact, such glaring signposts of satanic deviation now survive in every Muslim state. A true believer with minimum insights must not fail to figure out such deviation. Whoever fails to detect such robust signposts of deviation, indeed follows the road towards the hellfire. In fact, only those who are spiritually deaf, dumb and blind (summun, bukmun, um’yun -as per the Qur’anic narrative) and don’t bother about knowing the siratul mustaqeem, fail to recognise such huge devilish diversion.

The most important test of wisdom or IQ of a man or woman doesn’t not take place in any exam hall, but in identifying the True path –the siratul mustaqeem towards paradise. The test instantly starts in everyone’s life when he or she stands on a crossroad face to face with only two options: either to take the route towards the paradise or towards the hellfire. Such cross-roads are present everywhere – vis-à-vis every personal, familial, social, political, cultural, judicial, economic issue of life. In fact, every decision of life till death –whether political, ethical, economical or familial, works as a crucial exam outpost. Humans’ ability to identify the Truth from the established falsehood and to cut off his or her familial, racial, or organisational bondage with falsehood and also with the evil forces of falsehood is tasted here.

For success in any test, it needs knowledge. Ignorance can only leads to failure. But the test that examines the ability to figure out the Divine Truth from the falsehood needs deep understanding of the holy Qur’an. In absence of that, even intellectuals, imams, mullahs and Nobel Prize winning scientists may fail the test very badly. Such disqualified people in the test may turn to be slavish foot-soldier of the worst devilish ruler on earth. All the horrendous criminal acts like making and dropping the nuclear bombs, chemical bombs, barrel bombs, mother of all bombs are indeed the works of these intelligent criminals. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and George W. Bush had many of them in their armies; hence could occupy states and slaughter millions of people in an industrial scale. On the other hand, because of Qur’anic understanding, a shepherd can pass the test with high marks –as happened in the early days of Islam. The finest and the greatest men and women in the whole span of human history indeed come only from this category of people who could pass the test. The success in the test leads to eternal pleasure in the paradise; and the failure takes to infinite hellfire. But awfully, most of the ulama, mullah, imams, darwish, and sheikhs in the Muslim countries show their dismal failure to take the right path –as happened with the ulama of bani Israel. In the past, the despotic rulers like Yazid bin Muwabiah, Hajjaz bin Yousuf and others had many of such people in their armies. Today, the situation is not different either. The ranks and files of the current despots in the Muslim World stand heavily embedded by them.

The ideological ignorance

An idolater doesn’t have any ignorance about the idolatry. A racist, nationalist, fascist, colonialist or imperialist has no ignorance about his ideology either. Hence, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing, colonial occupation or imperialistic wars are always the essential part of their politics, culture and warfare. Therefore, they do not have any iota of distaste or hatred against those criminal practices. Hence, the brutal occupation of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria is so dear to them; and never get condemned in the imperialists’ forum in the UN. But a Muslim’s ignorance is huge; it revolves around the key ideological attributes of Islam. The Muslims now survive only with some religious rituals and cultural practices. The ideological ignorance in a Muslim land runs much deeper not only among the common Muslims, but also among the so-called mullah, imam, sheikhs, ulama and the Muslim intellectuals. They commonly tell people that Islam means peace and there is no holy war or Islamic state in Islam. They also tell that Islam has only rituals like 5 time prayer, month-long fasting, haj, and charity; and whoever excels in that will definitely enter paradise. As if, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam violated Islam by leading 19 wars himself, keeping multiple swords in his home and becoming the political head of a huge state!

Because of such disbelief and deep ideological ignorance, millions of people who offer five times prayers, keep month-long fasting, perform haj and also take part in the door to door campaign of Tablighi Jama’at show conspicuous compatibility with the most corrupt and criminal rulers of their own countries. The Qur’anic decree like “a’maru bil ma’ruf and nehi’anil munkar” doesn’t inspire their soul. Nor do they show any interest in the revival of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity and jihad in Muslims’ life. Because of such detachment from Islam, these people could easily work as mercenaries of the internal and external enemies of Islam in all ages. Even today, they vote for the enemies, they fight for the enemies and even they die for the enemies. These enemies can be foreign or native. Their service to the foreign enemies has been very catastrophic for the whole Muslim ummah. For example, more than a million Muslims of Arab and Indian origin fought in the First World War as the mercenaries in the European armies to dismantle Osmania Khilafa, The killed the soldiers of the Khalifa’s Army and occupied the Muslim land to hand over that to the kuffar. The disintegrated heart land of Islam –the Middle East and the creation of Israel, indeed owes to their crime.

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