Foreign Intelligence Agencies Targeted Baloch Leaders’ Family?

By Zaheerul Hassan

On January 31 , Balochistan assembly member Mir Bakhtiar Khan Domki’s wife Zamur Domki, 32, and daughter Janan Domki, 13, and family driver Barkat Baloch were killed by some unknown terrorists near Gizri area Bridge in Clifton of Karachi Pakistan commercial capital. It is mentionable here that Domki wife is the sister of Brahumdagh Bugti and granddaughter of late Akbar Bugti (Tribal Lord of Bugti Tribe). The victims were travelling in their black Toyota Mark II car (ANR-353) when the killers reportedly intercepted them and shot them dead at point-blank range.

As per set foreign agenda local lords of Balochistan immediately alleged country’s intelligence agency for the murder of the MPA family. MPA from anti government party Domki without going into details too alleged Pakistani Intelligence agency in killing of his wife and daughter. President, prime minister, others political and military leadership straightaway condemned the murder of two ladies and a driver. Here, I would mention that Americans, Britain and Indian are directly or indirectly involved in the unrest of Balochistan because of certain reasons like creating problems in the development of Gwadar Port and gaining control over this strategically important region.
Just after two days abduction and killing of soldiers of security forces have been carried out by the foreign sponsored terrorists. Therefore we can say wife, daughter and driver of Domki and current blast wave are interlinked and being sponsored by foreign intelligence agencies. Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry has taken suo motu notice of the murder of MPA Balochistan Bakhtiar Domki’s wife and daughter and nominated a three member bench of the Supreme Court to probe the case. In this regard, the apex court has also summoned Advocate General Sindh and Inspector General Sindh Mushtaq Shah.

On February 8, 2012 a blast ripped through Liaquat Bazaar near Junction square in Quetta late on Tuesday, injuring a security guard and destroying up to 20 stores. According to the DIG Operations Nazir Kurd said that 20 shops had been damaged in the blast while the building housing the bank had been completely destroyed. He also stated that 10 KG explosive have been used in this blast. It would not be wrong in saying that the blast is directly linked with the ongoing foreign sponsored terrorism. It would not be wrong in saying that terrorism in Quetta has been intensified after the killing of Bakhtia Khan Domki wife.

Anyhow, murder of Domki’s family members indicate that it was deliberate attempt of either because of some personal enmity or planned episode of foreign intelligence agencies. However, local lords have alleged Pakistani State Intelligence agency for the said murder. Unfortunately, Baloch sardars who are traditionally famous for not carrying out any action against women started trying to cash the murder while alleging. In my opinion, there are more chances that under discussion murder might have been done by the collaboration of more than one foreign agency. In this connection, earlier February 3, 2012, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had too indicated that a ‘third-force’ was behind the target killing. Malik added that the government had constituted a high-powered committee consisting of two members each from Provincial Assemblies of Balochistan and Sindh. An additional Inspector General of the Police would head the committee, which will also include representatives of the Inter Services Intelligence and the Intelligence Bureau.

The current blast wave and killing of MPAs’ family are interlinked, which was planned, staged and executed by CIA, RAW and MI – 6. Some of the Western, US, Indian and local electronic and print media started throwing slush on Pakistan on the name of human rights violation in Balochistan. I would also request to Chief Justice of Pakistan to also take suo motu actions on the murder of soldiers rather than just pulling security and intelligence agencies on the name of missing persons. He should also take suo motu against Baloch lords who are playing in foreign hands inviting CIA and RAW militancy to carry out in Balochistan. Killing of wife, daughter and driver of Mir Bakhtiar Khan Domki is of course condemned able. This act of killing has been done by RAW and CIA simply with the aim of fueling militancy of Balochistan. In fact this adventure of maligning and alleging country’s security forces and intelligence agency is the conspiracy against Pakistan’s solidarity and also showing the ulterior motives of CIA, MI-6 and RAW’s joint venture. US and India joint venture is aiming at (1) supporting rebels Baloch leaders for storming terrorism in Pakistan (2) Incorporating Iranian and Afghanis’ Baloch areas in purposed Greater Balochistan, (3) Declaring Pakhtune region as Al-Qaida dominated areas and targeting Gas pipeline. In short, there is a need of resolving the issue politically but at the same time foreign agents busy in fomenting terrorism, abducting and killing innocent people should also be dealt with iron hands. However, true leaders should be approached and given chances for ruling the province and establishment the peace. Media pundit and so called anchors should not try to fuel the issue deliberately or unintentionally. Media should discourage the anti Pakistan elements operating in Balochistan.

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