Has anything changed for the Tunisian, Egyptian, Algerian or any people?

No. Nothing has changed for them. Nothing will change. Not until they change themselves.Middle East

There have been just too many bloody revolutions in our world. There have also been just too many elections in many countries of the world.

Did anything change for the people anywhere in the world?  No.  Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Nothing will change for the people who will not be prepared to joins hands with each other to bring about a change for a just system. A just system is a system of the people, by the people, for the people. Nothing will change for the people who will not be prepared to come out of their homes, to join hands with each other to organise to work to bring about that welcome change. The change they want. The change that is based on justice. Nothing will change for the people who will not be prepared to change themselves to be able to unite to bring about the change they want.

Why? People are their own worst enemy. What they need to do they will NOT do. What they need NOT do, they do. Hence no change. Not even after so many bloody revolutions. Not even after so many elections. The thing to do for the people is to bring a change in their habits, attitude and outlook. They need to give up their bad habits and embrace good habits.

The worst of the habits absolutely rampant among people is “Arrogance”.  Arrogance and avarice cause people to be unjust. Injustice is at the heart of every trouble, every bloodshed, every death and destructions people endure today.

Among the good habits, the people must bring about, is the practise of “Justice with compassion”, humility, sincerity and truthfulness. Their motto should be “Live and let live“. “Whatever good, I want for myself let others also have those”.

This change of habit will enable them to be able to come forward to join hands with others to install a new and just system, which is the best system. A system of the people, by the people, for the people. Is there anything new in it? No. It has been practised by the people since time immemorial. The just system will come to the people only and only when they will see the sense in coming together to organise their participation in those matters that affect their lives and destiny. The only way they can make sure of their participation is by organizing their “Co-operative, Consultative Committees” in every locality, in every nook and corner of the country.
This is the only way people can organise the means to enable them to have their ‘true and effective representation and to keep things under their collective control through vigilance, self help and co-operation. It is a fact that all those elections have failed to deliver ‘true and effective representation’ to the people simply because people have not paid any attention to organising their CCCommittes which will ensure their participation and hence representation. By coming together people will be able to become far more knowledgeable about their environment, thus vigilant and observant of how their affairs are managed or mismanaged and also how their hard-earned tax money is being used or abused. Peoples’ power thus gained through thousands of  CCCommittees all over the country will ensure that the people can make anyone “accountable”, more so those, whom they elect and thus become capable to take corrective actions through their effective representations, absolutely peacefully thus avoid any adversity to their common interests.
Elections: In their own interest the only place from where people should elect their representatives is from their own localities.

Charity begins at home. So the initiative to organize CCCommittees has to come from the people themselves in the localities where they live. The initiative of mobilising the masses to such a far reaching and beneficial goal has to come from the intellectuals, thinkers, writers, social and political workers etc.
If people fail to make a move in this direction they will certainly never achieve, what are their just rights, no matter how many elections or bloody revolutions they go through. We all have seen such things happening in many parts of the world and for centuries.
Nothing much is in the hands of a leader and everything is in the hands of the people themselves. History is a witness that when people have left too much trust and power in the hands of one man they have simply asked for trouble. There is lesson to learn from what German people ended up with, for going crazy after Adolf Hitler. There is lesson to learn from Russian people, who went crazy after Lenin. It did not take long for the Russian people to end up with and endure a new Tsar, Tsar Lenin.  It is sad and sad indeed, for the Russian people as in many parts of Russia, people had started the best system and were doing very well, thus. The best system is age old system of the people, by the people, for the people.  By coming to rally round comrade Lenin, people abandoned the best system and opted for the worst system. What Russian people endured by making the fatal mistake, people very normally make everywhere, is there to see for everyone. By rallying round a man and leaving too much power in the hands of one man, people offer the best opportunity to the Mafia. The Mafia always waits in the wings. Everyone should be asking this question “Would there be any Mafia if people themselves organized their own Mafia? The fact is that when the people will be prepared to bring their heads together to think of the best way for them and then be prepared to act collectively to translate their common thoughts into action, peacefully, methodically, upholding justice at all the times, then they will certainly enable themselves to achieve what they want to achieve.
As far as Muslims are concerned Lord Almighty has indeed called upon them to come to unite by rallying round no one but Him. Lord Almighty has also laid down that they must resolve their common matters by consulting all those who are affected thus, upholding justice at all the times. The set up Lord Almighty has commanded Muslims to create is none other than “Co-operative Consultative Committees “in every locality, every qusbah, and every qiryah.

Do we see many people obeying the Lord ? No we do not. What is the proof? Nowhere can one see the set up of “Co-operative Consultative Committees” as commanded by Lord Almighty. Nowhere from Indonesia to Morocco will anyone see people doing what those early Muslims did, who established the first Islamic state.
So how could people calling themselves Muslims complain for what they endure at the hands of slave takers and slave drivers, if they continue to refuse to obey Lord Almighty in coming together to unite? Unite to enable themselves to deter the evil intentions of slave takers and slave drivers.
It was indeed, unity, upholding of justice and exemplary behaviour of the early Muslims that won them tribes after tribes, nations after nations as allies. Lord Almighty bestowed upon them the glories He has promised for the faithful as a consequence of their heart warming and heart winning habits. Those Arabs indeed were winners and we? We are losers. They were winners, because they obeyed Lord Almighty. We are losers because we disobey Lord Almighty very audaciously. Disobey in coming together to unite. Unite to make Justice and Compassion a very commonly found commodity. Our disobedience to Lord’s commands is duly rewarded with life of ignominy we endure today. Lord Almighty has never changed the condition of a nation which does nothing to bring about that welcome change.

So the question to ask those who claim to be Muslims is “What have you done, in response to Lord’s invitation which is “Wahtusaymoo …. walah taferruqoo”?  We should all prepare ourselves to answer this question if asked on the day of Judgement.

Where would anyone go to unite? Tehreer Square? No. People will need to come together in the localities where they live.  In the localities where everything good or bad happens. They will need to follow in the footsteps of the “Winners”. The winners were those early Muslims who had created a system of the people, by the people.  A system for the benefit of whole mankind in obedience to Lord Almighty. That was the first Islamic State. Was there a King, a Ruler, a President, a Despot, a General etc.? No. They had created the authority of Lord Almighty through their unity in obedience to the Lord. The role of the holy Prophet (saw) was exactly as defined by Lord Almighty, Ubd wa Rasool. Full stop.

So how did the system work then? The system was made to work by the people as it was a system of the people, by the people. What kind of people were they? People showing unquestionable loyalty to the Lord. Coming together and managing their collective affairs through consultation of all. What was this system? Was this not an envy of democracy? This is the ideal system and when people will ignore it, they will simply be asking for trouble. Trouble, people endure all over the world today.

Did anyone hear Lord Almighty‘s warning which is “No soul shall carry the burden of another soul on the day of Judgement”. Those early Muslims took this warning to heart and came together to shoulder their collective responsibility to create the authority of Lord Almighty. They did not leave these crucial and vital matters to be resolved by anyone else than themselves thus keeping the door for any despot, dictator, ruler etc. to crop up, firmly shut. Have we ever bothered to do so? No. So why ignominious life of slavery at the hands of slave takers and slave drivers shall not remain our destiny?
There is utterly no other way for the people. It is their own collective action which can help them in making their country, their life, their destiny, Heaven or Hell. The people are on their own and no one is going to come from anywhere to help them if they do not take the initiative themselves to come together to work to bring the change they want.
Here are the thought provoking words of Haile Selassie.

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, which has made it possible for evil to triumph”.

Do we not see the triumph of evil everywhere? It is all because of our inaction. Our inaction in coming together to join hands with each other to make this world a very liveable place methodically and peacefully in obedience to Lord’s commands.

 What every citizen need to do? Here is a lesson to learn from some Mexican people who organised to be free from crime.  It was peoples’ ‘self defence’ movement against criminals.

Please copy and paste to read all : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2300381/Vigilantes-seize-town-Mexico

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