Implications of Military Operations in North Waziristan Agency for Pakistan and the US

Implications of Military Operations in NWA  for Pakistan and the USSince beginning of August 2012, the grapevine in print and electronic media has been buzzing with the question of whether or not the Pakistan Army will launch a military offensive in North Waziristan Agency (NWA). With such consistent media coverage, these impending operations, if any, became much debated operations raising critical questions among the larger segment of society. While Pakistan’s instinctive response was to unequivocally deny the media leaks; nevertheless Army chief’s address at the Azadi Parade on 14 August, calling for national unity “in the battle against terrorism” made many analysts to interpret it as an indication for necessity of military operations against militants and Pakistan’s willingness for such a venture in North Waziristan.  This exaggerated overdrive of speculations and expectations have made the whole scene clouded by rumours and contradictions about operations in NWA leaving the masses worried and concerned. In such fragile and uncertain environment dispelling the impression of any possibility of “joint operations” by the Army Chief himself endowed the masses with most needed assurance. Although the nations stands unified in support of the belief that elimination of the menace of terrorism remains essential; albeit expects adoption of methodology best suited for Pakistan.