India’s expansionism and Hindu terrorism

terrorismIndia is the largest country in South Asia and its leaders never tire of boasting that India is the super power of the region and a potential world power. Indira doctrine advocated India’s unrestricted influence over the whole region.

India is past master in covert operations and propaganda war and habitually resorts to intrigues, economic coercion and blackmail. It never shies of threatening to use military option to overawe economically and militarily weak neighbors.

Disputes with all neighbors. India has disputes with all its neighbors because of which it doesn’t enjoy best of relations with any. Others have no choice but to bear with India’s high-handedness. They take India’s barbs and excesses with a heavy heart.

Post Partition assaults against Pakistan. It is part of history that after Partition in 1947, Indian Congress leaders instead of helping Pakistan in settling down had overloaded Pakistan with myriad of problems to smother it in its formative years. From the book by Basant Chaterjee (Inside Bangladesh Today) we now know that Pundit Nehru had been scheming since August 1947 to reclaim East Bengal and make it an integral part of undivided India.

India’s expansionism. Indian military annexed Hyderabad, Junagadh and Manavadar whose Muslim rulers wanted to accede to Pakistan. It also forcibly occupied two-thirds Kashmir in October 1947 whose ruler was Hindu but great majority of population Muslims.

Soon after, Goa, Daman and Diu were also overpowered. All told, 565 princely states were made part of Indian Union.

Bangladesh. After creating Bangladesh in 1971, RAW gave preferential treatment to Rakhi Bahini over Bangladesh armed forces. Later on, RAW created Kadir Bahini to create trouble for Gen Ziaur Rahman and Gen Irshad Hussain regimes. Subsequently, Shanti Bahini was created to support Chakmas in Chittagong Hills.

Sikkim. RAW incited trouble in Sikkim in 1973 and in 1975 kingdom of Sikkim was absorbed.

Bhutan. Expansionist India’s next target was Bhutan. It was put under so much pressure that it agreed to act as its vassal to retain its independence.

Nepal. Landlocked Nepal was terrorized to toe its line by halting food, medicines, oil and water supplies and instigating riots.

Burma. It enjoyed excellent relations with Bangladesh but India strained their relations by fomenting trouble in Arakan Province and forcing 250,000 Arakenese to migrate to Bangladesh. The two neighbors are now arch enemies.

Maldives is also frightened through false flag operations.

Sri Lanka. RAW trained the Tamils to bring about armed rebellion and carve a Tamil State out of predominantly Sinhalese Island. Of the many groups trained, LTTE was the deadliest. It took Sri Lankan military 30 years to crush the insurgency.

Disputes with all neighbors. India has border disputes with all her seven neighbors and water disputes with Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, which she has deliberately created to keep them under her thumb. One of her favorite tricks is to put the onus of her crime at the doorsteps of others and herself act as a victim. Her propagandists have the uncanny skill to project white deeds of their opponents as black and India’s black deeds as white.

Pakistan. Pakistan has always aspired for peaceful and friendly relationship with all its neighbors based on equality and mutual respect and has resented overbearing attitude of India. It stands up to Indian intemperance and belligerence boldly.

Pakistan’s defiance resented

Of all her neighbors, Pakistan troubles her the most since it refuses to accept Indian hegemony and also contests the Indian created disputes of Kashmir, Siachin, Sir Creek and dams resolutely.

Pakistan is the only country which despite being very inferior in men and material has gone to war with five-time numerically superior India thrice and has all along defied India’s uncalled for belligerence.

Fourth round got averted in 1987, 1990, 1999, 2001 and 2009 at the eleventh hour. Pakistan’s defiance is not to the liking of Indian leaders and in reaction they have been continuously devising strategies to make Pakistan a pliant state.

India’s browbeating tactics. It includes false promises, covert war, coercion, blackmail, false flag operations and poisoning the minds of friends of Pakistan. RAW keeps cooking up dramas to falsely implicate Pakistan.

India has always got away with her misdeeds because for 43 years she was backed by USSR and now her sins are being covered up by USA.

Cross border terrorism by India. After poisoning the minds of Bengalis, and forcing Gen Yahya to launch a military action on 25 March 1971 to re-establish writ of the state, province wide rebellion was triggered by Indian military trained Mukti Bahini. 59 training camps were established all along the border to train and launch the rebels. After nine months of insurgency and cutting off the province from rest of the world, Indian military severed eastern limb of Pakistan.

Sindh chosen as next target

After depriving Pakistan of its eastern limb in December 1971, RAW started hunting in Sindh where it fomented Sindhu Desh movement with the help of GM Sayyed. Terrorist camps were established in eight Indian border towns. Services of Hindus living in Sindh who had migrated to India during the1971 war and those still residing in Sindh were hired and made use of by a RAW cell at Jaipur.

Al-Zulfiqar established in 1979 after the hanging of ZA Bhutto was taken over completely by RAW in 1981 to carryout sabotage and subversion in Sindh. Its efforts were complimented by KGB-KHAD-RAW nexus using Afghan soil.

PPP’s MRD movement in Sindh in 1983 was fully supported by India. After creation of MQM in Karachi in 1984, some of its leaders were hijacked by RAW in 1986. They were helped to create militant wing and control Karachi. NAP later renamed as ANP supported Pakhtunistan stunt and at the behest of Indian Congress opposed construction of Kalabagh dam.

India’s duality. Dual faced Indian leaders show soft face of India to the world depicting India as humble, peace loving and harmless and hide its real face full of intrigue, falsehood, cunningness and malice. Her neighbors in South Asia have to deal with the second face. In order to hide her crimes against humanity, India masquerades as champion of democracy, secularism and protector of human rights.

Closeness with US exploited. Taking advantage of her closeness with USA after the collapse of former Soviet Union, India tried hard to convert Kashmiri freedom movement into terrorism and to get Pakistan declared as an abettor of terrorism but failed. 9/11 provided the opportunity she was eagerly looking for and thereon all her efforts were directed towards getting Pakistan declared a terrorist state, ISI a rogue outfit and to defame and crush freedom movement in Kashmir which had become her Achilles Heel. These steps had become necessary to hide growing Hindu terrorism in India pursued by RSS-Bajrang Dal-VHP-BJP combine.

False flag operation December 2001

First major attempt was made on December 13, 2001 by way of staging an engineered terrorist attack on Indian Parliament and terming it as horrific as 9/11 attacks.

Kashmir focused Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad were blamed for the attack and it was alleged that ISI had masterminded it. Allegations were leveled without carrying out investigations. This shoddy drama was enacted with the blessing of USA with specific objectives of extracting concessions on Kashmir, keeping Pakistan under pressure and to get draconian anti-terrorism laws passed from the parliament.

Hyperactive response. Indian leadership, media and public in unison outrageously started beating their chests and drums of war. Anchors in Indian TV channels soured their throats painting Pakistan in black. In no time war hysteria was created and within days the entire Indian military might was mobilized and deployed to wage a war.

Indian story blindly bought. The US and the western world sympathized with India and censured Pakistan. None in India or in western world questioned as to what gains Pakistan would have made through this foolish act when it had opted to become frontline state to fight global war on terror and had deployed 70,000 troops along its western border. Why should Pakistan have opened a second front when terrorism had become the most heinous crime?

Military standoff. For full ten months Indian leaders kept breathing fire to browbeat Pakistan and would not accept any explanation or peace overture from Pakistan. Owing to equally aggressive response Pak military, Indian forces backed off in October 2002.

Pakistan caved in on diplomatic front. While Pakistan military emerged as a victor on the military front, Gen Musharraf caved in and obliged India and USA by banning six Jihadi groups engaged in assisting freedom fighters in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He gave in writing that he would not allow Pak soil for use for cross border terrorism. This written commitment was self-indictment, which impelled Vajpayee to sign peace treaty with Pakistan in January 2004 and to renew composite dialogue.

Peace treaty was a ruse

Vajpayee and later Manmohan Singh duped Musharraf into believing that all core issues including Kashmir would be resolved through talks but wasted all the time in CBMs without touching the real issues.

Peace treaty was a ruse to defuse Kashmir movement, which had run out of control of 700,000 Indian security forces, to fully concentrate towards covert operations against Pakistan using Afghan soil, use India’s western front for cultural invasion, fence LoC and complete dams on our rivers.

Pakistan falsely blamed for terrorism. Between the periods of 2002 to 2008, all acts of terror occurring in India were pasted on Lashkar-e-Taiba and ISI. A case was systematically built to establish linkage of the two and then get the duo blacklisted in UN. Western media chipped in to demonize Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Engineered Mumbai attacks. After six years of sustained efforts by India to malign ISI and Lashkar Taiba, Mumbai attacks took place on the night of November 26, 2008 and hell broke loose.

First exposure by Hemant Karkare

After I.K. Shukla gave out details of Hindu terrorism in India in ‘the Milli Gazette on September 26, 2005, anti-terrorist chief of Maharashtra Hemant Karkare was the first Indian police officer to expose Hindu terrorism in 2008.

While investigating Malegaon terror case, he was horrified to gather that Hindu terrorist group supported by Lt Col Shrikant Purohit and serving Indian military intelligence officers were involved in all the terrorist acts in India that had been put in the basket of Indian Muslims and Pakistan. He arrested the culprits and gathered sufficient incriminating evidence to indict and convict them.

Assemanad’s confession

Swami Aseemanand after his arrest told the magistrate Deepak Dabas on December 18, 2010 that not Muslims but he and a range of Hindu thugs belonging to RSS were involved in a series of heinous terrorist blasts ranging from Malegaon to Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, blasts in Ajmer Sharif and Samjhota Express. He said that Mumbai attacks were carried out with the help of Israeli Mossad.

Indian magazine Tehelka in its January 2011 issue reported the 42-page confession of Aseemanand. These disclosures were highly damaging for the reputation of India making loudest noise against terrorism as well as for Indian military and Hindutva supporters.   

Disturbing developments

Eruption of massive unarmed protests in Kashmir valley over Amarnath land scam in summer of 2008 was a worrying development.

Obama during his 2008 election campaign gave added shock by promising resolution of Kashmir dispute if voted to power. In panic RAW in consultation with Indian leadership, CIA and Mossad devised Mumbai drama.

Objectives were to divert world attention from Kashmir, color the perceptions of Obama on Kashmir, put off composite dialogue that had made considerable progress, get Lashkar Taiba and ISI branded as rogue outfits.

Our apologetic stance

Since the plot was conceived and implemented in haste, the plot makers left a trail of glaring loopholes. Our media remained defensive and our political leadership apologetic.

Hamid Mir went on a spying mission and sold Indian story and British newspaper report that the lone survivor Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani belonging to Faridkot village in Punjab.

Rahman Malik went a step ahead by validating Indian charge that the launch was hired from Karachi harbor by six persons. His version was rebutted by our naval chief.

Malik arrested and indicted Jamatud Dawa leaders to appease India and in a roundabout way admitted that 26/11 attacks had been planned in Pakistan. Our High Court and later Supreme Court freed Hafiz Saeed for want of evidence much to the dismay of India and Malik.

Lunatic behavior of India. How can Pakistanis forget the lunatic behavior of Indian leaders and media on the night of 26/11 and several weeks after? A storm was kicked up and no amount of reasoning, explanation and gestures would lower their tempers. After holding Pakistan responsible for the attacks, war hysteria was built up, our DG ISI arrogantly summoned and all strike formations offensively deployed. India stuck to her rigid stance and for about three years kept pressing Pakistan to hand over the named accused or punish them. Fake documents were provided to prove her contention.

Ajmal Kasab’s unfair trial. We also live to remember that Ajmal Kasab (not his real name) who couldn’t speak Urdu was unfairly tried in a kangaroo court and awarded death sentence. No judge or lawyer from Pakistan or Interpol was allowed to meet him. He kept pleading in Marhatti language till last that he had been falsely implicated. In a video clip available on U-Tube, he is heard seeking Bhagwan’s (god) mercy. He was hanged to death and secretly buried inside the jail.

Third exposure. Indian Home Minister Sushal Kumar Shinde was the third Indian to disclose the ugly face of India involved in terrorism. On January 20, 2013, in his statement given to Washington Post, he claimed that BJP and RSS were promoting ‘Hindu terrorism’ through their training camps. He said that the two were behind the blasts in Pakistan bound Samjhota Express train in which 55 Pakistanis were burnt to death, in Hyderabad’s Mecca mosque and the Malegaon mosque in Maharashtra. He added that the accused blamed the minority community for the crime.

BJP’s angry response

His remarks drew an angry response from BJP, which demanded an unconditional apology but Congress leaders defended Sushal. They said the right wing terrorism was a reality in India and that there was enough evidence of RSS backed terrorism.

Sushal however didn’t divulge the whole truth and concealed the heavy involvement of Indian military intelligence in terrorism and in promotion of Hindutva.

Curtain lifted by Satish Varma

The curtain has finally lifted and what was speculated has now come true. Former Indian Home Ministry officer and investigator Satish Varma has spilled the beans asserting that both December 2001 and November 2008 incidents were orchestrated and pre-planned by incumbent Indian government to pressurize Pakistan, discredit ISI and freedom movement in Kashmir and to justify imposition of draconian laws in IOK already in place.

He stated that serving Indian Army officers and Military Intelligence were deeply involved in terror attacks. Times of India dated July 14, 2013 broke the news.

India’s Home Ministry Under-Secretary RVS Mani submitted signed affidavits in the court to substantiate Satish Verma’s report. He affirmed that Satish who had been part of Central Bureau of Investigation, told him that December 13, 2001 attack on Indian Parliament and November 26, 2008 attacks in Mumbai were a set up to achieve specific objectives.

India mum. It is indeed most befuddling to note that the Indian media, which excel in flashing breaking news and making mountain out of a mole, has remained mum over this earth shaking revelation. Similar is the response from Indian leadership and that of the super-active western media.

Our lackadaisical response incomprehensible. While the lackadaisical responses of India and the west are understandable, what is incomprehensible is the laid-back behavior of our media. Geo TV and The News in particular were conspicuous in their mysterious silence. Our media remained more concerned with leaked Abbottabad Commission report to malign Army and ISI rather than discussing the sensational revelation made by Satish Verma. All want to hush it up and move on and consolidate Indo-Pakistan trade ties rather than hollering over past events.

India again up to old tricks. India instead of getting embarrassed and changing its attitude, resorted to its old trick along the LoC over an issue of beheading of Indian soldier in January this year and raised a storm. It is again beating war drums over alleged killing of five Indian soldiers in Poonch sector on 6 August and ever since is resorting to daily ceasefire violations of 2003 peace agreement.

Pakistan grind-ed for uncommitted sins. For 13 years, Pakistan has been grind-ed and given all sorts of names and subjected to insults for its uncommitted sins. Pakistan having lost over 40,000 lives and $100 billion because of the US instigated war on terror has been castigated for not doing enough and is accused of either being complicit or incompetent. Our media has been lending strength to the jaundiced propaganda of Indo-western media.

India rewarded, Pakistan punished. The US has been encouraging India to carryout terrorism adventures and false flag operations against Pakistan. India, the real criminal is pampered, cajoled, glamorized and richly rewarded for putting Pakistan in the dock.

Pakistan repeatedly stabbed by friends. Both USA and India helped by our media have been falsely painting Pakistan as the nursery of terrorism and the most dangerous country in the world whereas in reality the two are the biggest terrorist states in the world, intentionally fomenting terrorism in Pakistan and maligning it on false charges. The duo in unison has repeatedly stabbed Pakistan while pretending as friends. The world sympathized with India for being a victim of terrorism and Pakistan projected as the villain of peace.

Cat out of the bag. Now that the cat is out of the bag and India caught with its pants down and its intrigues fully exposed, will the international community that has been supportive of India rise to the occasion and denounce Indian wickedness?

Will India be held accountable? Will India be held accountable for officially promoting terrorism and destabilizing Pakistan to force it to give up supporting cause of Kashmir and to become a compliant state? Will it be held responsible for unjust hanging of Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab and death of hundreds of innocent people in malevolent false flag operations and sponsored terror acts simply in pursuit of her geographical and economic ambitions?

Will our media be quizzed? Will our media be quizzed for its biased role in promoting Indian and western interests at the cost of our national interests?

Are one-sided concessions desirable? Peaceful and friendly relations with India is highly desirable but why should Pakistan keep giving in and extending one-sided concessions to India despite being repeatedly betrayed and the latter giving nothing in return except false promises and never hesitating to knife  Pakistan whenever opportunity comes its way?

When will our leaders comprehend that the US and India would like a pliant Pakistan but not a politically stable, economically sound and militarily strong Pakistan?

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