Islamabad Blasts: A Slap on National Security Policy

islamabd blastBy Zaheerul Hassan

Two Suicide bombers and 4 others terrorists hit the capital just after the announcement of cease fire by TTP. The terrorists started the attack at 09:15 am and kept on playing with the lives of innocent people for about 40 minutes but none of the local security elements reached to the scene and responded the militants.   During this terrorist action 12 killed and 26 injured. The dead include an additional judged and young lady advocate who recently returned to the country after completion of law education from UK.  It is worth mentioning here that Mr. Rafakat Ahmed is the same additional session’s judge who rejected the appeal against General (Retd) Mushraf which was filed by Maulana Harronur Rashid Ghazi son of Maulana Abdul Aziz, from Lal Mosque Islamabad in April 2013. Notably, Maulana Abdul Aziz has been nominated as one of the negotiators from Taliban side. He always openly supported enforcing Shriat of TTP’s choice in the country. Here the matter of concern is that within few minutes terrorists have successfully disappeared in Islamabad.

The same morning, two security forces have been martyred on road side of Khyber Agency (KPK). A day earlier the militants detonated the vehicles of Khyber Khasadar Force who were detailed on providing protection to the Polio Team operating in Jamrud and surrounding areas.  At least 13 people, including 12 security personnel, were killed and 11 others injured when two roadside bombs targeting a polio vaccination in Lashora area of Jamrud Tehsil.

A newly appeared “Hirar ul Hind” a group of TTP has claimed the responsibly of Islamabad attacks but TTP without condemning the terrorism has refused to accept the responsibility of blast of the court and bar. Some sources have revealed that TTP herself continues with the terrorist activities under the fake name of Hirar ul Hind. TTP has never been serious in negotiations with the government because it wants to enforce her own agenda.

In fact, such like claiming and disowning of militancy is the strategy of TTP. Earlier same acceptance and disclaiming have also been seen in the explosion of church and cinema of Peshawar and beheading of FC soldiers.

The occurrence of the narrated actions just after the announcement of TTP Cease fire and announcement of national security policy are amount to a big slap on the government’s face. In fact, it is a shame for the interior minister who always remain busy in taking credit of non sense like, forcing Taliban to come on the table, inviting TTP for the cricket match and what not………..  It is not the first time those terrorists have successfully launched their operation and successfully went back to their hideouts.

Later the same day, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has chaired high-level meeting with military officials to review the prevailing security situation in the country.  The meeting was attended by Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Zaheer ul Islam, Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Defence Minister Khawaja Asif.  According to the credible sources the high ups discussed strategies relating to peace talks with Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan in the light of Islamabad court incident.  Unfortunately, almost all major political parties earlier welcomed the negotiations with Taliban and later on also positively received the statement in which the banned outfit announces a ceasefire for a month. Agony of this issue is that despite repeated terrorists’ acts government instead dealing TTP with iron hands is still determined to continue with the negotiations with banned organizations. However, country’s security forces have very rightly considered the TTP statements as chess move only and went for surgical strikes against terrorist occupied area of FATA. The security forces probably went for the strikes when they realized that the government did not have the guts to take any action against the militants.

It is not the first incident when terrorists hit the capital. Earlier in August 2013, Malik Sikandar, armed with at least two assault rifles, an AK-47 and a latest sub machine gun (SMG), started shooting at Jinnah Avenue. He and his wife harassed the public in Islamabad city for more than five hours.

Anyhow, terrorists’ action in Islamabad has also posed serious challenge to the ability of security organization and slapped on newly devised national security policy. In short government should take serious and sensible actions of eliminating terrorism in the country. The local authorities should pay proper attention while recruiting deputing religious teaching staff in schools, colleges and imams in the mosques. They should learn from Cantt and DHA, where proper systems being followed while recruiting religious staff and further appointing them on the vacant posts. The selection board ensures those people being recruited are free from sectarianism thoughts. Currently, Lahore DHA only is looking after more than 20 mosques and five schools and colleges. The authorities have the proper supervising system and procedures of monitoring Jumma speeches and other activities in the mosques and educational institutions. Therefore, society normally remained free from the evil of sectarianism.   Some of the suggested actions are; Immediate clearing of Islamabad from terrorists, detailed and judiciary enquiry against Mullana Abdul Aziz of Lal Mosque, planed and swift military action against terrorists of FATA and Balochistan, registration of Maddrass, audit of Madrass funding, close watch on International organizations (NGOs) operating in the country, controlling major media groups to stop propagating militants point of view on electronic and print media. Moreover, there is  an urgent need that politicians, the media, intellectuals and others should come on the same page to relieve the country of all problems.

Media must not counteract the fundamental ideology of Pakistan by allowing debates that Pakistan was created for higher ideals of Islam or to meet the mundane needs of materialism. Such debates tend to weaken own stance of creating a separate homeland and promote the agenda of anti Pakistan forces including Indian leadership.  In this regards,     Media must not create conditions or indulge itself in tarnishing the very image of Pakistan / Armed Forces and national prestige. The electronic media must conduct programs based on objective journalistic efforts, valuable information and positive suggestions for public consumption. Skewed and biased media coverage will certainly irritate the audience adding to their psychological worries.

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