Maligning Pak Ideology

tMohammad Faheem

Altaf Hussain has questioned the ideology of Pakistan by asking the Supreme Court and the Parliament to define what the Ideology of Pakistan was. It seems that either the MQM leader does not really know or he intentionally wants to downgrade the country’s basic root which is the real foundation of this country, having no other rai-sond’etre for its existence.

Altaf Hussain cannot falsify history that provides testimony to the biggest sacrifice of life and property of his forefathers who put every thing on stake for the sake of a country founded in the name of Islam. They migrated to the land of their dreams, sailing through the ocean of fire and blood empty handed and stripped off every thing they had. This most heartbreaking migration has no match in the history of the human mass displacement. Why a man of the caliber of a national leader is unable to understand the basic reality about the country’s ideology.

There seems some pathology involved which might have affected his sense of realizing things. The simple fact to understand the Pakistan ideology is to understand the Kalma Tayyeba, ‘La Ilaha Illullaho’. There is a lot of lesson for us in the sayings and quotations of the founder fathers of the nation, particularly those of the Great Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Those who have some ambiguity about it should revert to the numerous statements of the Founder of the country which are protected in the recorded history of Pakistan. It is this deviation from the basic ideology that after 24 years of national life we lost our one arm. The mess that is going on in the country and particularly in Karachi is also the result of our lack of commitment to the basic ideology of Pakistan and leaders like Altaf Hussain must accept the responsibility.

It may be by chance, that two days prior to the statement of Altaf, Adeel, a senator of the ANP, during his address in a seminar in Islamabad, burst out at the Pak Army suggesting that the country did not need this huge army and the protection of the ideology of Pakistan is not the responsibility of the armed forces. This logic is also beyond the comprehension of a common Pakistani Muslim who believes that the Pak Army is not only the protector of the geographical boundaries but at the same time it has to ensure proper protection of its ideological frontiers as well.

Adeel is on record not to lose any chance of maligning the Country’s Armed Forces as an institution when ever he finds a chance to speak out his venom. He is known for controversial statements regarding Pak Armed Forces and the basic Ideology of Pakistan.
He argued in the same statement that it was the responsibility of the parliament to keep an eye on the ideology and not the army. He meant the parliament where majority of the members are the ones who have proved themselves to be the most corrupt, inept and liars having reached to law making house with fake educational degrees.
How can such conglomeration protect the ideology of Pakistan when most of them do not understand the Taaouz and Tasmia (Aauzubillah and Bismillah). We should recall that a responsible minister of the recently ended government could not correctly recite the Sura-e-Fateha in the parliament. How such people can appreciate and then protect the Ideology of the country? The statements like the one given by Mr. Adeel, reminds me an historical quote of the Prime Minister of Israel at the end of 1967 Arab-Israel War.

The Zionist zealots of Israel celebrated in Geneva their conquest against their arch enemies. The Prime Minister of Israel, in that gathering, had been reported to have expressed his aspiration in these words, “We have completely rooted out the Arabs and they will not be able to stand against us in the future. However, we are keeping an eye on the Pakistan Army which is a sure challenge to our existence and we have to do something about it”. It was this “something” that resulted in the disintegration of Pakistan and the debacle of East Pakistan occurred in 1971. Prior to the tragedy of East Pakistan, anti Pakistan forces had been working on a detailed agenda.

There was a poisonous propaganda against the ideology and the armed forces of Pakistan on a very wide scale. Anti-Pakistan rhetoric was so vehemently propagated at extensive scale through anti Pakistan element both from within and without. Is history repeating itself? Today we again see that certain elements are making biased propaganda against the Armed Forces and still others are negating the Ideology of Pakistan.

Are these people not promoting the Israeli agenda which was hinted at in that day of victory celebration in Geneva? Remember that India at the behest of anti Pakistani and anti Islamic powers had played an open and vital role in the disintegration of Pakistan with its friend and natural ally Israel behind the curtain. On the debacle of the then East Pakistan turning into Bangladesh, the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had declared that they had drowned the two-nation theory in the Bay of Bengal. It is an extension of the same strategy of the enemy which is being repeated by the bad-mouthed elements openly against the very foundation of Pakistan and there is no one to take notice of it. Sensing the fatality of the statement of Senator Adeel, the chief of the ANP, Mr. Asfandiyar Wali Khan has taken timely notice of it.

He has very categorically declared that such statement is disowned by the party and it is Adeel’s own thinking and not that of the ANP. One wonders if there is no such provision in the constitution of the country which can provide protection to the ideological and physical frontiers from the vagaries of elements who are axing the roots of Pakistan through their statements and activities. Propagating hatred and negative sentiments against the ideology and the Armed Forces of Pakistan must be cognizable offense and should be treated as high treason and must be nipped in the bud. Such people must be proceeded against under the appropriate law and there should be a very strict scrutiny that these people should not find a way to occupy a seat in the law making body of the country.

On the other hand the country’s electronic media is giving wide publicity to the statements of Altaf which it has never given that open heartedly to any other political leader having deep commitment to the ideology of the country. Altaf Hussain sitting in a foreign country is controlling country politics through his remote and is making mockery on the state institutions by making hostile statement against them. This man is always a part of the ruling party in one way or the other and is enjoying all the privileges of a mainstream political leader but no body has ever asked him as to why he is not ending his self imposed exile and come back to share the good and bad of the country like a faithful citizen. What is wrong about him? The ANP leadership being a patriotic one must have sent a note of warning to Senator Adeel to abstain from statements which seem to be against the very interest of the country.

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