Moles in Sikh Organizations

By Zaheerul HassanGolden_Temple_Sikhs

Sikhs although started  struggle of their  rights  just  after the partition of Hindustan but it    took new dimension in 1984 when Indian armed forces with their boots on, entered into Golden Temple and killed thousands of people.  According to the independent sources, in that tragic incident more than 20,000 Sikhs had been murdered by the order of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated on October31, 1984. Later on, Sikh nation probably decided to speed up “khalistan Movement”, so that they are able to live according to their own customs and free to perform their religious obligations. Ruling Congress Party of India though elected Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister just to suppress the demand of punishing culprits of Golden Temple attack. He failed to provide to justice his community. Thus, Indian secularism is just not more than deception. Notably, Sikhs population in the world is around 27 million that’s makes them 0.39% of the world population. However, out of these 27 million approximately 83% live in India with 76% of all Sikhs living in Punjab. Other Indian states where Sikhs have sizeable population i.e. greater than 200,000 are Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, Assam and Jammu & Kashmir.

It is again a misery that Sikhs who ruled over Punjab for many years but remained failed to even enjoy the status of autonomous nation after partition of India. Moreover, like Muslims and Christians communities, Sikhs can’t perform their religious obligations openly and freely. The extremists Hindus even do not feel hesitation in playing with the lives of minorities whenever they find a chance. In this connection the incident of Babri Mosque is true story of brutality and Hindutva mind. A per Times of India report of  April 8 ,2013 “polit bureau member Brinda Karat stated that the BJP manifesto is a blueprint to take forward the Hindutva agenda. “Under Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s leadership there was a commitment to nation that issues of Ram Mandir, Article 370 and uniform civil code will be put on the back burner.   The brutality against Christians  in Urisa, bleeding Tamils in Maoists and Tamils, Crush Sikhs in Amritsar and firing Kashmiris in Indian occupied Kashmir, blowing up Samjota Express  and violence against Muslims by BJP nominated Narendra Modi  are enough examples of unveiling of Indian secularism.

Recently, to show of solidarity the global Sikhs community stood up to save Professor Bhullar and after continues protests able to commute the death sentence of Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar (Prof. Bhullar) to life imprisonment on March 31, 2014. After 19 years of trial finally, the Supreme Court of India based their decision on the grounds of the inordinate delay in deciding his mercy plea and his present mental condition. It is notable that between 1984 and 1994 around 250000 Sikhs disappeared in Punjab. As per credible sources of Sikh organizations the disappearances have never been accounted for. Would that mean that there are 250000 souls waiting for the Panth to give them closure by bringing justice to them.  His  arrest and conviction raised several human rights issues;  since he was arrested and tried  under the  notorious law, “Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA)” The law contains provisions incompatible with international fair trial standards; a lack of evidence proving his involvement; and an involuntary and forced ‘confession’, which he later retracted.  Prof. Bhullar was sentenced to death in 2001 by a Delhi trial court for triggering a blast in New Delhi in 1993. Nevertheless, the minorities in India are feeling deprive of their rights.  To crush the minorities’ voice, Indian intelligence agencies keep on devising plans like killing, arresting, raping women and disappearing leaders of minorities. In this regard RAW have penetrated many moles in the organizations fighting for the minorities’ rights. They are being tasked to create rifts among the lines of the organizations and provide day to day information to controlling desks of RAW.  According to one renowned Sikh scholar Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh disclosed that the Indian government has used many tactics to undermine the Sikh struggle for freedom. It has infiltrated organizations such as the World Sikh Organization.  It even infiltrated and continues to control Babbar Khalsa, the organization that India accused of carrying out the Air India bombing.  By accusing Babbar Khalsa, it is essentially taking the blame itself.  The organization’s primary backer received a $2 million loan from the State Bank of India just before the Air India attack, according to Kashmeri and McAndrew.   Many other Sikh   organizations have been heavily infiltrated by Indian.  He further stressed that the Indian tactic is to set up parallel organizations. One such organization is the so-called Khalistan Affairs Center, set up by the mysterious RAW agent Amarjit Singh.  Amarjit Singh, who claims to be a doctor but is neither a Ph.D. nor an MD, will not reveal where his family is from in Punjab or when he came to America.  He will not let anyone know anything about his background.  Nor can he say where his money comes from.  Yet he is able to afford an office in the expensive National Press Building in Washington, DC, an office which is usually   unoccupied, and he is able to afford expensive newspaper advertisements.  Amarjit Singh was recently banned from Canada.  Perhaps he would like to explain to the Sikh Nation why he was banned.  When will the United States ban him and send him back to his Indian paymasters?

 Anyhow, Hindus mindset would never be changed due to extremist approach of Indian rulers. Therefore, Sikhs struggle for independents state “Khalistan” would only be the answer of getting their rights. Morover, SIkhs organizations have to identityfy the moles in their lines.

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