Nepal: A Memorandum about Indian Permanent Membership of the UNSC

By Sajjad Shaukat

It is misfortune that by ignoring the modern global trends like renunciation of war, peaceful settlement of disputes and economic development, India continues its hegemonic designs by threatening the security of South Asia and Asia in particular and the entire world in general. Besides other neighbouring countries, Nepal is another victim of the Indian hegemonic designs.

In this regard, on 28 Nov, 2016, a memorandum was forwarded by the Greater Nepal Nationalist Front (GNNF) to the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon on facts, which disqualify India for attaining permanent membership of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The memorandum pointed out that these days India is vying for a permanent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat. Greater Nepal Nationalist Front (GNNF) would like to register following reservations against Indian candidature for a permanent seat in the esteemed UNSC.

In very recent time, Nepal has been a victim of Indian hegemonic and high handed mentality. India imposed blockade against Nepal at a time when the country was reeling under the affects of devastating earthquake.

Why India was annoyed with Nepal? Because the people of Nepal did not heed Indian advise on promulgating a Nepalese Constitution. India which calls herself the largest democracy refused to accept the mandate of the people of Nepal as the constitution was approved by more than 90% vote of the Constituent Assembly.

India continues to illegally occupy 60000 square Kilo Meters of Nepalese territory lost by Nepal after the signing of sugauli treaty with East India Company on 1816. GNNF will always raise its voice against Indian illegal occupation of Nepalese lands. Not only this, India is consistently encroaching upon Nepal’s lands by removing border pillars deliberately. Currently India encroaches more than 97 thousand hectors land of present days Nepal.

India also casts evil eyes on Nepal’s Terai and through her protégés armed groups, it continue to create disturbances there. Indian efforts to bring demographic changes in Nepal to influence the political landscape would be deterred by GNNF at all costs.

Nepal is not the only country where India is unduly interfering. All countries of South Asia are in fact suffering from Indian hegemony. Whether it is annexation of Sikkim, igniting civil war in Sri Lanka or the separation of East Pakistan (publically acknowledge by Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India). India is being involved in arm twisting of Bhutan and Maldives. India has malicious design against her entire neighbors.

India continues to shed blood of innocent Kashmiries to suppress their voice for referendum which was guaranteed even by UN. Ongoing violence in Jammu and Kashmir and prolonged curfews are a testimony of Kashmiries hatred against India.

How can anyone forget the massacre of at least 2000 Muslims in the State of Gujrat during the tenure of Modi as the Chief Minister? How can anyone forget the plight of Dalits in India? How can anyone forget that due to extremist views of Hindu fundamentalist BJP, minorities are not safe in India and anyone can be killed on fabricated charges.

How can the world forget that large numbers of insurgencies are going on in India? Besides Kashmir, freedom movements are simmering in India from Indian state of Punjab to Indian northeast. To avert world’s attention from her internal weaknesses, India is blaming others and trying to create tense situation in the neighbourhood.

India has established its military camp on Nepali land of Kalapani, despite of the formal opposition by Government of Nepal.

Indian Prime Minitster Narendra Modi has very recently called for the secession of the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The country which is trying to create disturbance in the neighboring country in the broad daylight should not be awarded with permanent UNSC seat at any cost.

We would like to draw attention of UN General Assembly towards 1960s declaration of UN which has urged for the decolonization of the entire world. Despite being a member of UN, India has been colonizing Nepali land. Any move of the UN to award permanent UNSC seat to India my give license to her in continuing colonizing Nepali land.

Through this memorandum, GNNF wants to draw the attention of UN Secretary General on inconsistent policies exhibited by India in her internal as well as external affairs. India is a big and simultaneously a weak and ill country afflicted by many problems which the Indian leadership should try to overcome instead of putting a veil on them. India needs to demonstrate a consistent and responsible attitude in the world before vying for a permanent UNSC membership.

GNNF strongly condemns any Indian move to attain UNSC permanent membership as GNNF is of the view that India would not hold UNSC responsibility. We would like to request the honorable Secretary General to consider the plight of the people of South Asia and to deny India permanent seat in the UNSC.

It is notable that although peace and brinksmanship cannot co-exist in the modern era, yet India seeks to destabilize Asia through its aggressive designs, activated with new arms race.

The US President Barack Obama’s contradictory approach which has resulted into failure of America’s external policy in the Middle East has been meeting the same fate in South Asia. Recall that on September 25, 2008, Obama, while accusing President Bush’s policies in the region, offered it as part of his policy to encourage India and Pakistan to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and resolve the Kashmir problem to reduce nuclear dangers in South Asia and militancy in the region.
Quite contrary to his commitments, during his first visit to New Delhi, on November 6, 2010 President Obama announced the measures, America would take regarding removal of Indian space and defence companies from a restricted “entities list”, and supported Indian demand for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council including membership of four key global nuclear nonproliferation regimes.

And as part of the double standards, America set aside the Indian poor record regarding the safety of nuclear weapons and materials. Despite, Indian violations of various international agreements and its refusal to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and Additional Protocol with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Washington signed a pact of nuclear civil technology with New Delhi in 2008. During American President Barack Obama’s visit to India, on January 25, 2016, the US and India announced a breakthrough on the pact which would allow American companies to supply New Delhi with civilian nuclear technology.

In fact, fast growing economic power of China coupled with her rising strategic relationship with Russia, the Third World and especially Pakistan—after signing of agreement, “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” which is, though for the benefit of South Asia, including the whole region, but, has irked the eyes of Americans, Indians and Israelis. Owing to jealousy, America desires to make India a major power to counterbalance China in Asia. Hence, under the pretext of China factor, America has neglected the Indian hegemonic designs in the region.

Nevertheless, besides Indian sinister aim in other countries like Afghanistan, the memorandum to the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon by Greater Nepal Nationalist Front discloses ground realities, based upon facts, and is enough in disqualifying India for attaining Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council.

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