Pakistan Election 2013 – An overview

elections pakistanBy Zaheerul Hasaan

According to the latest unofficial results, so far Nawaz Sharif led party ML (N) won 125 National Assembly seats; PPP party went from first to second position and won 32 seats. Whereas, PTI under the chairmanship of old cricket team captain Imran Khan emerged as third largest party after wining 31 National Assembly seats. To win a simple majority, a party or coalition would have to bag 137 of the 272 National Assembly seats for which polls were held.

Another 70 seats, reserved for women and non-Muslims, will be allocated to parties according to their performance in polls. Anyhow, to have a majority 342-member National Assembly, a party or coalition would need 172. PML (N), PPP and PTI have also proved the leading parties of Punjab, Sindh and KPK. However, PML (N) dominated both in federal and Punjab and also able to change her status from regional to national party.

In fact, the elections 2013 have been contested on the slogans like; corruption, governance, economy, ownership of war on terror, energy crises and change (New Pakistan). During the last five years Pakistani media and courts remained very hyper and vibrant over the stated issues and victimized the ruling elite of Islamabad, Sindh and KPP. Rumors of postponing the elections and derailing of democratic system and introducing number of governing models were normally used to be the favourite topics of all the talk shows of the electronic media. Here, I would like to say that credit goes to the losing parties, courts, Election Commission and Pakistan Army for continuation of political process, ensuring the conduct of the election and smooth transaction of power.

The fair election results also demonstrate that nation is against the corruption and has the desire to see Pakistan moving upward under the peaceful environment.  Therefore , winning parties as promised have to delink Pakistan from the American’s war and  carryout the negotiations with the locals Taliban those believes  in democratic processes, abiding by the law and ready to stop  fighting against Pakistani Armed forces. The wining parties should also be ready to fight back the foreign sponsored terrorism. Moreover, they also need to own the war against militancy.

It would be injustice here, if we do not acknowledge ANP, PPP and Armed forces’ sacrifices against terrorists. The losing parties have suffered a lot being target of TTP. These parties were not able to run their elections campaign due to Taliban blasts and threat. I would like to reveal here that   in case of showing any laxity against terrorism or compromise with militants for the sake of will push the country into disaster. The parties have to remain on one page to fight back the terrorism.

In last week, of the elections the COAS General Kayani has also cautioned against disowning the ongoing military operations in the troubled areas. He urged and advised the politicians not to leave space for dictatorship, etc.; yet the focus remained on the military’s assistance and assurance for holding of fair and free elections.  He very   boldly given a clearly asked the militants to rejoin the national mainstream but only after they “unconditionally submit to the state, its Constitution and the rule of law”.

Thereby, the Elections 2013 have left a message to the upcoming ruling parties in KPK, Punjab and Sindh to root out terrorism and conspiracies from the land and provide justice to massive Army and Civilians bloodshed. Results of Elections 2013 have also provided us a chance with a help of newly elected leaders to defeat ongoing foreign sponsored militancy. Apart from resolving issues like economic, energy and sectarianism, the new government should give priority to settle the conflicts like Kashmir, water and Siachen with the traditional rival while framing foreign policy.

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